Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Fever Blog Hop


I was soooo excited to be chosen to participate in this blog hop.

I mean, look at the kits they were sending out!

And my inner greedy girl went...

And believe me, when I got my kit, I was stoked.  
They were so pretty.


Unfortunately, since receiving them and today, my brain has been in a fog and I do NOT know what happened to my creative muse or my writing muse because they most certainly are not with me right now.  I regretfully had to bow out at the last minute, which I NEVER do, but I just couldn't do anything at all.  I mean, even watching TV was too much effort.  Seriously.  

However, I am going to team up with one of the other ladies who couldn't make it and we'll show you our designs at a later time.  In the meantime, won't you take a look at what the others made? They're AMAZING.

Erin Prais – Hintz –

Stay tuned -- hopefully I'll be back soon!


  1. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with when your muse comes back to visit. Knowing you, it will be spectacular.

  2. Maybe we can put together a Glossi with all the URLs? That way, we all get to hop & cherish. Lesley created a beautiful keepsake last autumn challenge time :) I was so excited to hop with you, but I'll be sure to watch for your post later. Your lampwork beads found a happy home with Lesley's in this spring fling! They look beautiful!
    Feel better X Rita

  3. Hope you are feeling better (and your muse is able to visit again) very soon! Thanks for posting the links!


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