Thursday, November 20, 2014

So... what ARE the stories????

Some people have asked, due to yesterday's post, WHAT stories do I have?

Well, most are in Korea, Italy, and Japan.

:: While riding a train in Italy for the first time, in a coach just like the Hogwarts Express, everyone decided to nap.  Everyone who knew Italian very very well was snoring, leaving me, who at that time only knew enough Italian to order dinner and count to four in order to teach an aerobics class.  I was exhausted from being in Venice all day, but terrified of where we might end up, so I held my eyelids open to stay awake (and repeatedly counted to four).

Taken by me from one of the Venice canals.

:: Teaching English in Korea.  Technically, not my job, but a secondary job.  I taught men from the (translation may vary) Animal and Plant Breeding Institute. They wanted colloquial English, slang, how to have a real conversation. They not only took me to a museum in the middle of nowhere (no other American there), but treated me and the other teacher to not one but TWO amazing sit-on-the-floor-old-style Korean dinners when we were getting ready to leave the country.

We have no idea who the guy in the middle is -- he was in NONE of my classes!  All of these men were scientists. Notice the parmesan cheese and the salad dressing?  This particular dinner was "let's see how we can do with American food."

:: Running home the last night in Korea from the clubs, in the pouring rain, with my friend Jenn and Tak. I was staying in Jenn's house as my dorm room had been relinquished and there was no room in the inn (literally). Tak tucked us in and made sure we were asleep before he left. Nothing like running in stocking feet in the rain down bumpy-lumpy alley ways in the dark, laughing like idiots. Wonderful, and memorable.

:: Singing Meatloaf's "Love By the Dashboard Light" in a club with a couple guys singing the male parts (natch) and me, Jenn, and Katherine singing the female parts. Joy.  One of those moments you keep in that special place in your brain for no good reason other than it was mega-awesome.

:: My two week trip to Japan to see my best college friend, Jen (different Jen from Korea-Jenn).  She graduated with me and went to Japan to teach English. She was fluent, as was her Australian and awesome husband-to-be (pictures coming). Snow-closed roads (in April), rotating sushi bars, biking, and lots of laughter.  Best. Vacation. Ever.

:: Why this was not unusual.  At all.  And nope.  Wasn't drinking.

:: Just exactly WHY I joined the Air Force -- the best decision I ever made, although I didn't know it at the time.

After graduation, a year and a half later, the door to the barracks still made me nervous!

::  Lessons learned, mistakes made, joys found, loves lost, friends found, and a love of travel that sticks with me forever.

A trip to San Fransisco, post language school.

And then there are other books -- raising an Asperger's child when I'm pretty sure I have many of the same traits; words to live by (and why they've worked, or haven't worked); there's a lot!

Over the holidays, I have several tasks (after family time).

One is to finish all blog hopping. Yeah, I know. Second is to clean out my lampwork studio and see what is what.  Third is to share bits as I go along my writing. There's a reason for being sick. There is. This must be it. And if it's not, I have my history written for Zack. Some I'll vault until he's ready. Some he'll help with. 

And now to scan sixty billion photos. OH, for digital back then!


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  1. Sounds amazing Lori! Looking back I wished I had joined the military. My son was in the Air Force for 6 years, stationed in Japan for 2. I visited him there for 3 weeks and it was one of the best times of my life. Good luck with all your holiday tasks!

  2. I love that you're getting everything together to start your book. You have done a lot in your life and it's good to read about.

  3. Anonymous8:32 AM

    What an inspiration for young people who are considering a military career. With such focus on war in the Middle East, people do not get the full picture of military possibilities. My sister was Navy Hospital
    Corps and got to see so much of
    Europe. A book like this could be a major influence.

    And raising an Asberger child: your experiences with Zack and helping him live his life to the fullest would be such a help to parents who learn a diagnosis and have no idea what to do to help their child. Your artistic focus and the time you spend with him, the learning you have gained....invaluable. A must do.

  4. You have had some amazing adventures. I wonder what adventures are in your future? (You KNOW there will be more adventures!)

  5. What great memories! I know that some of my best memories are from when I lived in Germany. There is just something about being in a different country that seems to make everything sharper.

  6. I really love how you shared your experiences. A small chapter of your memoirs on your blog instead of writing a biography.


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