Friday, October 10, 2014

Zack's Idea of What Awesome Is (31 Days, Day 10)

Zack is the center of my life.  So today over dinner I asked him, "what are some things you think are awesome, and why?"

1.  "The Origami Yoda book series. "

He likes how a different character tells the story in each book, and it has case files for random sub-stories inside the book.  In the first one, for example, Tommy and his friends try to figure out if Origami Yoda is real (when I asked, "Is he real?", Zack replied, "Pretty much, yeah.")

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When I asked why it was totally, totally awesome, he said, "I JUST LOVE IT SO MUUUUUCH!" I think I need to read these myself!  (And can I say how much I loved that
the FIRST thing he thought was awesome were books?)

2.  "Dreams that I wish would be real."

When I asked him to tell me one, he wrinkled his forehead and said, "I forget, but at the time, they were awesome." They leave him in a good mood when he wakes up. Then he remembered one where he was in a league of super heroes and another dream where the family went into Wii Sports Resort (a video game, natch) and the cats came in, and they weren't afraid of dogs, so we got a dog.  When I asked, "Why Wii Resort?" he said it was because it's set on an island (he's said forever that he wants to go to Fiji, of all places) and there's a ton of fun things to do.  I've played that video game with him and I must admit, it was indeed fun.


3.  "My Family -- especially you, Mom."

OK, let me stop a second, tears.

Whew.  All right then.

When I asked him to elaborate, he said, "Because no one can replace my family." He said he likes reading with me, doing LEGO with his brothers, riding the tandem bike with his Dad ... and then he said there were just too many things to mention.

Our buildings connected together.  You can lift each story off to see the detail inside.

One of MY favorite memories is when we first introduced this LEGO Christmas tradition to the boys. We set up a six-foot folding table for them to work on, and as I was sitting across the room, I hear the following exchange between Zack and his at-that-time 26-year old brother.

Zack:  "Are you jealous that I got all the cool stuff in my bag?"
Colin: "Well.... kinda, yeah!!!"

For the LEGO uninitiated, pieces are put into a variety of numbered bags to supposedly (HA!) make putting things together easier.

I love when I ask Zack questions.  The most awesome thing for me right now is that he still likes to talk when we get in the car.  No playing iPods or anything like that. We have some of the best (and funniest) conversations, and play Punch Buggy (without the slugging) every time we drive in my own little Bug.

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  1. The Love shines through in this post Lori. It made me choke up a bit. It's wonderful when your children have a love of reading. I have always been a big reader. I love my books.

  2. I always loved the car conversations with my sons. Zach is awesome.

  3. Books, dreams, and family, Zack sure has his head in the right place. Great photo of the lego setup.

  4. What a great kid. You can tell he is insightful, smart, joyful, grateful and caring. You are blessed, my friend. ~diana

  5. You can tell how much isight Zach has the love of adventure, family legos .I remember when Jeffrey was his age it was pokemon legos. And of course his intendo boys love their moms and that to me is the most awesome thingof all cherish every moment. There are memories for a lifetime hugs

  6. You have a pretty awesome kid there Lori! I know that he has his bad days but you & Rick are definitely bringing up a caring young man.

  7. That's a pretty awesome son you have in Zack. He must have some pretty awesome parents who help him and respect him for his individuality. Nice job you guys! xoxo

  8. Barbara10:40 PM

    I still have car conversations with my son and he is 43. . .and nurturing the same with the grandsons.

  9. One of the few things I'll miss about the old commute: 40 minutes of car conversations with Hannah every morning and afternoon. (We play 'Punch Buggy' too!)

  10. Anonymous10:50 PM

    Thanks to Zack for turning me on to some new books. I'm going to get the Origami Yoda for my grandson. And car much fun. Here we play the "tweety" game. Any yellow or orange vehicle. And I am the worst tweety player ever! LOL

  11. Awesome post. You've raised a great kid. I'm intrigued about the origami yoda files myself now.


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