Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Echo Creative Club challenge reveal!

Jeannie Dukic has created the Echo Creative Club, a jewelry design challenge club where she sends out beads she made and we in turn make something and "send it out" on our blog (thus, the "echo").

I asked Jeannie to send me beads of her choice, and she sent me these:

I was immediately challenged because other than pearls, I really haven't made a lot of jewelry in white.  This was a GOOD thing, though, because if I'm not challenged, I'm not growing.

I actually had a lot more of the white beads than are shown -- I've been hoarding various strands of her beads in anticipation of this blog hop.  So with all those white beads, I knew I wanted to make a long necklace.

I used Jeannie's polymer clay beads in various sizes, copper-plated pewter, and some of my own lampwork beads.  

Next I used some very pale pink and silver polymer clay beads.  I added a darker pink Swarovksi crystal, some bright silver bead caps, and a pretty toggle.  I like to make my breast cancer awareness jewelry unique, and this fits the bill, so I added a "survivor" charm from Nina Designs and a cluster of crystal.

And then some matching earrings.

Next, I had more white beads, but this time with silver leaf.  I decided to go for a vintage glam look.

I love those tassels (wish they weren't so expensive!) and those vintage rhinestone beads from AD/Adornments are to die for.  I think this one surprised me when it all came together!

Next is a bit of a do-over.  Jeannie sent me this bracelet, and I kept it almost exactly as it came to me. I wanted to make a pair of matching earrings, though, so I took out the polymer clay disks that were originally there (I'll use those in a later project) and replaced them with Tierracast floral rondelles.

Now we come to a pretty cherry blossom pendant Jeannie made.  I kept this one very simple, only adding some Czech glass flowers.  Sometimes less is more.

And finally, my favorite piece, made with Jeannie's gin blossom pendant.  I used my favorite chain from AD/Adornments, blue cultured pearls, white Tibetan beads, and a Green Girl Studios floral heart connector. The clasp lies on the side of the neckline.

To "fluff up" the chain on one side, I linked pearls into the chain.

And there you go!  All my creations with Jeannie's polymer clay beads.  I hope you enjoyed the visit!  

The following people are also participating in today's blog hop:

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Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She is the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party.


  1. There is NO WAY I could pick a favorite! Each and every piece is gorgeous! However, that "vintage" bracelet - photographed so beautifully - would look so good on my arm! You have given me inspiration for the peeled paint beads of hers that I have been hoarding! Thank you!

  2. Lori, your work is beautiful! I really love both of the bracelets. The first in pink is divine! So happy and fun and the second belongs on my wrist! :) I love the vintage feel of it. I love her gin blossoms also.

  3. Wow, you've been busy!!!! I love everything you made, but that vintage glam piece is stunning! Ooh La La!

  4. Oh my, these are all so gorgeous. I started down the blog and I love the pink "survivor" bracelet, then I scrolled on down and I love, love, love the vintage glam bracelet -- I have one of those tassels, haven't used it yet, was hoarding it - that's my favorite - oh wait, continue scrolling down Cherry Blossom is really pretty, but then came the gin blossom pendant, awesome. You did a great job with all of these oh so pretty. Love the chain you used in the last piece. You certainly have some great beads and some very interesting findings in all of these pieces.

  5. Wow Lori, everything is gorgeous! My favorite pieces are the first necklace (love the color combination and length) and the vintage glam (the asymmetric pattern and tassel are fantastic)!

  6. LORI!!!!!!!!!! You are a rockstar! I love all of your beautiful creations and like how you step out when you are challenged. Thank you for all this inspiration and goodness!

  7. Wow Lori - what a load of awesome goodies!! I am in love with the first necklace - the copper one - it's so beautiful!! And the vintage glam bracelet is to DIE for!! I also really like the design with the gin blossom pendant - striking!! All the designs are fabulous!!

  8. Oh MY !!
    lots and lots of beads and lots of beautiful creations !!
    They are all very pretty but I think my favos the are bracelet in silver colors with tassel and the cherry blossom necklace ( in purple :)cant resist that color )
    would like to have a go myself with those cherry blossoms..
    You have been busy !

  9. AMAZING! Honestly, I don't know how you do it Lori! All of your creations are stunning, but that vintage glam bracelet is really something special!

  10. Gosh, I don't even know where to start. This is all so beautiful. One thing I am struck by is how well you used many different metals. I know you love silver ( I do too) but gosh you've definitely got talents with other metals too and you've used it to the very best advantage with Jeannies beads.

  11. OMG...such beautiful creations, Lori!! Can't decide which is my them all! Awesome work as usual! 8)

  12. So gorgeous! I love them all.

  13. Wow you sure were busy! I love them all...the last one with the chain is my favorite!

  14. beautiful work! i love the white and silver bracelet and the blue necklace.

  15. You created so many wonderful things with Jeannie's beads! It is hard to pick a fave but I will choose the long necklace! I have been wanting to make a long necklace lately and I think it would look a lot like yours.

  16. Wowza! You really have been busy, Miss Lori! I love the versatility of Jeannie's beads and the beautiful colors she coaxes out of them. I have to say that you knocked off my socks with the vintage glam one. That is totally my style! I love the rhinestones and the tassel! I will be on the look out for some goodies at B&B this year. Can't wait to shop!
    Enjoy the day.

  17. The first and the last necklaces are adorable! Both of them. The other things are a bit too sweet in style for my taste, but in that range they are very nice anyway. The earrings would be super cute on a little darling princess such as my own daughter. I'll have to remember that for the future. ;-) Those white beads with blue cracks in the last necklace, what are they? I love them!

  18. Wow, there was a whole bunch of creativity...and work! that came from those beads. Pretty things indeed.

  19. Ok seriously I'm fighting back tears. Your first necklace is so rich with color and I love the design. Our beads play well together. I think they need more play dates. Check your schedule.

    I can't stop looking at everything. I will have to come back to this post and look again when I have more time.

    I love the do over and everything you did. If I say anymore I'll burst into tears. These pieces have moved in ways you don't even know. THANK YOU for creating such beauty.

  20. Wow Lori - you are in top form with these designs (although I don't think I've ever seen you in any other form than 'top' - lol). I am having a hard time picking a favorite, and I'm stuck between the 'Vintage Glam' bracelet (love the tassel with Jeannie's beads) and the blue gin Blossom necklace. actually...I love them all - beautiful! :)

  21. I love your work, and the colors in your work. I am starting to study color and trying things out. You are an inspiration.

    And your pull out plastic drawers are cool and useful. Where did you get those little round clear topped containers. Nice storage and easy to see what is inside!! You have given my lots of ideas!

  22. All of the pieces are just lovely. I am trying to decide which one I like the most but it really is a toss up between both the first and the last necklace.


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