Friday, July 06, 2012

Adventures in Resin with Zack

The long-awaited reveal -- resin pendants made with Zack, among other things!

First, a collage of the pendant that are currently for sale on Zack store, ZackAttackArt.  Two of them have eensy little blurs, so we reduced the price of those.  All come with extra coordinating beads Zack and I will pick out for you.

This is a pendant Zack decided to keep.  He cut apart a vintage map and for some unknown reason chose "Raleigh" as the city.  We've never BEEN to Raleigh.  I poured glass frit in the bottom, and Zack drew a picture of mountains.

We also discovered a few pieces didn't get sealed correctly, so we're keeping those, too:

Oh, well, he did give one of the "oopsies" to a friend.

Then we tried our hand at treasure bottles.  These bottles are made from old glass containers contact lenses used to come in (remember that?).  Unfortunately, when I resined the buttons on the top, it dripped, so we're going to keep these in Zack's treasure box (an old printer tray).

This first one is full of tiny green pebbles and a piece of sea glass and sea brick we found while walking the beach here.  I added a strip from a stenographer's book, "relax", because walking on the beach (when it's not ten million degrees, that is) is relaxing.  The button is vintage.  (click for a larger picture)

The next bottle is sort of a fairy-tale bottle, full of glass frit, Swarovski crystals, folded pieces of paper, and vintage buttons.  We're keeping this one, too.

Then I played.  This pendant is made with glass frit and vintage buttons and crystals.  I plan to make this up into a necklace:

I learned something -- there's a static field on those tiny rhinestones I tried to set in the button holes, so next time, I'll glue those in FIRST and THEN use the resin.

I also have two more vintage button pendants that aren't finished yet -- I'm going to resin paper onto the backs of these as there is a shallow bezel on that side, and the deeper bezel on THIS side.  Once again, the rhinestones flipped over, but they still look pretty cool.

And another, this time in brass:

Will there be any interest in any of these, I wonder?

If you'd like to own one of Zack's pieces,
and grab one of the hour available!

Don't forget, free beads come with each pendant!

Thanks for looking!
I can't wait to try more resin!


Lori Anderson creates jewelry and bead kits as well as collaborative mixed media art with her son, Zack.  Visit her shops by clicking here.  She is also the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party tm  and author of the book Bead Soup.

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  1. That Zack is very talented! Love those button ones of yours as well!

  2. These all turned out great!!
    I do love your Freudian slip that you found those items while walking on the BEAD! Ha! I'm sure you've got got some beads on the brain! ;)

  3. Lori - I love that you craft with your son .. so great to spend time with him like that! My daughter's and I are talking about starting an Etsy site for their designs ... perhaps we'll need some coaching from young Zack! Stop by my blog, I have a surprise for you this week :)

  4. I love what you and Zack created. I am glad you both enjoyed this time together. I checked out Zack' s shop. I am so jealous of his sales!

  5. I can guarantee people will be interested in BOTH yours and Zack's beautiful pendents!

    I think you're pieces turned out absolutely gorgeous for your first time using resin :)

    And hey, those oopsies are unique learning experiences!

  6. These came out wonderful!
    For the "oopsies" he can paint on top of them with gold leaf pens, alcohol inks etc to cover up and hide the oops areas then paint on a thin layer of resin to seal.
    I sometimes cover up small bad areas with Swarovski crystal flatbacks or flat back rhinestones.

  7. Lori, I love these! Do you buy the base pendants? Or did you make those?

    I really love your button creations as well, which just makes me want to try some :-)

  8. Fun time you had and fun pieces you created!

  9. Yessss ! Managed to yoink one ! (top right !) Looking forward to 'working' with you, Zack ! <3

    And yours are very lovely as well, Lori. I adore the heart in particular.

  10. This is a very fun summer time project and the results are fabulous. Good on ya, Zach! You too Lori. Love those buttons in resin.

  11. Amazing work by Zack! I love all the mixed media work. Looks like they sell out quickly too.

  12. I love these but when I went you were all sold out! darn! xoxox jean

  13. love them ALL!

    You might want to verify if the rhinestones actually flipped, or if the melted into the resin. Some plastic rhinestones don't take too well to resin and all you see is the backing.

    Great work, both of you!

  14. I love them all...and the treasure bottles are so fun. I haven't seen one of those contact bottles in ages! Also, love your vintage button pendants.

  15. I love that you are creating these together- what wonderful memories!!! Great job! I love them all!!

  16. Oh, man. Saw these this morning and was going to pin 'em to my Pinterest board, but didn't get a chance. Went back just now and they're not there. They sold that fast? Woo hoo, Zack! (psst! Zack! can you give me some selling tips!?)

  17. Zack is doing a wonderful job creating these beautiful pieces, with your help of course, that I am sure he will be sold out in no time. It is so wonderful to watch your child's creative tendencies come to life.

  18. Well done Zack! I see you are sold out in your Etsy shop too.
    Shine that talent out.

  19. What a fun day of creating! I love everything you and Zack made.

  20. I love the ones with the glass frit, especially the Raleigh one. Hey, maybe you should TAKE Zack to Raleigh the last weekend in July to visit Ornamentea and see ME there! I think that pendant there is a sign and should be taken as such, if I do say so myself. I'm sure you and him would love the store and Zack could make his Raleigh pendant into a necklace in Raleigh! How good of an idea is that? I see a road trip in your future this Summer! :)

  21. I love love love the heart pendant. are you selling? if not, would love to know if you made the base and if i could buy one

  22. Great first time job for Zack. It's taken a bit of experimenting for me, too. I have a resin tutorial in the June issue of Bead Trends. Try this: one coat of sealant (Nunn Design sealant, gel medium, Mod Podge) to glue the paper into the bezel with three coats on the top, drying thoroughly in between. And then like Cindy Cima said, glue a flat-back crystal over the spot that bled. I've also read that gel pens write on resin; then another coat to seal. I've used those same square bezels from Nunn Design. Even though Becky didn't intend for them to be double-sided, I do both sides, too. And in fact, the piece published in Bead Trends uses that bezel.

    I think you guys knocked it out of the park!

  23. Resin can be fun, and can also be frustrating when you ruin gorgeous collages and painted things like I have!! Good job!


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