Thursday, September 29, 2016

Beads of Courage Charm Auction -- Welcome!

Helloooooo! Are you ready to make some bids on some beautiful, handmade charms? Of course you are! And where would said charms be, you ask? On Ebay, by clicking this handy link. Just click it.

(A quick  note -- as of 11:30pm, there may be a delay in Ebay, but please please keep checking there and checking here. It'll be worth it!)

First, what is this all about other than "ooooh sparkly!" and "OMG! BIN!"? This annual blog hop is the brainchild of Jennifer Cameron of Glass Addiction, a glass artist whose beads were featured in my book and whose beads I still hoard. The auction will benefit Beads of Courage, a phenomenal group whose byline is "Arts-in-Medicine for Children With Serious Illnesses". Each time a child goes through a surgery, chemotheraphy, a long hospital stay, or the like, participating hospitals give the child a bead. A bead may seem like a small thing, but it IS a big thing to these kids. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and the knowledge they are not alone and someone out there they don't even know is rooting for them. Beads of Courage has been around for eleven years, and every year more and more beadmakers participate, more hospitals join the program, and more children smile.

And yes, there are lots of kids who get that many beads. Can you even imagine?

For a number of years I've wanted to participate in Jen's blog hop. It's very clever. A participant makes a certain number of beads in the same basic pattern. They send the individually bagged beads to Jen, who then goes about separating them, designating one for the auction, and sending BACK a charm to the people who sent charms. So if I send ten beads, she keeps one to auction and I get nine back, each different, each from a different bead maker. 

This year's theme was "Fairy Tales". We were tasked to create a charm using a bead or beads related in some way to fit the theme. The charm didn't have to wear a tutu (although that would be cute, and I have a hippo bead in my car that wears a pink tutu -- but I digress) and it didn't have to be "girly" (beads go to girls AND boys, and boys rock some fairy tales). When I got my charms, I was amazed at the creativity. I would love to show you each charm, but I'm really, really sure you might want to to visit the Ebay site to see them all!

via Jenny Davies-Reazor, from a previous auction

As for mine, at first I didn't think I had the skill to keep up with Jen's group. I haven't been in my lampwork studio in four years-ish, and I couldn't think of  anything fairy-tale-ish in metal I could do without wrecking the size limit. It turns out, the answer was under my nose all along.

I love buttons. And I've collected hoarded buttons by the bucketful for ten years.

I love this close-up, as it shows the subtle textures and buttonhole placements.

Favorites I bought at (where else) Bead and Button.

One of my button tins with 99% mother of pearl buttons.

Zack attacked.

These were used in a challenge piece I made here.

My rainy day jar. I've had this over four years, waiting for just the right day to open it, dump out the contents, and look at everything. Why haven't I done it yet? I love the way it looks now with all the sewing notions in it! I promise when I open it, I'll share the adventure with you!

Aaaand, these are not even the half of them. Seriously. Ask Zack. Not. Even. Close.

However, with six vintage jars of mother of pearl buttons on my coffee table, I quickly got an idea. A wedding dress. Buttons on a wedding dress. Or a ball gown? Yeah! So... now what?

Why, Cinderella, of course. 

I imagined Cinderella in a dress with buttons down the back, a beaded necklace, and those perfect glass slippers. But how to make the buttons stand out a bit more, as they were the focal of the charm?

I remembered that once upon a time (see what I did there?) I'd made resin charms with buttons. I dug through piles of things I'm destashing and rescued some copper/pewter bezels from Tierracast and stirred up some resin and attached the buttons.

For texture purposes, the majority of buttons are white plastic, but they are vintage. There are four mother of pearl buttons included. I just had to.

As they looked in the photo above, however, I felt they just weren't enough. They didn't get across that whole "Cinderella's Dress" idea I was going for. So I had to add a tiny handmade glass bead (for her necklace) and two Swarovski clear crystals (for her shoes). Here they are in finished form, with a copper ring on top so they can be added to a charm bracelet or used as a sweet pendant on a necklace or ribbon.

I really, really wanted to add a tiny scrap of lace but the charms were just too small to tie anything around without it looking like Hagrid started crafting, and when I finally got an idea, it was too late. So I stored it in my Swiss cheese brain for "do that again another time".

Now is the time to click that Ebay button I mentioned above, and it's also time to see what the other talented folks made for the Beads of Courage Auction. Their takes on fairy tales are cool, unique, beautiful, you name it! Lots of creativity. Lots and lots.

May all the children live happily every after.


  1. Lori,
    I am one of the lucky ladies who got one of your charms. I got one of the two dimensional buttons sticking up. I cannot tell you how much I love this, for a couple of reasons. One, I have a bunch of antique buttons that belonged to my grandmom and they remind me of her. And two, Cinderella... I know every song by heart. To this day, I sing Bippity Boppity Boo at the oddest times. I haven't had a chance to make the necklace I want to create with this yet. (I'm having some copper allergy issues that come and go when my immune system really acts up, so I haven't been able to do a lot of wire work.) When I'm able to get to it though, I have several favorite blouses this will be worn with. The handmade glass bead is just so gorgeous too. I really am head over heals. Keep making people smile!

  2. These look great..

  3. I love buttons and collect them also. You came up with a great idea for charms for this event. Well done!

  4. I think your charms fit the theme perfectly, and represent you and your style and obviously you got to share a small portion of what you love. Thank you for participating, I know it was a challenge when you haven't felt well.

  5. Anonymous2:19 PM

    I'm so glad I got one of your charms. I love the story that goes along with it. Thanks :)

  6. These turned out really nice - what a great idea!

  7. This is such a cool way to use buttons!!! Love this! Glad to see you "making"! :)

  8. I love that you are doing this the buttons are awesome. I must be missing something when I click on the link there is no items showing

  9. As always, Lori, your designs are unique and amazing! Your creations are beautiful, and I'm really grateful to have received one of your charms :-)

  10. Lovely button charms. One of act kindness does go a long way and shows you care.

  11. I hoard buttons also, so I loved getting a button charm! I have my mother's tins of beads and my Aunt's tins. Sometimes my Mom and I would site at her table and just through a large tin of beads :) I miss that!

  12. Aww, these are cute! Bummed I didn't get one, but then again, there's always the auction!

  13. Those are so you! They are seriously perfect and I am going to have to bid on one at the auction.

  14. The idea that anything of yours might look "like Hagrid started crafting" made me laugh!
    I love seeing your creations and reading the story behind them.

  15. I love them. The button even reminds me of the thimble Pan gives Wendy - I know free association. And I laughed out loud at Hagrid. You rocked this!

  16. I'm right there with you in that love and hoarding of buttons thing. I don't even sew, but just love buttons. As such, I completely adore the charms you made for this challenge. They are so sweet!

  17. That's A LOT of buttons! Very cute charms Lori!

  18. What is it about buttons that draws so many in (myself included)?? These are fantastic!! And I have one!! Yippy!

  19. Gorgeous charms, I love buttons... the way you've used them is perfect!


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