Friday, June 29, 2012

Have you had enough of Zack yet?

No?  Well good!  Because this weekend, while we beat 100+ degree heat, we're going to make pendants.  I am FINALLY pulling out the resin and Zack's artwork will be encased with sparkly bits, buttons, who knows what else!  So stay tuned ---- this will rock and rock hard.

(Zack in 2010.  He was into art even then.)


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  1. I love resin, you two will have a blast. Couple of tips for working with resin in hot weather.

    Don't over air condition. Resin doesn't like cold at all, so watch were you have the thermostat

    Humidity is the enemy. I live in Kansas, so for me it is a constant enemy. To combat it I have had good luck with adding just a drop or two more resin than hardner.

    Have fun!

  2. No worries, I'll never have enough of Zack!

  3. Okay, I'm TOTALLY waiting on pins and needles to see what you comes create ^.^

    I've always been interested in working with resin, but I haven't quite gotten up the nerve yet; SO many possibilities! Lol

  4. By the end of summer you will have an accomplished artisan on your hands. Keep it up. We love hearing about his progress.

  5. Too much Zack? I think NOT! I miss my boys - they're all grown up. So, enjoy as much of Zack as you can and keep reporting on his exploits, in art and otherwise. I can't wait to see the new resin's incredibly fun to work with. We did lampwork and resin for Jeri Warhaftig's book - Creating Glass Beads. You'll love it!

  6. I totally just had a picture of Zach encasing a little car in resin, lol

  7. What an awesome education Zack is being treated to. Knowing how to make things with your own to hands is priceless. Not to mention the business end of it. Kudos!

  8. My daughter and I have made capsters. Is the resin similar?

    I hope you'll post pictures of the process, as you did with the metal --I love to see them, and get an idea of what goes into it!

  9. In answer to your title question -- Nope!

  10. I had my niece draw on tracing paper with oil pastels and sponged them with ice resin a couple of months ago, then took apart an old lampshade and rewired the frame with beads and her drawings. The resin makes the paper transparent, and her art glows in the lamplight. We did some for the windows too. I want to try it for votive holders next, wouldn't that be an awsome kid's Halloween or Christmas project?


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