Sunday, July 15, 2012

Long versus Short Hair

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When I was growing up, I had long hair.  That is, until around 4th grade when my dad whispered in the ear of his friend who wielding scissors and all of a sudden, without my asking for it, people at school thought I was a boy.  Did. Not. Like.

I had VERY long hair in the military, and all hair must be off the collar, so I French braided it every morning and tucked it under.

Not only long, but very curly at one point.
Viva la perm.

At one point I started cutting it a little bit shorter each time I went to the salon.

Circa 1997.
I did have pants on, I swear.

Seemed the bigger I got in SIZE
the shorter my hair got.  

I still battle my weight and that's fine.  I'm a healthy hefty and it only occasionally makes me cry.  :-)  But hair -- hair is like painting the walls of your room.  Nothing can perk things up like a fresh coat of paint, or a new hair style.  And if you don't like it, it WILL grow back (and in the case of walls, and, now that I think about it, hair, too, you can buy a new bucket of paint or a bottle of dye and hey presto.  And hair, nor walls, care what size you are.)

Now I'm growing my hair longer.  It's also been "painted' as I'm sure you all know.  I don't care if people don't like the color (one of those rare instances where what people think of me DOESN'T matter).  Melding the two, however, has been interesting.  The long my hair gets, the question is -- do I let the pink stay the same ratio?

Yesterday, I decided to see if I had enough hair length to French brain, and lo and behold, I did.

It's a very messy job but I'm 20 years out of practice.

I don't like to wear my hair up right now (fluff-factor in the face, ya know) but it's sill comforting to me in a silly way that I'm getting my long hair back.  

It's funny what we identify ourselves with.  What is YOUR personal identity or style?


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  1. I love the french braid with your pink tresses! I like the pink on your ends myself. I have kept my hair long and I like it this way. It is easier for me to care for... and if I am happy with it I don't care what others think. My personality swings back and forth from accountant to artist so it depends on my mood as far as what my style is!

  2. I've had short hair in pixie cuts as a child and just to the bottom of my ears as an adult. I had hair so long in high school that I could sit on it, and every length in between. In the last 5 years I have let it grow back long again from being the shortest it has ever been. It is now to my waist and I think it will stay. I prefer it long even if it is in a bun or a braid 99% of the time. I color mine now as I hate the gray which is just in the front and makes me feel old, even if I am old. At one time I used to do color washes that gave it a burgundy tone, it's dark brown naturally. I'm not at brave as you to color it pink but I like your pink hair. You need to do what makes you happy, but I would be sad to see the pink go away. I really like how it looks in the braid too.

  3. Lori- I LOVE your hair! My hair gets lank and thin looking when I let it go long, but maybe if I layer it more I can trick it into looking like it has volume with some color. Very pretty! Don't you wish you could see what others see of your hair? My best hair is in the back of my head. loL!

  4. That's beautiful, Lori. Such a gorgeous pink color. I think I need to google how to French braid now!

    I have always had long hair. And ALWAYS prefer it down. Sometimes I put it up in a messy bun, loose fluffy bits to frame face, etc. Some people say it looks better, but I feel safe with my thick hair around me, y'know?

    I saw this the other day and fell in love with it. My hair is that kind of texture and, if I had the guts, I would so do that to it. Ahhhhh, some day maybe.

    Thanks for sharing your awesome hair!

  5. I've gone from hair past my waist to a stacked bob on a whim a couple years ago, and I've for the most part kept it short since then. However at the moment it's about as long as yours and I'm getting ready to chop it all off!!! I have a very thin face so with long hair it tends to drag my face down even more...and the darn husband had the nerve to tell me "you look older with longer hair!" :/

  6. "I'm a healthy hefty and it only occasionally makes me cry. :-)"
    Boy, Lori - it's statements like that that make me think you live inside my head somedays.
    I too, did the long hair, curly hair, bigger the body/shorter the hair thing - and am now considering just letting it grow (at 52 years of age!) and see how long I can get it - and still like it. Maybe a long red braid for Christmas? I can hope....
    Cool Moon

  7. Love the French braid with the pink. So cute! And I'll bet it looks great from the front, too! I wear mine either short or shorter. I look terrible with long hair -- it makes me look short and fat(ter). I think the last time I let it grow was in college, and that was a very long time ago. Keep on doing what you're doing. The ratio of pink to brown is whatever you like! It looks great!

  8. Love the French braid with the pink. So cute! And I'll bet it looks great from the front, too! I wear mine either short or shorter. I look terrible with long hair -- it makes me look short and fat(ter). I think the last time I let it grow was in college, and that was a very long time ago. Keep on doing what you're doing. The ratio of pink to brown is whatever you like! It looks great!

  9. The french braid with the pink rocks.

    I have always had medium length hair --it doesn't grow terribly long, but I've never felt like a short-hair person. A couple of years ago I did cut it short --I wasn't coloring the gray, and I was trying to figure out what was easiest and didn't make me look like an old lady trying to look young. I thought the short hair would look more "appropriate", but I hated it. Now it's back to medium, and I gave in and cover the gray with color. Not pink, though --I haven't been that brave :-) It's tempting though --I'd go with a blue-violet color, I think.

