Monday, July 15, 2013

Love (And elephants. Oh, and baggy pants, too)

Mmmm, yeah, I know, I get punchy when I can't sleep.  I start surfing the net because the random book I picked up is a fictional account of (their words) side show circus freaks.  Since the little bit of sleep I HAVE gotten has had some cuh-ray-zee stuff going on (elephants do NOT freaking skateboard, but they did in my dream.  Nor do they do it while snapping off gang signs with their trunks because elephants don't have fingers and the gangs get all confused and no one can play or fight or anything because is it too much to ask a young man to PULL HIS FREAKING PANTS UP?  Then you could use sign language...problem solved.

No, this post started before that horrible nonsense about gangs of psychotic pachyderms with no fashion sense or manners.  As my soon-to-be-daughter in law sat on the couch planning her wedding, I found some posts about love and self-respect and right now, they're very apt --whether you're married, single, or in between.

It starts within, and like elephants running over a freshly sown field, you can feel all is lost.  Try not to.  Keep looking for the gems

And tell those darned elephants to pull their pants up.

(All images are from Pinterest, and when I get my computer back tomorrow, I'll be searching out the original sources.)


Hug the ones you love.
Tell them how you feel.  
Life is short.


  1. Poor tired gal~~love the ramblings and the wonderful quotes of encouragement and love! Hope you are getting sleep~~

  2. Praying for you, Lori! Let us know when you are out of the woods.

  3. That actually makes some sense!!! I love the way you think!!! Love ya Lori, Hope you get better quick!!! Prayers!!!

  4. ooh. are you reading Geek love by katherine Dunn?


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