Saturday, August 25, 2012

The 3rd Reveal of the 6th Bead Soup Blog Party®

I'm so glad you're here!

The Bead Soup Blog Party® has gotten so large over the years that I've had to split it into three reveal dates and change it from a twice yearly event to a once-a-year affair.  If you've never participated before, you can read about it by clicking here, and keep your eyes open for the announcement of the new 2013 date, which will be in the Jan/Feb time frame.  To give you an idea of how many people are in this particular Bead Soup Blog Party, click here to see the maps split out in detail.

Now without further ado, let me introduce you to my partner and the beads she sent me.  My partner for the 3rd reveal is Cece Cormier, otherwise known as The Beading Yogini.  I've always admired her micro-macrame abilities and her unique findings.  She's also a lampwork artist, among other things! 

As a reminder, these are the many things Cece sent me:

Rose quartz, raku ceramic, seed beads, glass, acrylic, paper-coated wood beads .....

Cloisonne, acrylic, pearls, pewter toggles ...

And the biggest challenge -- thread to macrame with!  I've always admired micro-macrame and have had the book "Mod Knots"  for quite a while, so I knew that at the very least, I was going to try my hand at this new art form.

This, however, is an art form I'm really going to have to work on further, because I am one of those people that needs to SEE things being done and have my hand held.  I've said in the past I'm the student in class who always has that deer-in-the-headlights look, and I definitely want to learn more because knotting and weaving reminds me of those comforting days of knitting before Zack was born.

ANYWAY.  When things don't quite work out as planned, I call them "organic".  Nice spin, right?  From Cece's stash, I took the lampwork bead and used the toggle as the top of the pendant.  The pendant is a seed-beaded net with little pewter flowers attached.  

The necklace portion uses the rose quartz beads Cece sent and more of the seed beads and flowers.  This part is basic overhand knotting.  I didn't make tight knots on the seed bead triplets, leaving instead a little room for the beads to have space to breath and slide -- airy to match up with the net pendant.  Everything connects with the toggle at the pendant top.

I like it -- a sort of fairytale mermaid net.

Next, I took a couple of the cloisonne beads Cece sent and some vintage blue beads I had and made a simple pair of earrings.  I love this style because I adore dangles and clusters.  It makes simple turn into splendid, don't you think?  You'll notice I used heavy gauge wire for the cloisonne, but 24-gauge for the blue beads.  I also used brighter brass for both the ear wires and the clusters.  I like the subtle mix of shading.  Little touches can make a big difference.

Next, I took a right turn at "classic" and pulled in with a screeching wheelie halt at "whimsical".  I used the cute bright pink ovals Cece sent and some awesome beads from Yvonne of My Elements and made some seriously Lori-style earrings.  LOVE these!

Cece's package was wrapped in absolutely amazing paper.  Unwrapped completely, it's in the shape of a kimono, so I'm going to hang one of the pages on my wall.  The paper was so cool I really wanted to incorporate it into a piece of jewelry.  Asian things have a special place in my heart because of my travels in Korea and Japan.  So out came the resin!

I used two pieces from the wrapping paper, a faux Asian coin, and a bezel from Nunn Design and used my very new resin skills.  This time I followed instructions from the book "Explore, Create, Resinate" and sealed the paper with packing tape, and then touched up the edges with Modge Podge.  I'm going to add another layer of resin in a few days to dome it up nicely, but I am tickled  with how this turned out!

Now a switch from pretty pink to rustic raku.  I loved the raku ceramic nuggets Cece sent and I have to admit, the end product is NOTHING like what I'd planned -- and I LOVE how it turned out.  Sometimes it's good to let go of the blueprint and just let your mind wander and have its own way.

I made tiny bronze love knots (three jump rings linked together) to act as spacers between the raku beads and seed beads I received and then strung them on heavy-gauge copper wire.  The moment of truth came when it was time to twist and coil that wire -- I had no plan.  I had drawn nothing out.  I just winged it.  And I love the result.  (Boy, did I get lucky!)

