Sunday, July 01, 2012

The post that rambles and has pictures that don't really go with the words.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read my post yesterday.  Your comments and emails were so sweet.  I obviously share a lot here, but that one was a bit raw and I took a chance.

My vintage movie camera.

Lately things have been racing through my mind at lightning speed.  Lightning speed on a road of molasses, if that makes sense.  It doesn't?  Well, this is what I mean.  I have ten million thoughts going through my brain, and you'd think having that many things to think about would mean they'd race in one ear and out the other.  But no.  They stick on that road of molasses and cluster up and pile up and those lightning thoughts start compounding and doubling and quadrupling and before I know it, I'm overwhelmed.

(I guess my train of thought is kind of like this necklace, where
tons of ideas are represented by different sizes and shades of wood.)

I can't seem to clear any space, either in my mind or on my table.  I have piles of thoughts, piles of ideas, piles of paper, piles of beads.  It's enough to make me want to run screaming down the street waving my hands over my head, but I live across the way from a state trooper, and he might just have to tell me to stop. that. this. instant.

A shot from my life in Italy -- yes, those memoirs are going to be written.

Instead of thinking a million thinks and adding to the piles of things to do around the house, despairing that any of them will ever get thought out or done, I'm going to focus on what I HAVE done.  Glass half full!  Because even in this crazy clutter of mind and space, things are getting done.   Hugs have been given.  Books are being read (albeit a little slower than usual).  We watched a movie together.  Zack and I tried resin for the first time.  The bed wasn't made, is RARELY made, but the door is shut so that's OK.

 I don't know why I put this picture here.
I guess I like thinking of Zack on the horse tricycle.

This, however, is better than the life I used to live thirteen years ago when existence seemed desperate.  I accomplish far more than I give myself credit for (and I'll bet you do, too!) and the things I do, they tend to be the important things or the things that bring me joy instead of the dutiful things I don't want to do and honestly don't need to be done (like make the darned bed).

On the list of things to do tomorrow?  Mail packages.  Take some bead pictures for a giveaway.  Play a game with Zack.  NOT make the bed again.

I love these sweet vintage cameras.

I'm lucky I have a lot of things speeding through my mind and lying about the house.  Once, I had virtually nothing.  So looking at this table of Zack's summer schoolwork, my button box, five pairs of scissors (?), and beads that need to be put away, I feel less like running down the street screaming.  I feel more like embracing this part of me, because it means I exist.  

 I exist.... but I'm still trying to learn to love the scale.

Sounds silly, but really, considering my past life, that is quite a lot to be grateful for. 

So if you have a mess and a million things you want to do but haven't gotten them all done yet -- relax and take one thing at a time and keep moving forward.  

And you can skip making the bed.


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  1. Thanks so much for this post. I always feel like I'm running too far behind. So much to do and not enough hours to do it in and not feeling like doing anything when I get home from work. Part of it for me is getting older and the arthritis.
    By the way, I never make the bed because I don't have one, I sleep in a recliner for my back, LOL. Bur seriously, I rarely made the bed when I had one.
    And loved the memoir yesterday!

  2. Ha! Life is too short to spend it making beds!

  3. "Lightning speed on a road of molasses?" That TOTALLY makes sense to me!!! So do unmade beds and closed bedroom doors. We really ARE kindred spirits! =)

  4. We all need a little reminder to slow down and just enjoy our life sometimes. I too don't make the bed, you are just going to mess it up again that night, so why bother. Dishes may be in the sink a little longer and clothes may not be folded right away but playing with my boys and spending time with my Husband is so much more fun and important! The past is in the past, embrace today and the future.

  5. Hi Lori, your post yesterday was wonderful. I am glad you shared with us. This post is exactly how I am feeling. It helps to know that others feel like this too. Thanx for the pick me up at the end. I am going to do one of the things on my list right now.

  6. I can relate! So many ideas in my head but I never seem to execute them. Anyhoo, LOVE that wooden necklace!

  7. Yesterday's post - (((hugs))). Lightening speed on a road of molasses - sounds about right for me also. I use to make my bed as soon as I got dressed in the morning - now is is a miracle if it gets made.
    Thanks for stopping by and nice comment on the necklace.

  8. Lori, You always use the 'right' words to express feelings - that is a gift. We need to remember to look on the bright side of our accomplishments.
    I always laugh about peeps making their bed. Maybe it's because I don't use a bedspread, just a down duvet cover. When I get up I just pull it up, turn down the top and plunk down the pillows at the head board ~ maybe takes a total 30 seconds? What I really dislike is changing the sheets and tugging at corners.
    You must tell us how the resin turned out. I have some that is so old I'm afraid it won't set.

  9. A ton of ideas but being stuck on a road made of molasses is a particularly poignant visual, because I feel the exact same way. I have so much to do! So many ideas! And an assortment of deadlines coming up.

    It's kind of maddening, but then I stop. Take a breath. Read a blog post. I can look at the list of things I've already completed, and it gives me a sense of accomplishment.

    Life is so frustrating sometimes. But amazing. The road might be made of molasses, but progress is being made. :D

  10. Thanks for this post, I feel the same way. I get so overwhelmed that nothing gets done, not even the things that bring me joy. Something gotta change.

    Also, thank you for sharing in your last post. I didn't leave a comment because I was left with a sad feeling and didn't know what to say. I am struggling with some issues right now and I can't seem to find what will get me out of this state. I'm so glad you are in a better place now.

  11. Anonymous1:56 PM

    A home is not an ornament, to be polished all time, but a place to be lived in and shared. Relax, enjoy the creative mess and embrace your dust bunnies!

  12. Ha!:) I'm glad I'm most definitely, not the only person who's going through this same situation. So many ideas, so many things to do, And never enough time!!! :-) You're great to point out and remind us that we need to remember what we have accomplished. You're Great Lori! Thank You!!! :-)

  13. Anonymous5:40 PM

    I love the heart shaped scale! Too much to do in too little time!

  14. Polly Barker5:41 PM

    I LOVE the scale pic! Too much to do in too little time! A common problem I know! Bless you!

  15. Thanks so very much for the braille book. I used to make them just like this one you sent.. you are so kind... I needed a "pick me up" today... how'd you know? Am on the circling train myself lately..take care.

  16. But I have to make the bed! Otherwise, it becomes just one more thing that runs through my mind all day, nagging away (in that mother tone.)

    Love this post and so glad you shared/chanced the previous one!

  17. psst... hey Lori... the only time I make my bed.. is when I know my mom is coming to visit ;)

    Heck, I slept on my couch last night because I dumped my clean laundry onto my bed and never got it put away...I'd better go do that so I can sleep in there toni
    ght ;) lol

  18. So nice to know I am not the only one that feels this way much of the time! After years of fighting it, I learned to embrace it about 18 months ago. Maybe it's just the way a creative mind works?

  19. Making the bed before you're going to use it is highly overrated anyway. Of course, I have pulled up the sheet and comforter if someone comes over. I also like rambling so this one was fun to read too. You've done a ton of stuff in the last couple of months, so there you go.

  20. Just want to let you know that this is PIE week on NPRs Morning Edition - history of pie, recipes for pie, all things pie - just felt like sharing!

  21. Given the things you have to deal with, you seem to get ALOT done. I'm in awe.


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