Monday, November 30, 2015

The Winner of Gaea's Eiffel Tower Pendant is....

The winner of Gaea Cannaday's Eiffel Tower pendant goes to:

More giveaways to come.
I love to give things to people.
Brings such joy and my heart kind of tingles
(is that strange?)

You can learn more about Gaea and buy her constantly changing and infinitely beautiful beads and pendants by visiting her at the following sites:

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Pink VW Bug -- Happiness of the Day

(Don't forget to click here to sign up to win a beautiful Eiffel Tower pendant by Gaea).

I needed a little happiness today, and it came two-fold. One, I got my beloved VW Bug back from an annual check up. (I asked they not give it a flu shot). Second is a friend who knew I wasn't feeling well and offered to go with Rick to pick it up, drop it off, and then go pick up the van which needed a major tire rotation. I mean, that thing veered so far to the left that when Rick led the way to our dropping off one car, he kept thinking, "the hell?" as heaven help me if I sneezed, because I was ALLLL over the rumble strip and that was not good. Nope, Not good at all.

What is your happiness today (big or small, spiritual or commercial, it doesn't matter -- happy is happy.)

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Vive la France -- a giveaway for support

Everyone has heard about the horrific terror in France. It's taken me days to process it, and every time I read the news, I often find I have to stop because it scares me so much to think of that happening here in the US. Then I realize the despair so many people are living in and I feel selfish for even being able to have a computer to write on.

I came up with an idea when I was looking through the pages of ceramics artist Gaea Cannaday's web site. Among all the sweet birds and pretty flowers, I found the Eiffel Tower, beautiful as the city of Paris itself,

I decided to purchase a pendant and have a giveaway. I wanted someone to have something beautiful to give them hope, because I believe that people DO come together when tragedies hit, no matter where they are. I want this to be meaningful and important to you.

To put your name in the running, comment below and make sure your blog has your email listed or you will not be able to be contacted, If you don't have a blog, no worries, just put your email in your message as "name at provider dot com", filling the bits in properly of course. This just helps keep you from getting spam.

Winner will be announced a week from today, Saturday the 28th.

Comments are closed -- winner has been announced.

Gaea will be choosing a color for you. If you can't wait and want one now, click here. (The towers are part way down the page, as well as an Eiffel Tower bead.)

Thank you to Gaea for agreeing to work with me on this project. I know it's a small thing, but holding a piece of history in your hand and creating with it at a time when things are so crazy can be a cathartic thing.

Courtesy of Getty Images

You can learn more about Gaea and buy her constantly changing and infinitely beautiful beads and pendants by visiting her at the following sites:

Shop for ready to ship items
Shop for made to order items

The Black and White Masquerade

Zack is in 7th grade.

Zack will be 13 in January.

I am not dealing well with this.

My husband and I are fully prepared to move near wherever Zack goes to college, should college be his choice. So far, he's down with that, but give it a month, and he'll hate it.

I'm still moving.

This is my Zack, nine and a half years ago.  This makes me proud but yep, crying.

Anyway, Zack surprised the living daylights out of me by telling me he wanted to go to an Upper School dance at school. He absolutely REFUSED to go last year. R.E.F.U.S.E.D. No. NO Mom. NO. So I was more than surprised, excited, and internally gutted that he wanted to go.

He doesn't have a date (good Lord thank goodness) but then nobody really had one, and it apparently was a bunch of people dancing together, then a bunch of boys dancing together to see who could out-goofy the other, and when he came home, he adamantly said in that girls-are-still-icky-but-kind-of-pretty voice, "I did NOT slow dance.)

I wish I could have been a chaperon, but parents aren't allowed. Parents aren't allowed on most Upper School field trips, either, unless they need drivers (not a lot of kids and not worth renting a bus). They say this is to help them with independence. While I know everything is well-chaperoned, oh my heart hurt this time. I just wanted to be a fly on the wall and SEE.

Right before he left for the dance, we blasted some music and I showed him how to just move feet. Then feel the music, then now that he had gotten the feet and was no longer thinking of them, how to add arms. And we had  such a freaking good time. I have a feeling that's why my entire body feels like I spent the night in a turning cement mixer, but I wouldn't have given it up for anything.

The theme of the dance was "Black and White Masquerade". No one I asked had any clue what the dress code was -- dress up, casual, or what. Just black and white and wear a mask. Fifteen minutes before the dance a parent finally called and said her son wears shorts because it gets hot in the auditorium. so my purchase THAT DAY of a Sugar Skull Darth Vader with "Yo soy tu padre" written on it was perfect.

And of course, so was Zack.

Now quite growing up so fast.

My sweet Zack. One the verge on being a teenager,

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Days are Getting Better and Better

I need to catch things up on my other blog,, but good news can go anywhere, and I have to say, this is good news. I've had more good days the last three weeks than I have in months. When I crash and have to stay in bed, I don't even mind, because now that I've tasted pain-free freedom, I can deal.

To that end, I've slowly (or, as slowly as I know how to go!) started to complete projects and propose new ones. The biggest plan is doing the 9th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party. There are others who do similar bead swaps, but there's something really special about this group of ladies who jump in with both feet and truly look forward to it. I've given myself doable dates, and of course Rick helps me) so I'm so happy about that.

A Bead Soup example.

I'm also loving family time. Zack and I played Monopoly Empire tonight, and we've been playing at lot of the card game WAR in the morning over breakfast. We talk about a ton of random things, too. For instance, today on the way to school, we were coming up with band names and their first songs.

NOT Biscuits (Don't Bake Me For Breakfast, Darling)

The Purple Cucumber (Salad for Seniors)

I know there were more but my laughter gene trumped my memory gene and I no longer remember, and I was driving, so I couldn't write them down. But this is a game we're going to keep playing ... especially once we start drawing their album covers.

I continue on my slowly but surely liquidating certain things both from my stash of beads and my stash of jewelry. My web site is down for now, and I'll get to putting a new one up soon, but in order to keep this post positive, I won't go into the mess that was WebGate 2015. Lordy.

I will leave you with this from a Jane Austen book, dear readers, and hope you will come back and enjoy. Feel free to ask for certain topics!