Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Today's Blog Theme ... Flowers

This year I thought I'd sift through my copious photo albums and choose a daily theme or a story about the pictures. I was shocked at how many photos I have in raw form that only need a dab of Photoshop. I thought, "I have stories to tell. Let's start small and tell them."

Since it's bitterly cold and calling for snow this weekend, I thought I'd share some flowers. Max, God rest his soul, ate and promptly yarked any plant we had, from lucky bamboo to cut flowers. I haven't fully tested Lily on indoor plants yet, but she didn't eat our little Norfolk pine, so there may be hope!


Flowers made of book pages.

A tissue paper flower Zack made me in preschool, going strong in a hand-painted vase given to me by my friend Katie.

Silk Gerbera daisies in my car. Pink for me, and Zack picked orange.

A necklace I made and kept in my personal jewelry box. The polymer clay flower is by Jeannie Dukic, the large white beads are Tibetan, and I added a Green Girl Studio piece and navy blue dyed cultured pearls. This appeared in a magazine, and I was very proud of that for me and for Jeannie.

I covered a small Styrofoam mannequin with dozens of weathered paper flowers (pinned on with crystal centers), a satin bow, and tiny pewter daisy spacers for a bodice. My first attempt at anything like this, inspired by Cindy Wimmer's many mannequins.

I made this for a monochrome bead hop, choosing purple as my color. I made the enameled beads in the background and decorated steel flowers with light purple crystals and darker dyed wood. I really loved this one.

And finally, another magazine piece featuring an incredible lampwork disk by Libby Leuchtman, layered with a copper correopsis bloom from Ornamentea. I added turquoise, wood, and Czech glass Libby sent me, hammered a texture into oxidized copper disks, and finished this long necklace with double strands of copper chain. This piece also made the magazine cut some time ago. It's in my personal jewelry box.

I hope you enjoyed some flowers if it's snowing in your area.
I welcome requests for other photo discoveries hidden in my computer!


  1. May the stars carry your sadness away. May the flowers fill your heart with beauty. May hope forever wipe away your tears. And, above all, may silence make you strong. —CHIEF DAN GEORGE

  2. Your work is so colorful and alive!

  3. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us! You're an incredibly inspiring designer!

  4. Gorgeous post. I love seeing your jewelry. I also love the little mannequin. I think I'd like to see many of the pictures hidden in your computer!

  5. I have always LOVED your style!!! Awesome designs. I love flowers!!! Hugs Love and Prayers

  6. Thank you! That means a lot!

  7. I love flowers so as I was browsing through your posts I had to check this one out. Great post about flowers, really love the bracelet with the enameled beads.


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