Thursday, January 26, 2017

Bead Soup Blog Party -- A Solution for Non-Bloggers

I originally created the Bead Soup Blog Party not just as a way for two people to meet each other online, trade beads, and create things with them to show off on their blog, but as a way to hopefully get people to use their blog MORE. I wanted to encourage sharing thoughts, creations, and lots of pictures, and I believed (and still do) that the more you write, the more people you will attract, and if you're running a business, this turns into more people seeing what you make and that in turn becomes sales.

However, not everyone feels like writing a blog, or even knows how to set one up. In the past, I've allowed Facebook entries, but I realized there was no good way to keep a permanent link to the various Bead Soup related entries.

Luckily,  there's a solution for non-bloggers -- Pinterest. Lots of people have really embraced the Pinterest world, and it's easy to make a Board for the BSBP-Bead Hoarders Edition, show photos (and not just the reveal day, but throughout the process), and keep a short commentary.

I have already started a Pinterest board for everyone who is in the blog hop, so when you sign up on Saturday, you will be asked for your Pinterest name (mine is limamike, You will then be invited to the board and you can upload your photos there as well, whether you're using Pinterest or a blog. Double the exposure!


If you are going to post via Pinterest, please create a new Board (click the + sign when you are on your Pinterest page) and name it something like Bead Soup Blog Party Bead Hoarder or BSBP Bead Hoarder -- something that will be easily recognizable. Then please send that link to  me!

Then click that board and enter the badge for the party:

Enter comments in the description area. You can then add photos throughout your process -- things like a photo of your package ready to go, a pixelated teaser photo of the beads, like this:

Use Pixlr or PicMonkey and play with various effects, and don't show what you sent your partner until your partner posts first!

by Jennifer Tough

by Karen Mitchell
You can also post a picture of your package when it arrives; a photo of the beads (or if you like, as some people do, you can reveal the beads on the day of the blog hop -- some people like that build up to a big surprise!); a photo of the note that came with your beads and comment about why they were picked by your partner. The only thing you can't post is the beads you sent (wait until your partner posts the picture on their page first) and the final piece/s you made (until reveal day).

I truly hope you enjoy the experience! See you Saturday!


  1. Really cool.. you know Pinterest better than I do! And oh, by the way, if your Facebook is going crazy, it's not just you! Mine is screwed up too.

  2. Jackie9:01 PM

    Thanks so much Lori!


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