I added some texture by wrapping 22-gauge wire around parts of the 16-gauge, but I decided not to hammer anything because I didn't want to compete with the raku beads.  What do you think?  The right decision?

Switching back to pink, I picked the rose quartz flower focal and picked up the thread again to try macrame once again.  Before I started this project, I only knew one macrame stitch, and just learned this one, the basic square knot.  It's sturdy -- so sturdy I decided to make a key chain.

I used the briolettes from Cece's soup along with the focal to make (what I think) is a feminine and flirty key chain.  Like?

And now my last piece.  The paper-covered wood beads are chunky but lightweight, and the Lucite bell flowers are also light as air.  You know my love of dangles and clusters, so I trotted that skill set out again and used the seed beads and pale green acrylic beads from her stash to make tons of charms.  The top of the necklace is made with translucent pink beads from Cece and pewter flowers from my own stash.  

Once again, I mixed my metals, using silver even though the green beads have a gold crackle effect.  I think if I'd used all gold, the necklace would have been too formal and not as sweet.

I'd used the clasp Cece sent in my first necklace, so decided to go for a fancy lobster claw I just got from Etsy.   I really love those pewter flower charms I have, so I added a few of those around the back of the necklace to give it a little texture and continue the flower theme.

So there you have it!  My bead soup creations for the third and final reveal!  Below is what I sent to Cece, and I can't wait to see what she made.

This is the largest reveal of the Bead Soup Blog Party, and the last one for the year, so I hope you'll take some time to look around and comment on all the talent out there!  You can visit my partner at  The rest of the participants are below.

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Lori Anderson creates jewelry and bead kits as well as collaborative mixed media art with her son, Zack.  Visit her shops by clicking here.  She is also the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party®   and author of the book Bead Soup.

Join her at the Facebook group Bead Soup Cafe for bead chat, swaps, challenges, and lots of eye candy!


  1. Anonymous12:30 AM

    Wonderful pieces Lori! I love the first necklace, so pretty! And those cloisonne earrings are delightful!

  2. Love everything you made Lori! You did an amazing job on all three reveals!!! Hugs

  3. The final reveal, the more gorgeous design you have made Lori *bravo*
    I love the earring you made using Yvonne Irvin-Faus's beads, unusual but so 'ME' =)

  4. Well done Lori! I love the Cloisonne bead earrings. The macrame is lovely. Did you like it? Would you do it again? Thanks for this awesome event! :)

  5. Oh, Lori! You totally rock with your creations! I love the raku-piece and the resin-pendant you made with the asian theme!

  6. LOVE the way you twisted the wire with those raku beads, and I agree that adding texture to the wire would have competed with the beads.
    Also, I'm jealous of the resin work you did. I haven't been able to try resin yet, and I WANT! =)
    My favorite pieces, though, are the simple cloisonne and blue earrings. So simple, yet so lovely.
    Thank you for hosting such a fabulous party!
    You are awesome!!!

  7. Wowie! You did another amazing job! Stretching your skills and coming up with some gorgeous hero! thanks for being the hostess with the mostest!

  8. Lori - you are amazing. No matter the material, you are able to produce gorgeous jewelry.

    Thanks again for making this blog party happen. Can't wait to do it again next year.

  9. Anonymous2:17 AM

    Fantastic job there Lori. Love that mermaid netting and the seed beads with wire-the textures work so well together. The whirligig earrings are a joy and the teal and pink necklace

  10. You did so well with all the lovely goodies you were sent. Just love them all, but the frilly look of the pink and turquoise is my fave. ;-)

  11. What a great finale to the 3 Bead Soup Reveals, Lori! I think this round has some of my very favorites. The macrame is fantastic, I've always loved the look of it and the first mermaid-style piece is really beautiful. The Wheelie earrings are really cute and so clever. But I think my favorite of all is your final necklace - just love the romantic look and the sweet mix of colors. Thanks for hosting this 6th round of the BSBP!

