Monday, June 24, 2013

Echo Creative Club Blog Hop

Today I'm showing you what I made with one of Jeannie Dukic's polymer clay gin blossoms.  I love these pretty flower pendants and used one in a 2013 Easy Wire magazine tutorial....

... so I asked Jeannie if she could send me another, but in a different colorway.  And when she sent it, I couldn't believe how well it segued into a past project I hadn't quite finished.

Last year I ran a Memories and Thanks Blog Hop.  I made one necklace using the beads my friend Mari had set aside for me, but I still had a secret stash of beads she'd given me that were looking for the perfect focal.  Thanks to Jeannie, I got it.

This particular gin blossom has a lovely vintage patina of copper and verdigris green.  Mari had sent me her own blend of Bead Soup -- an assortment of crystals and Czech glass in earth tones, burgundy, and teal.  She also sent two amazing rounds of jasper that have a silky smooth finish.  Using a smaller size copper chain (as the Czech beads are 4 mm to 6 mm in size), I got to work making my favorite jewelry element -- lots of dangles.

Even though this looks like a random assortment of dangles, they actually all match.  I started by measuring off the chain with the teal Czech glass, leaving four links between each dangle.  I cut the end of the chain and wire-wrapped the jasper and reconnected the top to plain copper chain.  For a little glimmer, I used antiqued chain but bright copper head pins, which picked up the copper leaf on the gin blossom pendant.

Then it was a matter of spacing out the colors.  I had each pile of beads in its own color group, and worked my way through each pile, making sure I had the same color in the same link on each side. Most of the time I'm not quite this meticulous in "matching the randomness", but there was a pleasure in putting order to the chaos that got these little beads to me in the first place.

The clasp is a copper flower lobster claw, and I added a couple of leftover Czech glass beads to the end ring.  I like searching for pretty clasps, and this worked beautifully with Jeannie's flower pendant, don't you think?

I really appreciate that Jeannie has been so generous with her beads in the past years, and am grateful that I was able to make this with beads from TWO friends.  You can visit Jeannie's store by clicking here, and if you're a designer interested in participating in the Echo Creative Club challenge, find out more by clicking here.

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Lori Anderson creates jewelry and bead kits as well as collaborative mixed media art with her son, Zack.  Visit her shops by clicking here.  She is also the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party®   and author of the book Bead Soup.


  1. Just beautiful, and I love the blue one too!! That copper patina gin blossom is absolutely beautiful, I may just have to see if she can make me one like that to buy, just to make something for myself : ) I worked with a gin blossom this month too, and your design puts mine to shame lol. Fabulous Lori, as always!!

  2. Lori,Lori,Lori,
    OM Freaking G!
    Anything with dangles makes my heart beat faster. This necklace is amazingly gorgeous in so many ways. There is so much fine detail work that went into this. I just hope it didn't put you in more pain. I'm just sitting here shaking my head. How did you pull this off? Can't take my eyes off it. This is the perfect mix of "meticulous randomness!" You have made my day, no, no, my week! You're in my thoughts and heart everyday. Love you, jeannie

  3. As usual Lori, your work is amazing. I love the "randomness" you created. I agree, Jeannie's Gin Blossoms are amazing, they are my favorite from her.

  4. Both necklaces are beautiful! The second necklace is amazing. It must have taken a lot of time to create. I appreciate your great descriptions of how you made it.

  5. Anonymous8:05 AM

    What a beautiful necklace Lori! And I love the story of how the beads came together, serendipity!

  6. Who would not feel special wearing this? Who??? I love all those dangles -- on this piece especially! My hands are sore for you and all that wrapping! :)

  7. Beautiful! And all those dangles,...gang girl,..that's a ton of work right there! It really makes Jeannie's pendant pop though and it's super pretty!

  8. Amazing Lori. Both gin blossom necklaces are wonderful. I love the color in the first one.

  9. I want, want, want them both!

  10. Oh my - these necklaces are gorgeous Lori!!!

  11. What truly beautiful necklaces! It makes me happy just looking at them! Super pretty. The dangles are placed just right.

  12. Mad about necklaces6:39 PM

    You can really tell so mbd y has really put some time and hard work into these pieces. Worth every second, and I'm sure whoever gets them will cherish them forever!

  13. I just love your designs Lori! Great job, the colors and the dangles and the flow is wonderful!!! Have a Blessed Day!!!

  14. Stunning! Jeannie's beads & your talent is a beautiful combination! Always makes me smile to see your works of art. Thanks for sharing! Loves & Hugs <3

  15. The focal is gorgeous and your design elements are stunning! LOVE it Lori.

  16. Gorgeous piece, Lori - I love how you take the time to explain your thinking process :) The necklace flows beautifully!

  17. There is a magic to that necklace! Completely beautiful, yes, with detail and fine touches that make it a work of art. And then the magic: an amazing energy, a confluence of Mari's exquisite sparkling soup and rich jasper beads, Jeannie's breath-taking blossom, and your brilliant, gorgeous design. Wow!

  18. Lori, I always LOVE your jewelry designs. I would wear anything you make!! These necklaces are both so thoughtfully put together and your use of color in the 2nd one is really amazing, love it as always!!

  19. Lori, you just make such pretty, pretty jewellery. Everything always has the loveliest finishing touches, looks so fluid and tactile, and full of wonderful colour and texture. I love what you do with beads!


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