Friday, March 04, 2016

Lost Photo Day

There are a couple of updates at my blog "Lemon, Sugar, Hold the Lyme" for those interested. Click here.

Part of my cleaning up the house includes cleaning up my photo files on my computer. When my computer was upgraded to Windows 10 (which I am still grumbling over as I hate change in technology), for some reason almost all of my photos duplicated themselves. I already have a formidably large chunk of space taken up by photos, so the thought of sitting down and deleting them one by one is daunting. Seemingly impossible. It's not as simple as being able to highlight huge sections and delete. Oh no. That would be too easy. No, they duplicated in such a way that each duplicate lies beside the original, so I have to click every other photo and manually delete.

What a pain.

But turn that on its ear, and what a joy!

For I've found a treasure trove of photos I didn't even remember taking. Photos that hadn't been processed, cropped, color corrected. YEARS of photos. So looking at this as glass-half-full, I'm sharing some with you now.

In no particular order, or course.

A selfie of a selfie. Taken early this year. I was fading out my usual vivid purple and blue in preparation for my current copper red, which I'm now fading out to go red with yellow ends.

Beads I had planned to auction off until I realized the total cost in this box was too high to really fit budgets. So I'll be selling these off in bits. As always, if you're interested in something here before I list it in my as-yet-unfinished store (because I is tired), shoot me an email and let me know what you're interested in! There are handmade lampwork beads (including a Sarah Moran boro bead), a Gaea ceramic pendant, a Heather Powers polymer clay owl pendant, an ojime yin-yang fish bead, caged Swarovski pearls, and various gemstones and sundries. I had these in a candy box. Next time, smaller candy box!

And finally....

Two vintage photo albums atop a book of "Charming Bible Stories for Young and Old" from 1893 that's been in my family and is inscribed to a great-great-grandfather (I think that's the right number of greats). The photo album obsession began thanks to friend Cindy Wimmer and I've always loved books, especially these old ones that have amazing photos, drawings, and engravings and are loved and worn from reading.

That will do it for tonight. Thanks for spending some time with me, and please feel free to show links to some of your own recently found and almost forgotten photos in the comments below!


  1. Wonderful Memories Lori!!! You take amazing pics!! Love the old books too!!! Hugs Love And Prayers!!!

    1. The beads are absolutely gorgeous; I don't know which I like the best, they are all so intriguing! The books look very interesting and you must have spent many happy hours looking through them.

  2. I'm so glad to see you writing, in both blogs, good news (especially!) but not avoiding the tough days, either.
    Love your hair! I am working up the courage for something fun at my next color appt in April:)

  3. I don't want Windows 10. Not on an old computer!

  4. Treasured photos, breads and very old precious books...Life is Good. Savor these memories in the making dear.

  5. Nice picture of you and Zack

  6. So glad you are getting back to the pic of you & Zack

  7. Seriously, they're pushing Windows 10 HARDCORE. I'm starting to get really angry because I'm getting 2 to 3 pop ups a day wanting me to switch. No. Thank. You! MAYBE once I hear enough people say good things about 10 because I hated and still hate Windows 8. Anywho, that really is a pain in the butt that it duplicated all your photos. At least you made the most of it :)

  8. It's lovely to take a trip down memory lane with old photos, isn't it? Such a sweet picture of you and your boy. And those beads! Eek! I might have to message you and ask to hold the Sara Moran bead for me depending on the cost....I have never been quick enough to snag any of hers!

  9. wonderful selfie. The dish of beads looks luscious. I think it is fabulous that you have the old family photos. It seems like windows does a good job with every other update. 1o is definitely not good.

  10. I'm still delaying that Windows 10 upgrade myself. I've heard that some of the programs I use don't work in it and I'd prefer to keep those working if possible! Best of luck with the rest of your use of it! As for the pictures. . .what lovelies! Of course the one of you and your baby is beyond sweet. I adore the old albums and book. Those clasps on them is so yummy and intricate. Not much is made with that detail anymore. What a shame. Of course, we wouldn't cherish those items if they were still made the same way. Thank you for sharing those peeks!

  11. Regarding the beads: the pearl hourglass one is really cool. Willing to part with it? Shot me an email if you are: Love the old books tool


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