Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Now Serving at the Bead Soup Cafe (31 Days, Day 29)

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Just a quick note today, but a wonderful one.

Back at the end of July, I decided to close down my Facebook group, Bead Soup Cafe.  It wasn't a decision made lightly, but at the time, I felt pressured (by myself) to respond to every single post and like every single thing for fear of hurting someone's feelings. With over 2,000 people in the group, that was an impossible task, and I was also facing up a new twist to the Lyme saga (Babesia) so I closed the group.

I'm not completely well, and I'm tired a lot, but I feel strongly that I'm ready to reopen the group.

This time, I've made it clear that I won't be able to comment on everything, and I believe that everyone is good with that and totally understands. The group will likely be smaller this go around, and that's fine, too. I also added more moderators, so if I'm down for a day or a week, I feel comfortable that everyone has everyone else's back. 

I am still not going to have an online Bead Soup Blog Party next year, and am still considering a come-to-my-side-of-the-town retreat, if health holds. I'm not holding another BSBP because I feel after 8 renditions, several with three reveal dates, it needs to be freshened up and revamped a tad. Instead, the group will have blog hops that are easily managed and a piece of cake compared to the months long preparation for the BSBP.

So, if you're looking for a place that is nurturing, fun, and encourages sharing, please visit  It's a private group so we can do our best at keeping out spammers, so once you ask to join, you'll get a notification as soon as possible.

This makes me feel awesome. I've come a long way. This blog has come a long way in 31 Days. My life has come a long way. I have a stronger backbone now, can say no (usually), and have my priorities straight. Family will still come first, but the Bead Soup Cafe is also a bit like an extended family, and it feels good to know that while I'm watching a movie with my guys, people are sharing and supporting each other on the Facebook Group.

See you there!

Lori Anderson creates jewelry and bead kits as well as collaborative mixed media art with her son, Zack. Visit her shops by clicking on the right side bar of this blog (please and thank you!). She is also the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party® and author of the book "Bead Soup" via Kalmbach Publishing. 


  1. This put a big smile on my face my friend.

  2. I like it.. it was your idea, and your creation. So if you want/need to change it up a bit, go for it! It'll give it a fresh new feel, as well as fit you better. Says a lot that you're getting back into things, too. Happy recovery!

  3. I am so happy that you are opening the cafe, it is home for me and I have missed you! Please take care and continue to prioritize you, your family and your health. We'll be here in the cafe when you need us!

  4. thank you for bringing it back and give lots of notice of your retreat :)

  5. Thank you Lori. I am so glad that the bead soup cafe is open again.It is great that you are feeling better and I hope that you continue to improve. I am hoping to come to the come to my side of town event.

  6. All the best for your new way :)

  7. Good news, just Awesome! Please continue feeling better. :)

  8. I am so glad that you are feeling better and that you have battled those little buggers into remission. If there anything that I can do to help out just let me know.


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