Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The 31 Days Writing Challenge -- Day 1: Table of Contents of Awesomeness!

My friend Dana told me about this wonderful writing challenge called 31 Days.  I was immediately intrigued, as I love to write, and I really have been wanting to stretch myself and move away from some of the topics I've been writing on for a long time.

The 31 Days Challenge gave writers a number of topics to choose from, and I ultimately chose "Too Awesome to Categorize".  I wanted the chance to write not just about my travels or adventures, but Zack and vintage shopping and who-knows-what-cool-thing that will happen in October?

So every day in October, I will be writing a blog post that has an element of awesomeness. Some may be short, with photos and captions only. Some may be long, with a story that will make you laugh or snicker. There will be stories about planes, trains, and automobiles (really). There will be stories I've made up, and stories that happened long ago.

This page will act as a Table of Contents, so you can save this link to your desktop and click it every day, or visit my Facebook page where the blog posts will automatically appear like magic. Or you can visit every day and BAM! New topic right in front of you -- all about awesomeness.

You can also click this icon you'll see on the right side bar 
and it will bring you right back to this page.

As I'm going to really wing it, don't expect a full table of contents listed here on October 1st! I'm going to let the muse flow, and see where it takes me.  At the end of October, though, the entire Table of Contents will be here for you to visit and re-read as you wish.

Thank you so very much for visiting, and happy reading!

October 1st ::  Welcome to 31 Days!
October 2nd ::   The Most Awesome Person in My Life -- Zack
October 3rd ::  31 Things to Bring Awesome Into Your Life
October 4th :: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way
October 5th :: Silent Sunday
October 6th ::  Oops, Do Over
October 7th :: Zack and Lori Free Association

October 8th :: Inspiration from Danny MacAskill
October 9th :: The Awesome List
October 10th :: Zack's Idea of What is Awesome
October 11th :: Don't Forget to Say You Care
October 12th :: 1000 Awesome Things
October 13th :: How Do You Spell Awesome?
October 14th :: When Awesome Becomes "Ah, shoot."

October 15th :: Wordless Wednesday -- Solace in an Abandoned Church
October 16th - 21st :: Sorry -- I'm Playing Hooky
October 22nd :: Setting New Goals -- From Crappy to Happy
October 23rd :: The Purple Heart
October 24th :: Take Time to Look Closer

October 25th :: Tattoo Teaser
October 26th :: A New Tattoo
October 27th :: Fun With Zack.. and Fruit
October 28th :: Happy Anniversary
October 29th :: Now Serving at the Bead Soup Cafe
October 30th -31st :: Sick Days

Round Up, November 2nd ::  Lessons Learned

Lori Anderson creates jewelry and bead kits as well as collaborative mixed media art with her son, Zack. Visit her shops by clicking on the right side bar of this blog (please and thank you!). She is also the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party® and author of the book "Bead Soup" via Kalmbach Publishing.


  1. I look forward to a new adventure made of Awesomeness each day this October! 💙

  2. Looking forward to a month of awesomeness! Glad to see you are writing regularly again as you write beautifully and from the heart.

  3. I'm on board with your 31 days of awesomeness Lori Dear! Creative Writing Bliss...

  4. I am so looking forward to your series of posts. I love reading your blog. Looking forward to the awesomeness.

  5. I am looking forward to this!

  6. So glad you are doing this! Looking forward to your posts :)

  7. Yay! :)
    I'm looking forward to reading here, even if I can't come by every day.

  8. Awesome :D Looking forward to reading! Think about you often. Xo

  9. Barbara10:53 PM

    Started with today's blog and now going back to the beginning! Looking forward to enlightenment and learning more about blogging.

  10. Sounds like a fun writing project... looking forward to reading some of your upcoming posts!


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