  10. I definitely love that pink! What's there to say about my hair? I was a cute little blonde when I was a child and the big blue eyes did the rest. Then I cut my hair at the age of 13, due to practical issues, I think. Maybe I wanted to be a boy back then, too. Three years ago, when my life was turned upside down I decided to grow my hair and let it grow until things are back to normal. Things are back to normal, I still let my hair grow and me and all the other people like it (as if I would care if others like it *LOL*). And some people who only knew me with short hair now freak out! Why the heck?

  11. My personal style is loooong hair, but there's a very good reason for it.

    Growing up, my mom had short hair, so *I* had short hair because she thought it was easier to maintain. Even after I was old enough to do it myself, I still had to have short hair.

    People thought I was a boy, ALL THE TIME, and as a girl with a shaky amount of self-confidence to begin with, this would bring out the tears. I despised getting haircuts because my mom would literally say, "Cut it like a boy's!" Coupled with big oversized glasses, I absolutely hated the way I looked growing up. HATED. IT.

    So, after years of begging, I got contacts and was allowed to grow my hair out. And other than one unfortunate haircut, it has been long ever since. Recently, it's been extra, extra long, like down to the small of my back long, and I don't do anything with except pile it on my head when I'm working. But just knowing that it's nice and long is enough for me.

  12. HaHa... many of our Hubbies would say, "At least you girls have hair to worry about!" In my 50's I don't fuss as much, but it is definitely unruly when it gets longer and has a mind of its own!

  13. Had long hair in my "younger " years, but the older I got the thinner, and limp it got, so started resorting to shorter styles.
    My daughter used to ask me to french braid her hair, then say I did not do it right. I never said I knew how to begin with. :-D
    Have a great week.

  14. I am majorly impressed that you can french braid your own hair. Neither of my daughters can. I have never had long hair, because I have thin, fine hair. Chin length is the longest, and that doesn't look that great. My daughters, thankfully, have a lot more than I do - the oldest has thick, fine hair and the youngest has thick, coarse hair.

    I have lived hair-cariously (trying to be funny) youngest, who has the hair I always wished I had. However, she has only ever worn it in a pony tail, a messy bun or hanging straight. At its longest it was mid-way down her back. Last fall she went to the salon and had it chopped into a pixie cut. I thought I'd die, even though it was adorable. Now, she's growing it back out "'cause I can". Oh to be 21.....

  15. I think your hair looks awesome in the French braid.

    My hair is short and looks best that way, but I do occasionally yearn for long hair. I don't know if I have the patience to grow it out and then deal with the daily upkeep, so I just keep cutting it short. At least it requires no work.

  16. I love love the pink and the dark hair in the French braid! Funny you ask these questions. Pre chemo my hair was long but almost always pulled up and back. So I might just as well have had short hair. Post chemo, well, there isn't a whole lot of hair left. The looks not all that different. Well except that my 'hair' is now a scarf. Now I find myself really longing for long hair. But when I had long hair I wanted to be brave and cut it short. Are we ever really happy with how we look?

  17. I have really think, curly hair.. and everyone LOVES my hair long. It took me a long time to get to the point where I loved it too.. for the most part growing up it was a nuisance, always seeming to sprout tats and knots instantly, and when it wasn't doing that, it was frizzing out >.< I hated having my hair combs because of how knotty it would get from just sleeping, so by the end of kindergarten, I had really short curly hair. Everyone thought I was a boy. I think it bothered my mother more than me, though lol when I was eleven she got my ears pierced so people could tell I was a girl since I wasn't into dresses .. didn't work lol After that I grew it out for her and managed to suffer for several years with it long. I didn't cut it again until I was in my early twenties so it was down to my waist... then one day I handed my mom the scissors and asked her to chop it off at my shoulders... she cried as she cut it and it looked terrible.. but wow it felt so good it be right of that heavy scratchy weight :)Since then, I've grown it out to mid back a few times and come to love it long, but I can only do it for so long before I need to cut it back again. I can't got too short or it makes my face look incredible fat and I don't have a fat face at all! It's just a trick of the hair :P I also love color...I usually go for reds since I love that pop of color to my hair and I've learned the shades that look great on me :) I have a bottle of blue sitting in my bathroom at the moment though, waiting for me to get the courage to add a blue streak or two.. or maybe a bit of blue fringe ;)

  18. Lori, your hair is gorgeous and I envy you the nerve to wear it pink and be proud. I've toyed with the idea of purple but will never do it. I do touch up (all) the grey though.

    I'm with Brandi in that my hair was always short as a child (Mom-love her!) Now I have an aversion to haircuts and people touching my hair in general, so it's down past my waistline. I also resent the idea that at a certain age a woman should cut her hair to be seemly. I say rock the braid!

