Sunday, January 08, 2017

Very quick post -- more tomorrow

I woke up today to start telling you more about the new Bead Soup Blog Party when my son and I discovered that NONE of his application to high school had saved. NONE. No essays, no questionnaires -- nada. And that took hours and hours and hours and HOURS. I am going to call it a day and after a two hour school delay for snow, a two hour total drive to get the application to the school, I am hoping to be back here tomorrow to tell you more details and show you lots of pictures on how this blog hop does NOT have to be expensive and how it is my little part of making 2017 a whole lot better than 2016.

Love to all.

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  1. What a headache that must have been. I hate it when the computer doesn't save something and all my work is gone - disappeared. Know how heart stopping that feeling is.


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