  12. Fabulous! I especially like the last piece. Great colours and those covered beads are yum! Brilliant as always....
    'I just winged it' ~ I do that all the time and find my most loved pieces that way :) x

  13. I LOVE the organic look of the first piece! Makes me want to reach out to touch it. I love your choice of colours. Really make every piece stand out. Very pretty!

  14. You really rocked your bead youp (again) :)) I love the raku piece and the wire wrapping you used there. the turquoise and pink necklace is so sweet too! I would totall wear it even if pink is not my color!

  15. Wow, Lori!! I'm not even sure I can process all that you did! I love the color pallet in the first few pieces. I have to go back and look at all the resources you cited. Everything you created was amazing! I especially love the resin piece. And the "organic" knotting is really fun. Thanks for hosting such a fun party! I challenge myself to do something out of my comfort zone every time and I'm never disappointed with the results.

  16. Lori, they're all wonderful - and such a mix of styles! Thanks so much for all your hard work organising this party, it has been so much fun...x

  17. What a beautiful soup Cece Cormier sent you, and the micro-macrame motif is amazing -- love the art, and your feelings of knitting. Feels so nurturing, as does your beautiful "fairytale mermaid net" rose quartz necklace and your seed beaded net flower and lampwork focal! I love it!!
    Your earrings are gorgeous -- from the cloisonne vintage bead dangle earrings to the cool hot pink Yvonne earrings -- your creative range is outstanding and your jewelry beautiful!
    And the paper in the shape of a kimono: wow! you made a treasure creating a resin pendant to honor the rich wrapping. I considered this too with my soup, but had no idea where to begin -- ty for sharing your process of transforming paper into an exquisite focal! Now, I know where to begin and the book to buy.
    The 22 around 16g wire with the love-knot chain maille spacers between the Raku looks stunning! Oh what a powerful piece!
    And your feminine pieces - the keychain and necklace -- I love them like I love the fairytale mermaid net jewelry! Yes, the keychain is pretty & flirty; and the necklace is gorgeous, light and lovely, simple yet ornate, magical glowing and full of wonder!

  18. Beautiful pieces Lori, it's too hard to pick a favourite. Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job hosting the BSBP.

  19. Every piece is so creative and pretty. This blog gave me some ideas I want to try. I usually cover a stray to make paper beads. I never thought about covering wooden beads.

    Thank you for putting the blog hop together. I have learned a lot and gotten some great ideas.

  20. Lori, You outdid yourself designing as always! I love all of the pieces you created. I think the first necklace with the netted pendant and the whimsical earrings are my favorites. Thanks for another fabulous Bead Soup Blog Party!

  21. Wonderful pieces yet again Lori, you never fail to amaze me with your creativity! I'm loving the macramé!

  22. First off, thanks for opening up the Blog Party to everyone. I was so happy to be a part of this. Your pieces are all lovely. The "Lori" earrings are fun and whimsical. I love your resin piece and hope to start playing in resin myself before too long. The last piece is probably my favorite. I love the dangle between the big beads.

  23. You created many unique and lovely designs with your soup!! I love the sweet earrings and the raku necklace with the coils - very fun!
    Thanks for another fantastic Bead Soup Blog Party!!

  24. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Beautiful pieces love love love those quirky earrings :)

  25. and once again you stun us with your lovelies.Thank you again for all.Love and hugs Tanya

  26. Nice job stepping out into a skills that are new to you~ One of the things I love about this group is the support of new techniques and ideas. I too have been branching out and I attribute it mostly to my new friends at BSBH. Congrats on the successful completion of #6. Now I'm just waiting on my BSBH book :-)

  27. Your designs are wonderful! I love learning new techniques, and like you I do so much better if someone can show me first. My favorite is the raku necklace, but I just adore all the dangles on your other pieces. Can't wait till BSBP 7!

  28. Wonderful job. I really like the cloisonne earrings & the last necklace. Cool that you tried new skills.

  29. Wonderful way to end the BSBP. Your work is delicious. I can't decide which piece I like best. Thanks for hosting such a cool event and I was so pleased to be a part of it!

