Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Falling down the stairs with 90 beads in my hand

Today was the day ALLLLLLL the beads were supposed to be sent out to the partners in the Bead Soup Blog Party, Bead Hoarders edition. Including me, the hostess. But as I've learned in many, many a blog hop, it's kind of like the shoemaker whose kids have no shoes... I'm always the last one to get things done properly.

I was heading out the back door to the yard because we haven't seen sun in I don't know how long, and I needed photos. I took the first photo in the window and then had to PhotoShop the life out of it. I decided I wanted to take the SECOND set of beads (I have two partners) to the backyard and Rick insisted I put on HIS shoes to go down the stairs.

Now, I do not wear a size 11 men's shoe.  No where close. So in my usual graceful manner, I took one step and tripped over my husband's shoe and feel arse over teacup and there went the beads.


Now, this wouldn't have been so bad because the beads didn't break.

However, I had just poured 72 limited edition 4mm Swarovski crystals into the mix, not to mention the rest of the beads.

First we just stood there in shock. Then Rick and I started dancing around going "oh no oh no oh no" and then I got on hands and knees and started picking up beads with the help of the cats. The hard part of it all was making sure none of the beads were chipped. Trust me.... there will be beads discovered from this day forth.

Lesson learned -- take the photos earlier, even if I have to drive to another state to get sun, and don't wear big ol' shoes!

This is for Audrey Belanger.

This is for Loralee Kolton.

You'll get to see the actual beads after they show them off on their blogs!

So that's why I'm a day late, y'all. 

Oh look -- there's a bead on the floor!


  1. Oh no oh no oh no oh no!!!!!! It's bad enough to drop a few beads, but the entire kit-and-kaboodle? YIKES!
    I hope you will not pay for this event in pain over the coming days.

  2. I can empathize. I can trip on polished marble floor being barefoot. Think of them as itty bitty Easter eggs just waiting to be found.

  3. I enjoyed this post... :)

  4. Oh no! Seriously though, I'm just glad you didn't get hurt in the fall, that was the first thing I was worried about when I read the headline. o___o

    *waves to Audrey* ^^

  5. Had to check out your story as J has been using beads to make his atom.... And we've been stepping on them and sitting on them, and helping him tie them on for days! Hope you are ok from fall!

  6. OMG!!! I doubt you were laughing but since I have done similar things you will think it is funny someday....Maybe...Lol. Glad you are all right!!!!

  7. Drats! I have usually only dropped things like this in my studio. I am sure there are tons of beads in cracks and crevices waiting for me to clean enough that I can spot them or suck them into the vacuum (that never comes out to play). It does make for a pretty picture though! Enjoy the day. Erin


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