Friday, January 23, 2015

Jewelry Affaire Magazine review -- and my first video blog (be kind)

OK! I have been trying to get over my fear of cameras because I don't want Zack to not have some record of me somewhere, be it photo or video.

As today was a completely different day than the past months years (I feel almost normal!) I decided in a fit of bravery to make my first video blog (or vlog, I guess it's called) to review Jewelry Affaire magazine, volume 5, issue 4, by Stampington & Company. I have two pieces in this magazine, and I highlighted some of my favorite pieces from artists Cindy Wimmer, Cindy Cima Edwards, Jess Italia Lincoln, Jen Cushman, Deryn Mentock, and Veronica Kurian.

At the end of the review, I talk about how to make what you see in magazines and books your own, rather than copying a tutorial verbatim. I think that's an important thing to remember with anything you use to inspire your jewelry; copying by the numbers is fine for learning, but selling it that way is not the best idea. The more you practice different techniques from various sources, the more easily you'll discover your own voice and start making things that are uniquely YOU.

My "Grid" necklace from page 29,

My "Be A Lamp" necklace from page 107. 

Part way through the video, Zack comes in, not knowing I'm recording, but I managed to get him to come and say hi and thank you for all the things you guys have sent him. He's way more popular than I am, that's for sure, as he should be. (I'm biased. He's awesome sauce.)

I don't like seeing myself on video. The adage that the camera adds ten pounds seems to be true, and my medications make my face VERY puffy, but whatever, it can't be helped. Plus, I tend to talk fast and I don't think I was talking quite loudly enough, but I hope you watch. If the video below isn't working, or you want a larger view, click here.

Not sure if I will do this again (should I?)

Lori Anderson creates jewelry and bead kits as well as collaborative mixed media art with her son, Zack. Visit her shops by clicking on the right side bar of this blog (please and thank you!). She is also the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party® and author of the book "Bead Soup" via Kalmbach Publishing. 


  1. Yes you should do this again! It is so amazing seeing you and if you think that you talk fast, you should hear me. I have to consciously slow myself down when I am at work so people can understand me.

  2. I love to see someone else doing jewelry related video podcasts, yeah! I don't know if you even know about one I have started, but I publish one about every 2 weeks where I talk about various types of crafts, mainly jewelry and yarn related:

    I think jewelry and beading folks need to jump into the video podcasting pool! That's basically the main reason I started mine, and yes, it's scary as you know what!

    So the only issue I had viewing this (and I did that through your blog so it may be different on Youtube) was the sound. There is something swirling on your computer in the background, almost sounds like there is a CD in the drive or maybe you are running on batteries? Your voice is soft so hard to hear over this noise, but hey, that is a technical issue that I'm sure you can work out.

    Go for it! More, more, more!

  3. Oh, this was a treat, Lori! Your voice was a lovely surprise (possibly to you as well LOL) :) Do continue your video journey... it is wonderful to HEAR you!

    The publication seems quite lovely, though I doubt I'll ever have occasion to purchase it (very few mags in my neck of the woods) :(

  4. You did a wonderful job and you look fabulous! OMG on your necklace - swoon! :)

    I feel the exact same way about that mag that you do! It shows one person's view on how to use a particular design element, and I love that!

    So happy to "meet" Zack, too!

    Hoping you do more "VLOG"s - it's great to see you again!

    Here is to more days of feeling great!

  5. Great job :-) I think it's so fun to see videos, I feel like I get to know the people a bit better.

  6. Ok, you look amazing! I love that magazine, too. I'm so glad you shared it and how you shared it!

  7. Awesome, definetly do it again, you did great and I feel like I really know you now!

  8. Great post and video! I enjoyed the review - I have the magazine (love your pieces) but it's fun to hear what caught someone else's eye. Also, I enjoyed the video aspect. I love reading blogs, but video gives it an additional dimension. Sort of like when I get to Skype or FaceTime with my sister instead of just talking on the phone. So go ahead and do more whenever the urge strikes1 :)

  9. Lori,
    You have such a lovely sweet voice. And you are beautiful, you look fantastic. My wish for you is that you have way more of these feel good days until you are fully cured from your illness.
    I loved your vlog you did a super job, I would most definitely watch again.
    I love all the stampington magazines, such great pictures and a funny story my sister saw my jewelry affaire magazine on my end table and she was surprised at the cost and all i said was feel the pages. I think she understood the quality.

  10. Hi Lori, I am thrilled that you had a good day. Congratulations on your first vlog. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I think you did a great job. It was fun to hear your voice.Please do it again.

  11. I agree with what everyone above has said. The vlog concept is great. I loved seeing you and hearing your voice. It just adds so much more dimension to my vision of you ( and Zack). I love that magazine but it's outrageously expensive in Canada and hard to come by. Buying it from the US company means paying a shipping cost almost as much as the price of the mag so that won't happen.
    I really enjoyed your review and I think you're ahead of the curve and we will all probably be blogging this way in the not too distant future. You've always been a trailblazer from what I've seen!

  12. Great review and you look really pretty (no am not kidding!!)

  13. I really enjoyed your review. Stampington magazines are my favorites as well because of the quality. I also love them because as you said they are the thinking beader's idea generator not copier. I always start a piece with an idea, color or technique which progresses into a finished piece. The journey of progression is the joy of jewelry making for me. I look forward to your next video:)

  14. Okay, you and Zack are both really cute. He looks like he is growing up.

    You did a good job. Quality was just fine. All in all it was well done,

  15. Yes, bravo (brava?) and you should do more! I enjoyed that very much :-)

  16. hum, think I goofed with first comment, don't think it went am doing it again...
    Didn't think you talked too fast, but background noise (fan maybe?) made it hard to hear for me. Do think you should smile more though! :) You have a wonderful smile that lights up your whole face...saw it peek out when Zack came on and said Hi!...was very informative, which is good as I have some trouble with reading myself, so seeing/hearing information is helpful for me...thanks! :)

  17. Lori, please do more of these! It was great hearing and seeing you (and Zach!) talking about your beads and the lovely magazine (which I just got today, before I saw your video.)

  18. I loved your video! You look great and I love hearing more about Stampington - they are my favorite!!!

  19. You should definitely try this again! Great review on the magazine. It was great to finally hear your voice and such a sweet voice it is...certainly goes with your personality! I love that magazine too and it is always so well done. So many lovelies to look at! It always inspires me. Great to see your son Zack on this video too! Hugs!!

  20. Oh my I love it! What a wonderful way let let your readers feel like they really know you, to put a voice to the words now makes your blog even more real, and what a beautiful voice you have too! I am in love with all the Stampington publications, they really do just scream quality! and it was so nice to see Zac too! Have a wonderful day x

  21. Fab job! I really enjoyed seeing you and putting a voice to your face, blog, posts, etc. You are much more soft spoken than I imagined, but it was wonderful to hear you. I can't wait to see the issue, especially with your beautiful work in it! :)

  22. Hi Lori,

    First thing I noticed in the video was your sweet voice and then to my surprise you were very natural, there was no hint on any nervousness or self consciousnesses. So waiting for more such vlogs!

  23. Anonymous4:51 AM

    That was really cool Lori, it was so great to hear your voice! I love how candid you are, it's brilliant. Please do more videos! I've been admiring Jewelry Affaire from afar for so long now, but it's so hard to get hold of in the UK :(

  24. Natalie12:58 PM

    Thanks so much for your kind words about the January issue of Jewelry Affaire, Lori! I appreciate you sharing your beautiful pieces for one of my favorite issues to work on thus far.

    Don't hesitate to get in touch again if you have other pieces you'd like to submit!




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