Friday, May 18, 2012

Welcome to the Cup of Bead Soup Reveal!

If you've been a follower of my blog, you're already familiar with my Cup of Bead Soup project.  In 2011, I purchased beads, sight unseen, from various bead makers and tasked myself with creating things with components I didn't choose myself.  It's been a fantastic way to push my design skills and break out of making the same old/same old.  In essence, it's a one-woman-production of the Bead Soup Blog Party (and sign ups for THAT are coming so SOON!)  Anyway, I changed the process for 2012 to include three additional designers, the same set of beads, and made it a mini-hop.  Each Cup of Bead Soup, you'll have the chance to sign up to participate and be chosen randomly.

This month's bead artisan is Nan Emmett.  Nan and I met online when she first started making beads and I've loved her work ever since.  To remind you, this is the set the four of us used:

I started with the bird pendant.  I wanted to make something spring-like, and thought of tree blossoms on the branch.  I followed the color of the pendant with the green and the yellow matching links and the blue in the Czech glass and lucite flowers.  To stay spring-like, I added purple, pink cording, and to top it off, a leaf toggle clasp.

To make the pendant piece, I took a 10-gauge piece of sterling silver and hammered it as flat as a I could into a slight curve.  I touched the ends of the silver to the torch to round them out a bit, as cutting this heavy a gauge of wire usually leaves some rough ends.

Next, I took 24-gauge wire and lashed a profusion of flower charms to the branch.  On either end, I made sure to leave one loop slightly above the surface so I could connect the pendant to the rest of the necklace.  The flowers are a mix of Thai silver and vintage lucite.

I used one purple patinaed link from a chain by Miss Fickle Media  to attach the bird pendant. I just liked transferring the pastel colors instead of adding a silver jump ring, and it's all about the details for me.

Once again I challenged myself by using waxed linen instead of wire linkages or beading wire.  I'm starting to feel a lot more comfortable with it!

My next piece is much more delicate, and uses Nan's disk with the hole in the middle, a few of my lampwork beads, Czech glass, and seed beads.

I took one of the leftover Thai silver flowers and  gently mashed the round loop to a narrow rectangle.  I then threaded a piece of wire through the rectangle and the hole in the disk, bent it upwards, and make a bail.  Again, details -- a pretty dangle on the end of the extender chain.  I like doing this because it also adds a small amount of weight as a bit of a counter-balance to the necklace.

Next, I used Nan's organic faceted ceramic beads in blue and green, one of my lampwork beads, and a few purple patina beads from Miss Fickle Media.  This is a double-stranded bracelet, incorporating the remaining purple chain I'd taken a link from for the first necklace and a matching purple toggle clasp.

Once again I went for the waxed linen, this time in purple.  Fiber and cording works wonders on large-hole beads!  The silver beads are a recent find from AD/Adornments.

Lastly, Nan gave us all a surprise -- a Cup of Soup pendant!   This one I worked up in copper, blue Czech glass from the first necklace, the last of my Miss Fickle Media purple rings, a bit of peach and ivory to balance the pendant's colors, and some touches of coral pink.  A double strand of copper and a hook clasp that closes on the side of the necklace complete the look..

Now visit the three jewelry designers who used
the same components
but put their own style into them!


Patty Gasparino

Please visit Nan Emmett's shop
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(Convo her to reserve one if you don't see them right away.)

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Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She is the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party tm.   

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  1. Beautiful pieces of jewelry. Love Nan's work and you really show cased it beautifully. Such a pleasure following these hops. You will be a pro at the cording in no time. Great job!

  2. I really, really love what u did to the first piece. Especially the branch of gathered flowers. Lovely! The colour combination makes me think of the countryside. Looking at your creation, I can imagine myself drinking coffee in the middle of a beautiful countryside meadow.

  3. I hardly know where to start with these wonderful pieces but I do know that I looked at how you created that branch and was wowed right away. I also love how you created the pendant with the silver flower in the center. The waxes linen really pulls the colors of these pieces together. Love them!

  4. I really love how you brought in the added colors looks GREAT!

    Those cup of soup pendants are adorable I love how that necklace turned out that is my favorite piece.

