Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Today's Post Brought to You By the Fine Art of the Parody

By now, unless you've been living in Antarctica, you've heard the song "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye, a song that is basically your typical, "you were a crap girlfriend", "oh no, you were the idiot boyfriend" -- just set to a catchy beat.

Actually,  I lie.  Some penguins HAVE heard this song and were seen pushing their ex-significant others into the water.

Lying in bed for weeks has given me some extra time on my hands and YouTube can entertain me for way more hours than it should.  I found two parodies of this song that I love for different reasons.  I know a lot of people don't like to click on videos in blogs, but I hope you will enjoy.

First up, we have "what really happens when the song comes on the radio".

The first minute I thought, "oh, boring, just two guys who are going to Mystery Science Theater 3000 this thing", but then STARTLE!   And both Rick and I giggled the rest of the way.

The thing is, I get it.  I DESPISE the song "Hotel California".  Yet I know every. single. word.  And why, when I know those words, do I have to sing it?  Gah!!!

This last video, though, is a true work of art.  Zack is a huge Star Wars fan and had to explain a couple of references to me, but even if you don't know a thing about the films George Lucas USED to write, you can still enjoy the work that went into this.  It mimics the visuals of the actual video, which I'll just let you find on YouTube.

I hope you enjoyed this fun little waste of time.  I think I might make this a regular "Filler Feature" when my brain is too dead to write cogently.

And just be glad I didn't bring out the "Gangnam Style" parodies.

You're welcome.


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  1. Too funny, what a good giggle!

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  3. Those two guys were hilarious.

    Is it bad that I've never heard this song? Should I be concerned or relieved?

  4. i'm going to bed with that song in my head..hmmhmm what happened to the star wars that we used to

  5. Those were great...thanks for sharing....have u seen the version from " Walk off the Earth " they are from Canada.... I'm still over sharing the math one from that was awesome !!! hope your feeling better...xox

  6. I completely understand. I song comes on and I sing a few bars before it kicks in that I don't like it. Funny!

  7. I've been lucky... the only place I've even heard this song.. is on youtube. I found that first one before but couldn't get into it. I found a different parody of the video, but it wasn't a Star Wars one.. that was an awesome find :D ty! My all time fave Star Wars song on youtube is by Corey Vidal & Moosebutter, and it is fabulous beyond measure :) both you and Zack will love it and singing it :D

  8. I had to go look the song up on You Tube because I guess I don't get out much. Those two guys were hilarious!

  9. Hi just stopped in to wish you a happy V day.

  10. Anonymous3:29 AM

    Lori, you studied bioscience at one point didn't you? Check out this one

  11. Love the videos!! Thanks for the laughs. Can never have enough laughter. I kinda like those Gangnam parodies too!!


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