Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Random Post that Rambles and Thanks

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Thank you to everyone who has sent my kidlet coins in the mail.  He and I have been touched to pieces by the personal letters and the details you've given about some very awesome (and in some cases, quite rare) coins.  This photo doesn't even come CLOSE to showing all he's received -- in fact, this is just from one person.  We've now gotten all the proper coin collecting accoutrements and are researching the coins and labeling the cards together.  It's been a great thing, too, for Zack to practice his spelling and penmanship sending out thank-you cards.  And ladies, please email or Facebook me your addresses so I can gift you some beads -- we got too zealous taking out trash and I've lost my labels!

I know you've already seen this picture before but I'm as tired as Zack is there and I'm too tired to find another photo.  Thank you for understanding!  I mean, I'm so tired I feel sick to my stomach -- ever get that tired?

I had four hours of sleep last night and that isn't enough for me.  It is for my husband, but not for this lazy soul.  The day was spent shopping with Zack, picking up books and a magazine and Spanish flash cards and let me tell you something, ladies and gentlemints -- coffee did not help.  Red Bull did not help.  (By the way - that stuff is liquid evil.  Good lord.  Manners alone kept me from spitting it out the car window.)  Only sleep is going to help.

Tomorrow, I plan to have a quick show-and-tell and giveaway here, so please come back (thank you!).  I also plan to update with bead caps, a new toggle set, and vintage buttons (on cards!) for those who like such things.  In the future -- two more BSBP reveals and I'm starting work on a new eBook.  I sometimes wonder if I should give up making jewelry, leave it to the true visionaries, and just write.

And many thanks to those of you participating in the Bead Soup Blog Party®.  I'm still completely dumbfounded and overwhelmed at how many people join in this blog hop.  Ronna Sarvas will be writing a bit about it in Step-by-Step Wire magazine soon, which also blew my socks off.  

Finally, thank you to my readers.  I just looked at my followers and my stats and woah, y'all.  Those numbers just snuck up on me, and while it's not about the numbers, I'd be lying through my teeth-with-braces-on if I didn't say that it warms the bottom of my heart. (PS:  The braces are on my bottom teeth and I am sooo ready to have them taken off).

 I appreciate each and every time you pop in to read -- and feel free to comment if you want to see or hear about a particular story! 

 Night time -- day time -- you make me smile.


Lori Anderson creates jewelry and bead kits as well as collaborative mixed media art with her son, Zack.  Visit her shops by clicking here.  She is also the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party®   and author of the book Bead Soup.

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  1. Beautiful pictures as always.. i am also emotionally, physically exhausted,

    I am going to the storage unit Saturday and will send Zach those Pokemon cards. I will have them out Monday. Tuesday at the latest.

    Lucky ducks!! You wonderful ladies who get such beautiful beads, I have been blessed to have met you and the other amazing beady ladies!!

    Get some rest Lori! Today's worries will be here tomorrow, sadly..

    Have a wonderful night!!

  2. You make me smile! So glad to hear about all the coins - great opportunity for Zack. Get some sleep and feel better.

  3. Gosh girl sleep is essential for healing.Please have some some when.
    As far as giving away the jewelery...Only if you want to because your pieces are wonderful.I know cause I own one and I am always talking about who made it and why when I wear it.(which I do often).
    You make such a big impact back this way as well.
    Love and hugs to you and please remember to breathe.

  4. I feel ya on the night of four hours of sleep takes a lot longer to get over than it used to.

    Also, I haven't told you lately that I think you are awesome and I read everything you write and post, even when I don't have any comment to make. Can't wait to get my hands on your book!


  5. I must have missed the post about Zack collecting coins. I think I gave all mine away several years ago, but don't think I had anything of real interest or value anyway. Love the pic with him and the kitty - about how I felt coming in out of the heat a lot recently.
    Again Lori - Thanks for hosting this wonderful "Bead Soup" event and all the work you put into it, and DO NOT stop making jewelry. :-D
    I always enjoy seeing your beautiful creations.

  6. Believe you me, I know EXACTLY what you mean about being so tired you're sick. I actually have been feeling like that all day today o.O

    I'm always in awe of people and their kindness, especially those I've come across online.

    It's amazing how close you can become to people you've never met! It really is beautiful :)

  7. Well, shoot, now you know I want to see a pic of the braces! I'm with you, if I only had 4 hours, it would not be a pretty time around me. I'm so excited for Zack, and look forward to posts about his coins. :)
    You are such a special lady, and I'm glad to be a part of your pack. Hugs and sweet dreams!

  8. Have you ever read the info on a can of redbull? lol there's a warning on it that says 'do not drink more than one a day' >.<

    If you want some thing that works, does not taste like crap, is not 99%sugar and caffeine with a crash five times worse than the original drag, look for the energy drink from Happy Planet. It's in a little tiny bottle, and I had about a third of one one day ( in case it made my heart race or something ) and that little bit worked. There was no instant perk or sudden rush... you just noticed that you weren't tired anymore. :)

  9. I enjoy reading all your posts, and yes I have been that tired and even tired to the point of tears. How exciting to be mentioned in the magazine. Can't wait for the rest of the reveals and to join in on the next one. Thank you for all you do for all of us!

  10. Hi
    What kind of coins is he looking for? I think I might still have some coins from Europe. I went there to play sports when I was a teenager (lets say 20 or so years ago)and saved coins from lots of different countries.

  11. I remember that picture of Zack and have thought about it a few times...
    Today is a new day and I hope you got a good nights sleep. I appreciate all your hard work with BSBP. You ARE definitely The Hostess with the Mostess! <3

  12. You make beautiful jewelry and create so much fun for all of blogland... but you also need to follow your dream! Sounds like you are on a path to fulfilling it! I say balance your life with both. Write for a living and blog and make jewelry for a hobby! Thanks for all you do!

  13. Rest up my friend. I've been that tired too and it all tends to unravel if you don't get the sleep you need. Having said that, I deeply appreciate all you do here and behind the scenes. Oh, and don't stop making jewelry. You'd miss it and so would I. Hugs

  14. I'm late =(
    I just send mine on Aug 1st.
    Hope Zack will wait patient =)

  15. awesome...sleep well...and I really enjoyed the collaborative co-creation I got to indulge in with my nieces...what a great gift of creative and loving space that amazing ripple from an idea you are the genesis how that works!

  16. I adore reading your blog Lori dear. Life gets all too busy and I have not taken time to blog or comment. I am going to enjoy my favorite month of August and participate in the moment. Life is good and I don't want to miss any of it. Summer Sunshine Smiles...

  17. I hope you've gotten some sleep - and that photo of Zack is adorable!! Love your day/night pic - awesome!

  18. Ronna Sarvas at Step-by-Step Wire!! Wow!

    Lori, how everyone appreciates you for hosting the best bead party in the world! Lol Thank you!


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