  30. Oh, wow, Lori - you've been busy! These are all beautiful pieces, I love all of them - and I love how you described your labour of love in creating them.
    Yes, I think you're right in mixing the metals on the green/gold beads necklace: it's playful and easy to wear this way. The keychain is lovely too, very delicate and feminine, but sturdy enough to keep your keys together.
    You're absolutely right about the earrings - they are splendid!
    As are all the other pieces!

  31. Some more wonderful pieces. Congrats on learning a new skill with the macrame! I used to macrame jewelry back in the 70's and loved it. Still have a few pieces that I should dig out. I like all the pieces, but my favorite is the necklace with the heavy copper wire and raku beads. I guess because I really love copper. I like it without any hammering. Let's you focus on the beads. My second favorite is that last necklace with all the pretty dangles, pewter flower beads and clasp and the paper covered wood beads. Thanks for letting me participate.

  32. So pretty! The Lori-style earrings are my favourite. Loved that you tried macrame and didn't let it get you down when things didn't turn out as planned.

  33. Fabulous, as always! My faves are those cloisonne earrings and the pink and teal necklace.

  34. Cassie Donlen8:31 AM

    Good golly that is a lot of creating. You've been busy. Love them all. Very creative. I'm with you, love the whimsical earrings.

  35. Wow, Lori! You've done a great job, yet again. My favourites have to be the 'Lori' earrings and your final necklace. SO pretty.

    I'm loving the bubbly, mermaid net design on the first necklace too.

  36. I just love all the imaginative touches you have utilized, Lori... from the mermaid netting, the delicate interpretation of the 16-gauge wire, the impromptu resin pendant, the oh-so-Lori pink and purple earrings... I could go on and on. What I admire most, Lori, is your willingness to step out of the box, and then USE the box to create!

  37. Whoa. Finally have you knotting and you did such beautiful work for a first attempt. That netting is very cool. My favorites are the raku wire wrap, and that last necklace. So you. Really amazed by the use of the paper. Love that resin piece. It was a true pleasure to partner with you.

  38. Impressive group of pieces as always. You are very brave to use so many new and different techniques in such a short time frame. I do believe the wire work goes well with those raku beads and you should leave it as is. It looks almost like an artifact, love it.

  39. First of all, thanks for all you do in putting this event together. I have participated in 5 of them, and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

    I always enjoy your blog posts, and this is no exception. Your creations are fun, and imaginative, and I can just see your creative brain putting them together.

    I've learned to step outside the box in my creations by watching what you and the other talented artists on this adventure do.

  40. wonderful pieces! you are a true artist!

  41. Lori,
    i LOVE that first piece! i love the fringy, loose look to it. It is a method i have wanted to try too...but don't have the courage yet :-)

  42. WOW, aren't those the most gorgeous colors she sent?!?!?!? My fav piece is the last one!!!!!!! Once again, you did an A+++++ job! Thanks for being such a fantastic host!

  43. Lori - I am always wowed by your creativity and limitless talents. I love the Soup you got to work with. My faves are the earrings (both), and the green and pink flower necklace. I'm excited to see what your partner created with the cool ingredients you sent :-)
    Loves, Kel

  44. gosh lori, you did really well! they all have such a unique and different style. i especially love what you did with the raku beads and the wire wrapping...absolutely gorgeous!
    thanks for everything....
    now go eat some pie.

  45. Awesome earrings...all of them! I will have to try your use of mixed metals, haven't been brave enough yet to make it come out just right. Nice job all around as always Lori!!

  46. Oh Lori! I love everything! That first necklace thought, the mermaid-y one with the awesome netting... I just adore it! And I love how you always come up with so many pieces and each one is so different and fun and beautiful. I just learned how to do "Romanian macrame" which isn't actually macrame, it is a type of crochet. And I am awful at crochet, but I really wanted to learn... anyway, point being, your macrame looks fabulous to me LOL. And if you keep practicing I bet you'll be amazed at what you can do :) Thank you so much for hosting, I love this party and know it has taught me so much!

