Thursday, August 09, 2012

Inspirations from Asia, via the Field Museum

What, you thought I'd stopped showing you vacation photos?  Oh no no no.  I'm just not going to hold you hostage to a three-hour long slide show in my house with stale popcorn and a cheesy running commentary.  No, I'm just going to condense the 300+ photos I took and insert them into the blog randomly until I'm done, without the popcorn, but no promises about the cheesy commentary.

One of our stops during our summer trip to Chicago was to the Field Museum.  This family LOVES museums.  We live about an hour or so from Washington DC, so we've hit lots of the Smithsonian museums numerous times.  Zack has been in the Hirshorn Museum gazing at Calder mobiles and other modern art since before he could walk. 

For this particular blog post, we'll be focusing on the Asian section of the museum, particularly the Tibetan exhibits.  I wish they allowed photos in the special Genghis Khan exhibit, but you can see examples by clicking here

Keep in mind these exhibits were DARK, and I am just not talented enough to compensate for that with my camera, so you get what you get!  :-)

Bonus points (and gratitude!)  if you comment 
and can tell me who the statues represent.

Tibetan prayer wheels. The detail was amazing, but I couldn't get that shooting through glass AND in the dark.

Tibetan Shell Trumpet.

Tibetan flags (very blurry, pretend they're moving in the breeze).

Check out all the animal totems!  
It's easy to miss that when you're focused on the gold.

This is, if I remember correctly, jewelry of some sort.
No idea of the name.

Don't know his name, either, but I like his peacefulness.

An amazing (and huge!) bell.

I THINK this is a Chinese drum.  It was large and very, very cool.  
And very, very old.

I obviously have a thing about these icons.

And I think we'll stop the photo album there, before you get too bored and start throwing stale popcorn at me!   What's left to show you (over time)?  More architecture, the planetarium, and the aquarium.  Oh, and more Ferris wheel action.  And a Starbucks montage.  Because that place was seriously on EVERY corner when we took the bus tour.

Thanks for looking!


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  1. Is it Kwan-Yin, female Buddhist goddess of mercy?

  2. Some serious inspiration here. I see some future jewelry influence. Lovely pictures too!

  3. Very cool! I have always wanted to go to the Field Museum in Chicago. This is right in keeping with my inspirations for this month all about travel in particular around the world. Marcie Abney Carroll is my partner for the next Challenge this month on my blog and she chose Nepal for me for my country to be inspired by. I have been looking into all sorts of Asian inspiration. Those prayer flags are calling my name. Thanks for sharing these great pictures. Enjoy the day. Erin

  4. The photos are of Shiva, and Buddha, respectively.
    Looks like you had an awesome time.
    Thanks for sharing....
    Cool Moon

  5. I love museums too! Will be visiting Wash DC in October and hope to see some of the best...any suggestions??

  6. absolutely, beautiful, lori - thank you so very much for sharing these... my guess on the first icon is avalokiteshvara - or the bodhisattva of infinite compassion - related to the tibetan chenrezig (who the dalai lama is believed to be an incarnation of) and east asian guanyin...
    you got to see a beautiful buddha as well...
    love, love the prayer flags -

  7. I was thinking maybe Gengus Khan or something like that.. but probably wrong because I know absolutely nothing of Asian culture.. Great pics with lots of inspiration.

  8. Great pics, thank you so much for sharing, Lori. Tibetan art is just breathtaking. I so wish I'm able to visit Lhasa some day!

  9. Hi Lori!!!

    Wow, looks like you've had an eventful summer! Would love to visit and place like this!!! I really should take the time to do more things like this in the summer - I really enjoyed your images!

    Wishing you a most lovely day!


  10. Sorry, the only one I can identify is the Buddha... though the others represent deities I have seen many times but can't recall their names (not very knowledgeable about Tibetan art). I love the Buddhist concept of prayer flags, drums, wheels, trumpets, etc., announcing prayer in a visible, auditory and even vibrational sense. Beautiful post and makes me want to visit some day!

  11. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos. Please email me the program that you use to create frames around your photos. I always think that they look so nice.

  12. The only Tibetan deity I know with multiple arms is Shiva and that other one you didn't know is Buddha-I have several statues like him in my room ^.^

    I'm in LOVE with anything oriental, so this exhibit would definitely be for me :)

    The sad thing is I've lived in Illinois mostly my whole life and you visited this museum before I did! I think the next time I go into the city, this is going to be on my to-see list!

  13. Awesome Lori! Who can be bored by the Field Museum. I think it would be a great place to test out my new "Franken Knee". Chicago is a great town...did you take Zack to see Blue Man Group? If not put it on next years "to do" list.


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