Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy 14th Wedding Anniversary (31 Days, Day 28)

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Today Rick and I have been married 14 years.

That is a big old hug full of awesome.

We got married at the University of Virginia Chapel. I went to school in Charlottesville, bought my first house there, and re-met Rick there. We'd met each other about ten years previously in Korea, but I can only remember our speaking to each other maybe three times. Then a great friend started an email distribution list, we got back in touch, and magic started.

The day was amazing.  Temperatures in the low 70's, trees all turned to brilliant shades of red and gold -- it couldn't have been better.

We went against tradition and decided to see each other before the wedding.  That worked out well, because then we could visit with our family at the country club and get the jitters out before we headed to exchange rings.

Seeing each other for the first time.

back of my wedding dress

Listening to the a cappella group The Virginia Gentlemen sing "Good Things" by the Bodeans

It was a small wedding, about 50 people, because for the most part, nobody lived in Charlottesville. This made for a close, intimate party and Rick and I got to talk to everyone who came, and that was very important to us.  

Roses, hydrangeas, snow berries, all bound together with my grandmother's handkerchief.

Leaving the wedding in a Phantom Rolls Royce.  Very cool!

No rubber chicken here -- since the group was small, we could have some really awesome food
 and individual two-tiered coconut cakes drizzled in chocolate.

When we got married in 2000, I was in great health.  However, our traditional vows included "in sickness and in health", and I can say that Rick has kept up his end of the bargain 1000%.  When you get married, you never expect the bad things. We went through my losing my job a month after 9/11, bringing up three boys together, and recently watching our oldest get married. I'm sure Rick never imagined he would have to help me get out of bed, or help me walk, or any of the things that hit me two years ago, but he tackled them all. As I get better (knock on wood), we're able to celebrate things in a totally different way. Small triumphs, like being able to sit at the table for dinner, is a celebration. Taking a one-day trip is a HUGE triumph. Watching our kids grow has been a blessing.

Rick would tell you it's not been easy, but he reminds me of our vows every time I ask him if he's sure he's up for this.  Lyme is SUCH a schizophrenic disease. One day I feel wonderful, and the next day I can't even remember what it felt like to be well. Having my entire family on my side is what's getting me going. And if something happens to anyone in my family, I'll be right there for them.

Happy Anniversary, and thank you, Rick, for the love.

(all photos taken by Ken Graham)

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  1. A very Happy Anniversary to you both. I love your dress, and the flowers were stunning too. Reads like you had a perfect day. May the next fourteen years be wonderful, interesting, fun and adventurous too. Best of luck.

  2. This is an AWESOME post. Thanx for sharing it with all of us.

  3. I also looked at your Facebook pictures. Your wedding was magical and so elegant. You and your husband are beautiful.

  4. Lovely wedding and a very pretty bride. Happy anniversary.

  5. Congrats on all the love shared in this post! I wish many happy, healthy days ahead for you and yours! See you soon!

  6. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful wedding!

  7. Happy happy anniversary you two!

  8. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

  9. Happy Anniversary. I hope you are feeling better.


  10. Awesome post Lori. Happy Anniversary. Heal and feel better. My prayers for you.


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