  47. WOW, Lori what a great group of jewelry you made! I really like the resin piece. Way to use ALL of your soup!

  48. I always love what you made, but the colors in your pieces this time are just gorgeous! I love how they are combined...great job on tackling the macrame! I love it!

  49. Lori, the color palette was right up your alley and you did an outstanding job. I love your macrame dangles very whimsy. Your last necklace is my favorite, I love the little flower charms and they look so decadent with the blue paper beads.

  50. I love the first and the last pieces :)
    thanks again for this party, I surely will take part in 2013 too!!

  51. Great job Lori! You're very creative. I love the raku necklace.

  52. What fun! It's always great to see your design flexibility. Such an interesting collection.

    I especially like your piece with the raku beads and your wirework. Love its slightly rough, organic feel!

  53. Every single piece is a great peasure to watch! I can hardly choose which is my favorit.
    You really did a great job, Lori!


  54. I am just like you Lori I am a hands on person for learning.

    I love all of your pieces they are amazing and of course I love all of the pink. I think one of my favorites has to be the whimsical earrings, love them!!

    Fantastic as always Lori, thank you for doing all of this.

  55. Anonymous12:24 PM

    I love the last necklace and the cloisonne earrings. Pink, turquoise and clusters - obviously a winning combination :)

  56. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Oh, wow, Lori! Love your designs on this soup, too. The whimiscal earrings are fun, and of course I am drawn to the bronze wire piece! But the resin pendant with the paper -- LOVE!! I collect scraps of paper and fabric that strikes me, too. Maybe I will just have to get to work learning to play with it. ;)
    Thanks for ALL you do, Lori!

  57. Love the raku and paper covered wood beads. The way you incorporated them into your designs very beautiful!The wheelie whimsical earrings are awesome! Thank you for making the blog hop happen, it's always fun and inspirational.

  58. I absolutely love the wood bead necklace.

  59. Wonderful pieces! I just love the raku necklace. So earthy and so me.

  60. Really beautiful)

  61. The first necklace is definitely wayy out of your usual style, well done!

  62. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Impressive blend of color, techniques and texture to look at. The wire work on your raku piece is really inspiring--no hammer required.

  63. Love all your "soups" ....inspired by last necklace....

  64. Wow! Lori, your soup produced a prodigious amount of gorgeous things! I think I love the cloisonne most because they're just jumped off the page at me. But I also loved the ones w/ the Elements elements! And the raku/copper piece is fabulous, too. Oh, I guess I just love them all and don't really have a favorite!

  65. Lori, what can I tell you that hasn't already been said about your beautiful creations? They are all so pretty and you did so much with them!

  66. Oh Lori, Lori, Lori. . .you've outdone yourself once again, Each and every one of your designs is absolutely stunning. I can't even pick a favorite because as I scrolled down I kept thinking, "Oh I like that one, ooooohhhh that one's nice too, wow that one's so neat, etc." Thank you for being the inspiration you are both as a wonderful designer and as a wonderful example of a person. {HUGS}

  67. Beautiful pieces! I love the diversity!

  68. Love your bead soup! Your creations are always so stunning, Lori! Love them all!!

  69. You did another amazing job with your soup this time around.Love the resin pendant you made and the raku piece. Thanks again for all your hard work!

  70. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Fabulous work! Love, love, love the resin pendant!

  71. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Fabulous work! Love, love, love the resin pendant!

  72. Everything you made is beautiful!

    Thank you for this Party!

  73. Anonymous7:45 PM

    I love the jewelry you made. I am so impressed that you even used the paper it was wrapped in. How creative!
    Thank you so much for organizing this and thank you for the sweet card you sent me.
    Love, Inge

  74. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Hi Lori, I can comment anonymously!
    I love the work you did with the cording. I really love the resin pendant as well! Laura (BlueAntiquities)

  75. Holy cow, you got a great soup! Very well deserved for all the work you put into making this event happen.
    I especially like the resin piece and the combination of wire gauges with the raku beads! Nicely done!