  19. My hair was long and braided, cut it for short while in my early 20's but really didn't like it. So my hair has been long for over 30 years and I still braid it. One thing that has helped it is Vitamin D3 (5000 units a day). Blond, brown or now grey - that's me.

  20. Lori, I loved the old pictures of you. You looked like an adorable little soldier doll. You were just a child. The picture of you with the perm could have been on the cover of a romance novel. I am also trying to grow my hair a little longer but it is a struggle because hairdressers seem to think overweight means matronly short hair. I have always had great hair and have sported every style, length and color. I thought my hair defined me but when I lost all of my hair to chemo it did not even bother me. I wore a wig for almost a year and it was great, very low maintenance. As far as the pink hair you need to keep it. Everything you do is very tasteful. I am sure you will figure out the best way to incorporate the pink into the long hair. I am thinking sort of an ombre look or pink streaks. You are very pretty what ever you do will look great.

  21. Mine's long, and silver, very easy but I sure wish I could do that french braid thing ... looks so cool!

  22. My sister is the hair genius when it comes to long hair-She can do it every which way you can imagine and THEN some!

    Me, throw it up in a ponytail and I'm done. Original, I know.

    Personal identity for me is all the jewelry I wear. I swear I feel naked without it!

  23. You are very brave to do the bright pink, and it looks great. I had long hair as a child, med length as a teenager, and I too kept mine in a french roll while in the Service. But the older I get the thinner it gets, so against my hubby's wishes I had it cut short. I love it and he does too. I used to color my hair, but decided about 15 years ago to "Embrace the Grey". I agree with all the others, "if it makes you feel good, go for it"!

  24. Anonymous2:14 AM

    I am fifty shades of grey! I've been going grey since mt 20's- a family trait, so I've been a bottler for years. My hair has been bobbed, long, inbetween and I have waged war against my curly,frizzy mop for years. In fact (my hairdressing mate will kill me) I was so fed up with my hair last not that I cut it myself...I might need to call him..

  25. I had long hair(spiral permed!) until I had my girls and I cut it pixie style short. Last year I started to grow it again, but I couldn't stand it when it got long. I have very thick, flyaway hair that is very fast growing. My hair is now just above shoulder length and I have discovered I have natural curls!
    Love your pink hair, check out some of the ombré hairstyles on pinterest, coloured tips look so pretty. You make me want to try out some purple hair myself.

  26. Lori I just love the French braid with the pink woven through the braid - it is awesome!
    I love that we can use our hair to express ourselves. Like you I had to keep my hair up in a French braid when I was in the military. One of my bucket list items, when I got out, was to have my hair long and color it different colors. Well, at one point I had my hair down to my rear. For the last 8-9 years I have had my hair short and I colored the back pink, blue, purple and deep red. Now, I am letting my hair grow back out and I just get color in a box and change my hair color ever four weeks. It is so much fun playing with colors to see what I like the best.
    I can't wait to see what you do next with your hair, but I seriously love the pink you rock!!!
    Take care!

  27. Love the pink and the french braid. It looks awesome! If my hubby had his way, my hair would be down to my butt, but it is hot and I am thinking of going short....we shall see what Friday brings. :)

  28. Lori, your hair looks so cute in a braid like that!

    My curly hair is a big part of my identity. It looks better long, but I did have it really short when I was 20 -- I asked for a trim, and the hairdresser butchered it! And I looked like a 12 year old boy. ;)

  29. I have long hair - middle of my back. I wear it up at times, down most of the time. My Mama always said that women of a certain age should wear their hair short and permed, but I know she would love me anyway, just not my hair. (I am a grandma of 8 ages 19-2) I LOVE how your pink looks in your French braid...way cool!

  30. I have my hair bobbed at my chin..... My hair is so fine and thin it looks scraggly and feels dragged down if I grow it past my collar bone. Bobs work best for me. Although sometimes I do wish I could just throw it back into a ponytail.

  31. Great post Lori. You asked what our personal identity is? I had to think on that one......I have to say it would be that I most identify myself with being an artist and a Mom; both equally. I can't imagine what I would be without either of those components in my life. Unfortunately, I don't live my artistic life daily or make a living with it but I would love to! It does bring me great satisfaction when I create and when I'm with my children.

    Oh, and I love your pink hair. I have dark red under my blonde (natural)hair. My husband doesn't like it but I don't care!!

  32. Love your hair Lori! It looks so cool in the french braid!

  33. Lovely photos from the past. You were a very pretty girl, young lady and you still are.

    I was never able to braid, French braid or otherwise) for some reason my hands don't work well behind my back.

  34. My hair was always very long until my sister-in-law got cancer. I felt so helpless. I decided that since she was going to loose her hair, I cut mine and donated it. I told her we would have short hair together. We would grow our hair back together. Unfortunately she didn't make it. My hair stayed short. I'm used to it now and I actually like it. I wish we had the chance to grow it back, though.


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