Sunday, August 05, 2012

Are you going down, or going up?

Is the car coming down?
Or is it going up?

I thought about that this morning while I looked at my list of things that have to get done yesterday.  Instead of letting myself feel like I was heading down the spiral to never-getting-anything-done-so-just-duck-and-cover, I realized I could look at this picture in a different way.  

Going up, even with a huge list, can be exhilarating in the same way Ferris wheels and roller coasters are.  Instead of panicking, enjoy the ride, because it means you're going somewhere!  You're here, you're present, you have thing to offer and say and do.  Tackle your list one bite at a time.  Take joy in marking out things that you finish.  Above all, though, enjoy the ride, because it's means you're not bored.

Now get your hands inside the car at all times and buckle your seat belt.  It might get bumpy and a little scary, but it's worth the ride.

(All photos taken on our vacation to Chicago.)


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  1. Love your perspective. At times we can look at things from a negative angle ... the glass half empty rather than half full, of course with a mile long "to do" list we tend to look at what we have not completed (which can be depressing) rather than patting ourselves on the back for all the many things that we have accomplished.
    Thanks for reminding us of this. :)

  2. Anonymous11:25 AM

    .....I'm terrified of Ferris wheels! I can go on roller coasters, stand on a cliff edge, but Ferris wheel- no chance.I've always got stuff to do, but I do the awful tasks firsts and then I can reward myself with the fun stuff.

  3. You are so right, we need to enjoy the ride...Hugs, Mary

  4. Great perspective! Often I feel like I've caught the tiger by the tail. Better hang on or I might get mauled, but as long as I can hang on.... whee!!!!


  5. What a fantastic perspective, Lori! I totally needed this today! Thank you :)

  6. Thanks for providing me with some positive energy.

  7. A perspective that's worth remembering and applying! My worst list is the annual visits to doctor, mammo and extra dentist... now I will try to remember to think of it as going up and finishing on a high! Thanks

  8. Kathleen7:20 AM

    I appreciate your written inspiration today. It is timely for me. I always enjoy reading your blog.


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