  76. Lots of beautiful and fun pieces, that despite being 'different' from your usual techniques, all share you're 'usual' flare :)

  77. Lori, As usual you mixed up quite a few cool creations from your soup mix. Your macrame turned out great. I really give you a lot of credit. I am so glad you used the wrapping paper. The pendant turned out beautiful. I can just picture it doomed. I like the earrings with the pink oval beads but I did not see those beads in the soup. I also loved the pewter flowers. They looked like hilltribe silver. Where did you get them? Thank you again for a lovely party. Linda

  78. WOW Lori, you did a fabulous job with your mix. I'm so excited to see that the party is still going on and that you have so many participants....great job, can't wait to look at more pages!

  79. All I can say is - WOW! From dangles to resin to macramé - I love it all! Thanks for all of the eye candy!

  80. Oh Lori I really love the fact that you are using copper. I love copper in that it so warm and unasuming. also I loved the paper covered bead with lucite flowers. charming.
    Be blessed to be a blessing

  81. WOW! i love every single piece of your work! They look amazing! And congratulations for the good start in working with macrame thread!!

  82. Lovely designs, and such intricate work and attention to detail! I really love the whimsical earrings! ANd isn't resin fun?

  83. Awesome.. what else can I say!! Loved it all but that Keychain, looks so sweet!!! and would froo froo even the most boring keys!!

  84. CeCe sent you a lovely palette of colors and textures. These are all wonderful. I especially like seeing you try new techniques and mixing up the metals and techniques.

  85. Beautifull pieces & design..!
    I really love all of the earrings.. :)

  86. As always, I LOVE what you created!!! I love that resin pendant you made and all the awesome wrapping you did on that gorgeous raku necklace! Beautiful work!

  87. You are a creative genius, beautiful pieces, can not wait to hang out with you soon!!!

  88. you received a lovely soup mix and all your pieces are the cording, i want to learn to use more of that in my own work

  89. Well I'm slow at getting around to everyone, and like usual I start at the bottom of the list. I love everything you made (which does not surprise me because you are one talented lady!) I have enjoyed all three bead soups and seeing all the fabulous creations. Thank you so much for pulling this all together--a huge undertaking I'm sure. I'm already looking forward to the next one--whether I get chosen to participate, or playing the spectator.

  90. I love how you didn't let the unfamiliarity of the macrame cord stop you, and how you added your own twist to the technique! And as always, you take whatever you're presented with and make it undeniably your style -- especially the cool whimsy earrings and the resin pendant. Fabulous!

  91. I do think you chose correctly on the raku piece. I think the roundness of the wire complements the chunkiness of the raku beads. And those brass earrings, I appreciate you talking about the differences in shading. You are correct, it is the little things. And that is what makes you such an awesome designer, you are always working on that, and excelling in it!
    Thank you for all you do, sweet woman!

  92. OMG!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink and turquoise.

  93. I love your work and you had some great soup to work with! I'm a lover of the lucite flower and dangles myself, good job! AND, thank you for hosting this wonderful swap once again!

  94. As usual, all of your designs are terrific! Love the key chain too!

  95. You did some incredible work with your last and final soup Lori! I especially love that resin focal you put together with the paper the package was wrapped in.

    I, too, have a soft spot for anything Oriental :)

    I think you did quite well with your macrame, especially it being your first time!

    My favorite necklace has to be the second to last one where you used all those incredible nuggets and wire. You can really see a rainbow in those beads :)

  96. Love your whimsical earrings :) All your pieces are wonderful, as always. Thanks for a great Bead Soup Blog Party.

  97. I think the raku piece is my favorite, and your wire wrap was perfect for it.

  98. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Very beautiful and whimsical work but no, no, no mermaid nets allowed, human!


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