Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Today is not Tomorrow

It's sooo easy to give up
And say screw it, I've had enough.

Living in the moment
Sounds pretty awesome
Unless your moment is miserable.

So I'm trying to remember
Today is not tomorrow
Tomorrow is a new day.

New circumstances.
New chances.

And if tomorrow sucks, too...
Well, I try to feel lucky there are many more tomorrows waiting

If I don't give up.


  1. You Nailed it!!! Don't give up!!! Love you lots!!! Have a Blessed day!!!

  2. Diane Crockett10:44 AM

    Lori, living with chronic pain is so difficult, I have much compassion and understanding for you. I truly feel your pain.
    as I sit in bed, and look around me at the mess I know I can't tackle, and think of all the things i want to do, some easy, some not so hard, some truly impossible, sometimes I weep.
    Sometimes it just feels better to let a few tears of frustration leak out. You can't hold it all inside.
    Having symptoms of fibro since I was 18, having medium levels for 15 years, and having it severely for 7, has made me wonder - how can tomorrow be any better? It has to be! tomorrow is one day closer to finding the reason, the cause, a treatment, a cure.
    When I can't move, I use the time for research. So now I know everything there is to know about a lot of stuff, but I had to write most of it in my journal to remember....being divorced is the hardest part for me. Major failure, and nobody wants a used car unless they like classics that need to be kept up. Not many people are that self-giving.
    I got a beautiful book in the mail yesterday....I could barely carry or hold it (it weighs 12 lbs) but it's a wonderful and inspiring book about the History of Napier, the Premier Dress jewelry maker from 1875 to 2000...put together by a wonderful authour named Melinda Lewis. Her dedication in the book is to finding a cure for fibromyalgia, chronic illnesses, and brain related diseases. Many of us who make beads and jewelry or other art and craft, have this disease, or related ones like Lupus, MS, and things unyet discovered.
    If you ever feel like talking to somone who understands, you can pm me on facebook. I know a lot, I've done tons of research...and I am happy to share with anyone who needs me. Or maybe you just need someone to say, I understand, I'm sorry and I would be happy to pray for you. I always think it's odd that I don't pray for myself. It seems selfish to me. But I know so many people who have been helped by prayers, so I am glad to send them up!
    God Bless you today...maybe if you rest today and be patient, you will feel good enough tomorrow to do a little. Not a lot!! much less than you used to, and don't be ashamed to ask for help if you can. You have given the world so much, they can take a turn giving some back to you!!
    If it's a nice day, go park that chaise lounge somewhere nice outside, with some music, some herb tea, and whatever else makes you comforted. If that seems too hard, close your eyes and pretend you are there....then ask someone to set it up for you, for tomorrow.
    Sending you gentle Hugs & Love
    Diane C.

  3. Living the way you are right now I can totally see how hard it is for you but I am so grateful that you share these feelings with us and hope that you know all who love you are here for you!

  4. My girls know sometimes our summer activities get canceled/postponed depending on what kind of day my body decides I'm having. I constantly feel as though I'm disappointing them, or letting them down, but you'd never be able to tell by looking at them. They're incredible, the love I feel radiate from them is angelic. They understand. So, what we do, where we go, or whatever summer activities we may have planned, it's a given that it depends on what kind of day my body decides I'm going to have. Even if we all pile up on my bed to watch movies, draw, color, be silly, or bead, it's going to be a fanfreakintastic fun time - because we're together. Sometimes the guilt still creeps up on me, but I have to tell myself what's really important. My girls know I love them, know these ailments aren't my choice, and absolutely know that what's important is the time we share together, no matter what it is. And that's why we're going to have a fanfreakintastic summer!
    Lori - you're a phenomenal mom. You could make having a root canal fun! Zack absolutely knows you love him. We all have such a short time here on Earth. Our children are just happy to have our time and attention. Isn't that what it's all about? I'm learning to release that guilt and focus on what's important. The things our children will remember are the laughter we shared, time we took to just hang out with them (no matter how horrible we felt), and the interest we took in what they had to share. I can't think of a better example of a wonderful mother that encompasses all these qualities and more than you, Lori. I know, because I learn from you. <3

  5. I am spending a little time catching up on your posts. Thank goodness we have tomorrows. I know I need them so I can improve from today. I am amazed at how much effort it is to do a good deed every day. At the market I was letting a family go ahead of me and they balked. I finally said, "Please don't spoil my good deed for today!" They had such a look of shock on their faces as they proceeded ahead of me. Kindness is such a small gesture yet it makes such a huge impact!!! Loving Hugs...

  6. Lori,
    Your blog is one of the ones I follow closly. I do find your posts to be both uplifting and down to Earth. I know the struggles you face and I am both encourage and motivated to do more than I thought possible. Much respect for you! Hugs!

  7. Never give up dear Lori! Your spirit sounds so much better even if your body doesn't yet. That sounds like a giant step forward. Lots of respect and hugs for you and your family. xoxo

  8. You have so much on your plate Lori. I am hoping that there is a way that surfaces for you soon with Drs and treatment. Feeling for you! get better!! Big hugs.

  9. Dear Lori,
    You have given us a lot. I remember how much strength you gave me when I was sick with Sciatica pain. I have never seen you in person but your comments in my blog made such a difference. You are a special person to me, and as you said in one of your Face book Post there are a lot of friends in the virtual web land and blogosphere who are connected with you. Connected deeply. I pray for you. Yes, there are always tomorrows and be it better. With much love - Dita.


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