  5. Your attention to detail is obvious and makes each piece a true treasure!

  6. Hi Lor~
    Thank you so much for hosting this fun challenge! I loved it, and of course, I love Nan's beads to pieces!

    Loved that bracelet you made, that is pretty darn cute! Great colors, love the chain- all of them turned out great! I like that cording in the first necklace too. And Love how you wire wrapped the baeds to that curved silver bar. That's awesome!

  7. That first on is my absolute favorite! The details in that are fabulous and I like how you brought in some other colors.

    ...and how cute is that cup of soup pendant?!

  8. I love that first piece. I like the branch with the wired flower charms- what a great look and it is the perfect match to the focal.

    After you redid one of your previous beadsoup pieces you said you wanted honest opinions so I am going to jump right in. I like the waxed linen cord, it looks great. However, I would have used chain or wired links because I am not sure of the durability of the linen cord. I would want something this lovely to last decades. I would have gone with the same purple links you used to attach the focal.

  9. As usual, its almost impossible for me to pick a favorite! I am in love with that double stranded bracelet! But that first necklace is stunning! You say that for you, it is all about the details...and I can see every stunning detail in each design! Beautiful!!!!

  10. I got up bright and early to see what you did with the beads and I love your creations. You are all about the details just as you say!

  11. Very Very pretty all of them. Those beads are my colors. Off to visit the other's

  12. All your pieces are lovely, but really love the profusion of flowers in the first piece.

  13. Hi Lori,
    Gorgeous pieces! I love them all you did a great job of using all of the components of the bead soup.
    The bird pendant is amazing I really like the idea of making the branch out of hammered wire and all of the silver and Lucite flowers are so pretty wired to the branch. The second necklace is so pretty I love the simplicity of the design. The bracelet is beautiful I like how you mixed in the different elements. My favorite of all your pieces is the last necklace there is just something about the design of the necklace that I really like and I love the colors they compliment the pendant well. The pendant on this necklace I believe would be a converation starter.

  14. Holy Cow girl, you outdid yourself here. I like all of your pieces but that first necklace has me coming back again and again. I love your handmade pendant and all the beautiful colors and elements you put in this piece. I love how each piece has its own personality. Great job!

  15. Wow!! Gorgeous beads, I just love what you have created Lori, I'm going to hop on and see what the others did

  16. Lori I love all your pieces but I particularly love the bracelet. It looks so comfy and It would go with most anything. The pendant on the necklace is fantastic too!

  17. Oh Lori! Each piece is so unique and fun. I love your color choices and What a wonderful surprise Nan gave you all!

  18. I love the way you string up all the elements to make the branch *unique*

  19. Am loving the luscious, blooming branch pendant! Thanks for teaching us how you made it too!

  20. Great pieces out of really nice beads. I love the bird pendant and what you did with it.

  21. I love the purple it's so you! The first pendant is stunning *LOVE* all those flowers! Thank You so much for including me Lori!

  22. Great bracelet, and I love the bonus cup of soup piece. :)

  23. I think those are my favorite beads yet. Love what you did with them.


  24. Oh wow, you really went to town on those absolutely gorgeous handcrafted beads! Look at all those magnificent creations-I'm especially fond of the first necklace :)

    I've heard of you, the infamous Lori who holds the bead soup parties! I hope to be able to join in on the fun one day ^.^

  25. These are ALL smashing. You really out did yourself GURL. High Five!

  26. Love the necklaces. Way to go with using that cord. It really makes that necklace pull together.

  27. You are right the details are what set your work apart from others. You certainly did justice to Nan's wonderful pieces. Your necklace was my favorite of the whole hop. Loved the lucite & Thai flowers together & the branch idea looks great. You have a great eye for color.

  28. Such wonderful designs! I just LOVE that last Cup Of Soup Pendant! So special!

  29. Beautiful pieces! I love the use of wax linen. Gonna have to try that. I especially love the cup of soup pendant!

  30. Oh! I love Each and every piece of your jewellery! amazing and unique!! You are just incredible!


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