Friday, December 18, 2015

Spending Christmas Alone -- reprise

I've been asked to repost an article I wrote about spending the holidays alone. I've spent my fair share of holidays alone, both here in the states near work and family and thousands of miles overseas. I also wanted to say you can feel completely alone amongst a million people, so this article might be apt for more than a few.

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Love to all.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Soldering with Stephanie Lee -- a blast from the past post

Tonight a friend asked me if I could recommend any books on soldering. I went through my copious collection of beading books to find what she needed. One of them was Stephanie Lee's book "Semiprecious Salvage". As I held the book in my hands, I was overcome with a huge wave of fond memories of taking a class with her via an artBLISS workshop. Since I'm going to be reviewing and giving away books in the next two weeks, I thought you might enjoy a blast from the past and see how I fared.

Click here, and welcome back to 2011 !

Hugs (and Hershey Kisses!)

Sunday, December 06, 2015

More Goodies Coming Your Way~!

(New post at Lemon, Sugar, Hold the Lyme -- just click here.)

You will not BELIEVE the things I'll be giving away and coordinating sooOooOOnnnnn!

A gift certificate from -- beautiful masquerade masks and a very generous gift certificate. I sent them photos of Zack in the mask I bought from them for Zack's black and white masquerade ball, and they loved them, took a look at my blog, and thought we could come up with something fun for you.

I also have some VERY good jewelry design books that I'm very excited about. One, in fact, I was so anxious to get I pre-ordered it!

I'll have the 9th Bead Soup Blog Party badge and info up soon. I hope people will be in the mood for it!

Petty packaging.

Pretty beads! 

A beautiful focal and special clasp are required.
Coordinating beads are sent to help give the recipient some ideas, 
but they don't have to be used, and you can make as many pieces as you want.

Information about the party

Past Parties 
(We've had eight so far, with nearly 500 participants!)

(Party #6)

(Ignore the header -- that was for the last party, and I have to take a year off as
I battled and continue to battle Lyme disease.)

I'll also be giving away something I adore and have long since it became a huge trend -- coloring. I have a huge new container of Crayolas, the largest they've made, and I haven't opened them yet. I 'm waiting for when less is on my plate and I can PLAY! I love the smell of a new box of crayons. Now, that's not to say I haven't been eyeing as set of markers that cost nearly $200 but that is not going to happen. Nope. But that's OK!

152 CRAYONS!!!!
Click here to get them!

In between that is card-sending, gift wrapping (or rather, the easy way -- gift in a gift bag, tissue paper, ribbon, tah dah!

OK, I'm getting to where I can't see a danged thing. Good night to all, and to all a good night.