Friday, February 05, 2016

This post is truly random.

It is. Starting with this.

Made by ShopSaplingWest on Etsy, purveyor of one of my favorite things, letterpress. You have to go see the other cards

Pink. Love me some pink. My childhood bedroom was painted pink and the bed had a pink coverlet. And while this pink apple from The Glitter Guide is beautiful, don't eat paint. I hope they repainted a fake apple because a rotting pink apple is just...well, wrong. Wrong, sad, and yuck in so many ways.

But I still want one.

This luggage tag via HumorTrain is really clever. But I see several problems.

a) Everyone is going to grab your bag off the rotating belt to read all those words, then pass it around to the gathering crowd so they can enjoy the humor, too (and probably snap a selfie with it). Yet not one of them will yell, "ELIZABETH!!!". I bet they won't even put it back on the conveyer belt.

b)  A pleasant enough guy will call your name and hand you your bag. Then he'll ask if you'd like to share a taxi to your destination since of course, it's on his way. SURPRISE, his destination comes after yours, so he now knows where you live. That gives him enough info to call you for a date. And before you know it, you have a real life John Cusack holding a boom box over his head while standing under your window blasting Phil Collins.

c) Some poor soul in Wyoming is going hoarse yelling, "ELIZABETH!" while you're at Luggage Claim in Georgia.

Hope these made you laugh a little!


  1. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Definitely giggling, as I imagine how my travels might have been 'improved' had I used tags like that, and my heart is happy reading this cheerful post!
    Love you!

  2. Now I want to watch "Say Anything" tonight!

  3. I'm not sure if the John Cusack image is a deterrent :)

  4. Lol.. I'm seeing the guy in Wyoming as a Rocky.."Lizbeth! LizBETH!!"

  5. Thank you dear for such great giggles. A wonderful way to end my Friday. Wonderful Weekend...

  6. Haha! Love it! 😊

  7. I always wondered what happened to the unicorns...

  8. Very funny! I enjoyed this! Somehow the "randomness" just made it all even more delightful! :-) Thanks for sharing with us! --Sharyl

  9. Funny I wanted to do a random post the other day on things I miss from Turkey of all things. LOL Maybe I will any way

  10. ¡A mí me encanta la manzana rosa! :D


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