Monday, July 23, 2012

Chicago -- Architecture

Out of the 300+ photos I took in Chicago, I noticed that the majority were of architecture and the interesting lines of buildings and other structures.  Here's a quick little tour with Zack as the guide from the top of the double-decker bus (temperature, 104). 

Celtic church window.

Juxtaposition of the modern
 (Trump Tower, currently the 2nd tallest building in the US) 
and the old (Wrigley Building).

Lake Point Tower condos.

Above Fannie May Candies.  My complaining about how to get a decent shot prompted Rick to look for my Christmas present for this year, a zoom lens.
(Click for a larger photo.)

Don't know why,
but I like the Red Eye.

All that architecture, and I notice the paint on the road.

The John Hancock Center, whose weight is supported by the cross beams you see on the front.  (I about got my head knocked off taking this picture,  leaning out the trolley window upside down).

The Chicago Theater marquee.  
Another "GET YOUR HEAD BACK IN THE BUS!" moment.

Marina City, the first urban post-war high-rise residential complex in the United States.  The bottom part is the garage, but it is MANDATORY valet parking --can you see that all the cars are BACKED into their spots and there's nothing stopping them from going woopsie-doodle out the door?  Yeah.  I'll stick to driving, not parking.

More to come!


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  1. Great photos!!! I love looking at all kinds of architecture! But parking at Marina City looks dangerous!

    We were planning an East Coast vacation this year but with things the way they are right now we are cutting our trip short. We chose Chicago instead since its just a day's drive. I know it will be hot, but I can't wait to get away for a while!

    Looking forward to more of your photos.

  2. Thanks for sharing your great photos. The Trump tower makes me nervous - just to tall. Can you tell - I have height issues. :D

  3. I LOVE your pictures...excellent shots! I was born in Chicago and lived there until I was 10. We had NO air conditioning, and I remember the sweltering hot summers...followed by the freezing cold winters (winter is STILL my favorite season)! Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  4. Marina City is near a hotel I where I stayed for work in Chicago. It always reminded me of stacks of records :). Lots of great architechture there.

  5. Great photos! Now all we need to hear is Frank Sinatra singing "My kind of town, Chicago is..."

    -So did you get to see the Cubs???

  6. Those a great photos Lori - but I LOVE chicago and the skyline. I think my favorite is the yellow line....LOL, what was that truck thinking?

  7. Why are there painted lines on the road? Seriously. That would bug the crap out of me, having to drive that every day, because the lines are yellow, so I would constantly be confused that I'm driving in a non-lane or something.

  8. Excellent photo's. Looks like a good time.

  9. We visited Chicago years ago and I love it! The beauty of all the buildings and how clean it was. I look forward to more pictures!

  10. Great photos! I love the architecture, old and new. Fun!

  11. Beautiful photos --I love shots of great geometry.

    Those yellow lines on the pavement --exactly how what traffic rules were those obeying?!

  12. I'm glad you guys had so much fun!

    This makes me want to take another trip to Chicago. I have to wait until August, though!

  13. Great shots Lori. Sorry you had to be here during some of the hottest days - I can't stand them anymore...
    Now you have me stumped - the Fannie May building, where?
    Just guessing that those yellow lines were temporary for some event.
    Isn't Trump Tower a cool structure? I want to visit the inside one of these days. They do a tea on one of the upper floors; a glass of water probably costs a fortune!
    Look forward to seeing more.

  14. Amazing photos Lori - that church is stunning isn't it?! Illinois is my home state,...haven't been to Chicago in a long time though so thanks so much for the lovely eye candy!!

  15. Great photos! I like the Red Eye too!

  16. You definitely captured the spirit of Chicago! There are such wonderful sights to be seen, including all the amazing architecture.

    This post makes me want to take a trip into the city! ^.^

  17. Grew up just outside Chicago, and even tho I've been gone for 30 years, I'll always think of myself as a Chicagoen. So many things I miss: The Art Institute, Lincoln Park, Polish Sausage walked thru the garden (everything on it), calling in sick to work to see the Cubs, nights at the Earl of Old Town. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  18. Grear photos, me too I am always drawn toarchitecture. Be blessed to be a blessing

  19. Felicia9:44 AM

    Great pictures! I live in Chicago and never get downtown anymore. Have to rectify that.

    Love your blog!

  20. That parking deck makes me nervous just looking at the picture!

  21. Awesome photos! I think i really have to buy that much desired slr. I miss Chicago!

  22. Awesome photos! I think i really have to buy that much desired slr. I miss Chicago!


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