Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Setting New Goals -- From Crappy to Happy (31 Days, Day 22)

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Playing hooky like I did the past week is sometimes the best thing a person can do for themselves if they're less than OK.  For far too long I've pushed when I should have pulled back and sat down for a while.  It's easier to look for the Awesome when I'm not fighting myself.

Today I woke up as I did the past few days -- horribly awfully in pain, hands and voice shaking so badly I couldn't put socks on. I haven't been able to read or write or anything much at all lately and it's all thanks to the ups and downs of Lyme disease (bleh). As I lay in bed last night, trying to think of calming things to help me go to sleep, I thought about changing my life goals. 

Knowing me the way I know me, this would normally not be a happy thing to think about, and certainly not an Awesome thing. I am determined, however, to find something good out of the traditionally bad. It's become part of my healing process.

When you're in the midst of Awful, thinking of Awesome is often pushed to the bottom of the heap of things that must be done that day. Lately I have been trying to put it at the top of the list. I figure if I only have the strength to do one or two things in a day, one of them at least should be good, right?

I never thought I'd be able to do this, but when faced with a life-changing disease, I've got to make life-changing decisions. I've spent far too long trying to make it to some end point, as in, "I'll be able to be back to normal by Christmas". Now, I'm deciding that's foolish and futile, not to mention frustrating, so instead I've tried to embrace setting new goals.  I've made three new goals which I think will help me stay more in the Happy Space and less in the Crappy Space.

Goal #1 :: Family First

All my life, pretty much, my work ethic has been strong. I've pushed myself hard and I've been fortunate to achieve a lot of things this way. It's easy when you're excited about a new job or a new project or a new idea to spend hours working on it, babying it, bringing it to fruition, but right now I have no business making huge work plans. I've decided to put these things to the back burner and spend as much of my out-of-bed-time with my family.

This past week, I felt pretty lousy, but it was a lot easier to ignore while watching a movie or playing a game with Zack and Rick. I will never regret family time. There will be time enough later for throwing myself head-first into new projects.

Goal #2 :: Read Things That Matter

Illness has made my eyesight kind of loopy. Some days I can't focus on words and everything is blurry. Because of that, I now make better decisions about what I read when I CAN see. I'm spending less time reading junk online or celebrity magazines and more time reading things I can mark off my to-read list. I pared down my magazine list and now only get one and that one helps me learn about world events rather than what dress the latest celebrity was wearing. Decreasing my browsing time and turning it into reading time -- not a bad goal, and not bad results, either.

Goal #3 :: Heal From the Inside Out


I've discovered it's just as important to heal my mind as it is to heal my body. One of the interesting oxymorons of Lyme disease is I am absolutely exhausted all the time but I'm completely unable to get to sleep. I've started taking that awake-in-the-middle-of-the-night time and turning it into reflection time. Instead of asking myself "why is this happening to me?", I've tried (tried!) to think about why this could be a good thing. 

Bad things happen to good people. No matter if you prescribe to a particular faith or belief system, understanding why this happens can be a really difficult task. I've decided to give up asking "why" and have tried (tried!) to accept it and find the good in it. Some days it's a heck of a lot harder than others, but all I have to do is turn to look at my bedside table to find something good. 

On my night stand are four journals (one for Zack to read at a later date, one question-to-answer-a-day book, one list-yourself book, and one five-year journal with a few lines a day to write) and the 7th Harry Potter. The journals remind me to remember things, to write things down for posterity, and to search myself so my future is better. With only a few lines a day to write, I make the most of them. And the Harry Potter book reminds me that Zack still loves me to read to him, and when I focus on these things, the problems seem to fade into the background and the NOW is more in front of me.

I love elephants.

It's OK to re-order our priorities and goals from time to time. Necessary, I dare say. I know that I'm much calmer about facing down demons than I ever have been. It's an incredibly awesome feeling to know this, to know that change can be good, and good can come from bad. 

(I hope this makes sense! Comment below if you like and tell me other ways to set new goals and refocus -- what works for you?)

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  1. Lori, Excellent article! Thanks for sharing. I love the books that are on your reading table. I had never thought of journaling the way you do. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, thank you for sharing your heart,struggles,and victories! Awesome post!!!

  3. Awesome post, right from the heart and something we should all think about!1007-B

  4. Lori, you are a very smart woman and I think your goals are spot on.
    All too often we forget that those important things in life really cannot wait. Taking time out for one's self is paramount and time with family and our closest friends trumps spending hours online any day. :)

  5. Awesome goals! It's sad that sometimes it really takes a slap in the face to pare down to what is really important to us. I know that my life has been both up and downs that I have always tried to make the best of. In looking back over the things I have done and the things that I have happened, I can say that some of them sucked but I can't really regret any of them because each taught me a lesson either about myself or life. And I never regret learning.

  6. Hi Lori, your three new goals are wonderful. Family first is for sure the way it should be. It is always ok to reevaluate your life and change your priorities to suit yourself. Reading your posts lately you do seem more relaxed, in control and happier than some of your past posts were. I am very glad that you are accepting your new life and I hope the series of bad days passes soon. Healing from the inside out seems to be part of what it takes to move on with your life. I feel like you are on the right path now.

  7. Anonymous3:31 AM

    Great post Lori, and one for me to think about. You sound like you are in a much better (healthier) place than you were a few months ago, and that can only be good. I think you're finding the awesome!

  8. Such a powerful post - all the way around. This is such a positive outlook, love it. It all works in life, in general. You WILL rock this!

  9. Proud of you, Lori! Your perseverance and determination to choose the better things is admirable. Now that my girls are older and gone, I find that I have NEVER regretted the times I chose them over other things. Continuing to pray for your healing. I love the title, btw- what a great outlook. Christie

  10. I know I can gain insight on myself from reading your post and thinking honestly about how and what I spend my time. I like Crappy to Happy goal. May you achieve what makes you happy. I am here to cheer you on my friend.

  11. Anonymous11:51 AM

    I absolutely understand your pain and struggles. I have Fibromyalgia and suffer almost all the time with pain of some sort. It is so hard some days to be positive, but we have to push forward. I commend you for your courage and strength. You go, girl! Hugs!!

  12. This is such a healing post! Quality time is so important! I wish you with all my heart to make these decisions work for you!

  13. I agree that reassessing is so healthy and cleansing and freeing. I know I hang onto some things for way too long. This post is a keeper I will read over many times for when I need this reminder again. Thanks.


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