Friday, May 25, 2012

A New Perspective -- or maybe just a nap.

I dearly love the irreverence of and sometimes they say things that are just spot on.

While weaning myself off this last drug trial that didn't help me at all, I've dealt with worse insomnia than I normally do.  And I don't want to use the sleeping pills I have because why add one more chemical when I'm trying to get OFF one?  

I have some of my best ideas while driving (I really need to invest in a voice recorder) and at night when I'm trying to sleep (and I've tried writing down notes but like that one Seinfeld episode -- the joke makes no sense when I wake up.

One thing I do know -- I'm trying to figure out what to do next.  I've been dawdling on writing the memoirs because some parts are painful, some parts are shocking (and I can't help but wonder, "what will they THINK?", and parts need to be checked, Tom-Clancy-like, to make sure I'm not talking about something that *I* think is innocuous but which really is still under Top Secret clearance.

I absolutely love to write, but do I have the gift that goes beyond blogging that can move into a book?  Most of you know about The Bloggess and her new memoirs book "Let's Pretend This Never Happened" that is topping the charts.  Do I have a voice that translates (without quite so many swear words?)


The eBook went well (thank you thank you thank you -- and if you haven't been bored of my shilling it, it's in the right hand column of the blog) but it's not quite time for another blog prompts book (but there WILL be one).  I like writing tutorials so writing beading books is awesome, yet there's all those anecdotes that pop up in the car and at 3am.

In the meantime -- feel free to throw a topic at me and I'll see if it meshes with a thought that's been needing that kick in the pants to break free.

Going to skip that nap today. 


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  1. I believe a book about your life will do good. I would read it. I do hope you can find something that can relive your pain.

  2. Great post Lori. That little cartoon pretty much sums up my life lately as well so I can definitely relate.

  3. You could be speaking for me as well...the things I have promised myself I'm going to do and have yet to -- and why I ask myself? Why am I stalling? Fear that what I have to say won't be "good enough?" maybe. I think we can both benefit from that Nike ad -- "Just Do It". I'm game...are you??? xo

  4. You definitely are a writer, and your real approach in your writing appeals to me, and keeps me reading. I'm sure there have been many books on how to sell your jewelry, etc. But I'm kinda wondering, (probably from being on fb too much) how many sales are actually to regular joe customers, and how many to other designers. Or does it even matter? And do you really have to be uber organized before you open shop, or does it just come with time? Can you tell I'm thinking hard about it?? :)

  5. How about an anecdotal beading book? I have Julia Child cookbooks that I've sat in bed and read like a novel.

  6. You have to follow your heart, Lori. If it tells you to write, then write -

    I fancied myself a writer awhile back, and actually WAS a writer, but I was a technical writer (and editor). I took some creative writing classes, and realized it wasn't for me - I am too "sciency", too procedure-oriented, too technical.

    I love making jewelry so much, that there isn't enough time or creative energy left over to write creatively, either - it takes dedicated time. All the best writers will tell you it just doesn't pop from your head to the paper! You have to treat writing like a full time job!

    So I'll stick to jewelry, and use my technical writing brain to write the occasional tutorial/pattern -

    Good luck with your creative endeavors!

  7. Lori, my dear friend, if you find what to write about, please let me know too :)

    Maybe take one thing that you do really, really well and write about that? Or maybe go complete opposite and write fiction - with your travel and life experience I am sure you have the insight in many non-North-American cultures, and you could write abou those experiences; in a fictional way, or in a tutorial-type way: how-to <...> in Korea, how-to <...> in Italy and so on an so long :)

    Good luck - and yup, investing in a voice recorder is important (check your smart-phone, it might have some feature for recording notes!)

  8. Lori, you have had so many struggles and I'm so sorry that you didn't have any luck with this latest drug of choice for the pain... ha what a crock. DH and I are trying to go all natural and organic... really hard with all that processed food, preservatives and just junk that put in everything these days. So we take it one step at a time and so far the stomach and intestinal problems have subsided.

    I do think with your new found sleeplessness you could write a book with tutorials and ancedotes. I think it would be a kick. An actual how to book that is funny and personal all at the same time.

    Hang in there and know there are lots of people following you and rooting for you to get better.

  9. Ha! love it. I ALWAYS need a nap. After having my two kids, I would joke about how tired I was. I was commuting into Manhattan (a 90 minute commute each way), working 10 hours, and still doing night feedings. That time in my life was a bit of a blur. I would tell people that I could sleep standing up in the shower if given the chance. I could fall asleep pretty much anywhere - anytime. But now that they are older ... I do find it hard to 'turn my mind off' and go to sleep. I used to keep a journal by the bed, but like you said - it was jibberish in the morning. I turned to blogging this past Christmas, and that has been a good way to get it all down. I have had to learn to keep the posts shorter and more visual! I've re-read my earlier posts ... and I needed to come up for air! But I think I was just so excited to start to get it down on paper (so to speak). and see now .. I've gone and done it as a post on your blog :)

  10. For the insomnia I have found that a meditation cd helps, one of those hypnosis type cds. There's lots out there and it helps my mind quite racing.

  11. You love writing. So thats what you should do. Period. Just dive into it, you won't know whether you are good at it or not unless you try it out. And about "what will they THINK"...memoirs would never get written if folks thought about that.

    I'd say write a short story type thing first if you want to get your gfeet wet. And see how that goes.

    I have a WONDERFUL book about writing...A Writer's Coach by Jack Hart. Its really good, check it out if you have not come across it already

  12. Yes!! write a memoir. I know that artists self doubt themselves, but yes you DO have a knack for writing. And who cares what other people MAY think.... the soul LOVES the truth. I'm cheering you on!

  13. I'm so sorry you are not finding any relief...we have so much in common with our health will find me on FB many time in the wee hour of the morning looking for someone to chat with as I have so much trouble for writing I think you could write the phone book and make it interesting to read....I always enjoy everything you write and love how u always share yourself.....feel better soon my friend...xox

  14. I bet you COULD write a book about your life, and I bet it would be an interesting read. :)

    Writing Down The Bones and Bird By Bird are two excellent writing books you might want to check out. Especially the second one because it deals with life stories!

  15. Keep writing Lori - you can do it! A book sounds like a GREAT idea.

  16. I can totally relate on the insomnia-Have you tried Melatonin or L-Tryptophan? They are all natural sleep aids.

    Hopefully these drugs will get out of your system fast and you'll be able to get some relief! Maybe even *gasp* SLEEP O.O

    You and I have so much in common! I've been toying with writing a book myself, too. I guess you could call it somewhat of a memoir since it would be dealing with the last 8+ years of my healing journey.

    I say if it's something you really want to do, throw caution to the wind and take that writing plunge :)

  17. Oh Lori, so sorry to hear about the meds. Actually same here - my hormons still going nuts so I have to go to a hospital for a few days next week.

  18. Never heard of Bloggess, but you do have your own voice. You have things to say that you should write about and people want to hear.

  19. Lori,

    One of my many multitudes of hats is that of being an editor. When you need a fresh set of eyes and an honest opinion, send it my way.


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