Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter with Zack

This was a fun Easter holiday.

For the first time, Zack and I colored eggs.  I'd found a recipe for marbled eggs from Martha Stewart's web site, but we ran into issues.  First, we used brown eggs, so dying them took longer.

After the eggs were dyed, we were supposed to roll them through a bowl of dye with some olive oil mixed in.  But when we tried to dry them a bit, the olive oil took all the dye off.  No worries -- we dumped out the olive oil bath and rolled them in plain dye and then tapped and brushed the dye with paper towels -- and they turned out gorgeously.

On Thursday, I got Zack out of school early and we drove to visit my Dad and Gloria.  The first thing waiting for me were birthday flowers....

And of course Zack honed in on the glittery eggs and we're of course keeping those for a future project!

My dad lives very close to Luray Caverns, and that was the first thing on our list for Friday.  I took 215 photos in the caverns (I checked) because the lighting made it almost impossible to just snap a shot.  Without a tripod, and on uneven ground, I had to hold my breath, stand steady, and hope.  I was fine in the caverns the first mile, but the last bit was claustrophobic and there were a lot of people in the tour.  I'll write more about the caverns another time, but here are a few photos:

The caverns are one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in my entire life, and I'm so glad Zack got to experience them.

Zack was entranced with a lot of things in Dad's house, including an handmade kaleidoscope...

... and Dad's green house.  For as long as I can remember, my Dad has built a green house at whatever house he's owned.  He's grown orchids forever, and Zack learned a lot about them.  (And ironically, Rick bought me two orchids today for Easter!).  This picture is of Zack below Dad's banana tree.

Then Saturday, before we left, Dad hid the Easter eggs we'd brought with us.  We discovered that the muted colors of the eggs we dyed made them REALLY tough to find, so we had to do the "you're getting hotter, you're getting colder" method of finding eggs.


I hope you enjoyed the visit!

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  1. I always enjoyed coloring eggs when our kids were younger. Your dad's greenhouse looks great! What a treat.

  2. What a nice Easter adventure!

  3. We've done tons of different techniques with coloring eggs over the years. I remember drawing on them in white crayon then dipping them in the dye so the pictures would show through ... not to mention double dipping for different effects lol I used to have mine turn out marbleized all the time but I don;t remember using oil...I'll have to think back to try to remember how we did it... or just call and ask my mom ;) lol I hard boiled eggs yesterday but never dyed them. My mom still dyes eggs every year, but she makes them for her honorary grand kids next door.

  4. The eggs look wonderful! I'm so glad he had fun at the caverns and your Dad's. I visited those caverns when I was about 12. Thank goodness I wasn't as claustrophobic then as I am now. :)
    A very Happy Easter to you and yours!

  5. The pictures of the caverns turned out well.

    I love marbled Easter eggs. Here is an alternative that worked for me as a kid- colored tissue paper transfers the dye to the egg shell when wet.

    I also saw somewhere a process that used old neck ties. You will have to google for that one.

    Enjoy your holiday.

  6. I'm such a slacker when it comes to coloring eggs with the kids...they lose interest half way in, and I end up finishing them alone. Love Luray Caverns and try to get up there at least once a year. How ironic my Dad grows orchids exclusively. When he lived in Ann Arbor, MI he had a greenhouse built just for them, and now that he's moved to Florida he bought a home that already had one...I on the other hand can only grow mold! :)

  7. I remember I colored eggs every year as a kid, loved it. My parents and I went to some caverns in TN when I was about 6, they were gorgeous and awesome but I don't think I could now as I get claustrophobic so easily. There are times I need to leave stores if there are too many people. Glad you have had a wonderful Easter and hope you are feeling better.

  8. What a fun Easter Lori! Wish I could have spent it with you! lol those caverns, amazing!

  9. Happy Easter, looks like you had fun. Great pictures of everything.

  10. I think your eggs look great! Happy Easter!

  11. What a wonderful Easter memory. I think one thing that I really love about your blog is your family. I love the pictures of your family. Your love for them comes thru with every picture.

  12. Sounds like you all had a fun time - Your flowers are so pretty. I can see why the oil would not work. Great pictures of the caverns. I would not be able to go in there due to claustrophobic issues.
    Thanks for sharing your weekend.

  13. I have No chidren...but there are always colored eggs at Easter at my house! It would not be Easter without the eggs! Luray Caverns is one of my favorite places to visit! Last time I went was about five years is one of the most fascinating places! Hope you and your family had a blessed Easter! Thanks for sharing your pics!

  14. That boy of yours has the cutest impish smile. Lucky you!

  15. ~*HAPPY BIRTHDAY LORI!!!*~ :)
    Sorry I missed it!
    Wishing you a wonderful year full of great things ahead!

  16. We didn't do easter eggs this year and I missed it. Yours are great. I love the Luray shots, my hubby took some great ones also. Beautiful place.

    Happy Belated Birthday. :)

  17. Hi Lori,
    Sounds like you and Zack had a wonderful time at your Dad's. I have been to Luray Caverns and you are right it is a pretty cool place. Your Dad's greenhouse is amazing it must be gorgeous when the orchids are blooming. Happy belated birthday.

  18. Good Morning Lori, I hope you had a wonderful birthday! mine is today, I love April Birthdays! your eggs you and Zack made are really pretty. I love Martha Stewards ideas for Easter. I once made some hallow eggs from her website with my son, good thing he was able to blow out the innards of the eggs because I could not do it. We had fun though and a good laugh because blowing out the innards of the eggs sounds well gross! The caverns look fun we have a lot of those where I live in California. Have a wonderful Monday. Hugs

  19. Great fun! I love the caverns. We have the Cave of the Mounds in southern WI and it looks like that. Very cool to see. And the eggs are so fun. We used a box kit that did a pearlized tie-dye look. I really loved the year that we dyed the eggs using cut up silk neckties. The color and patterns transfer to the eggs perfectly! Enjoy the day.

  20. SOunds like a great day, Lori! I need to get the kids to some caverns, we have Laurel Caverns around here. I really want to do that! Did you bring special shoes or anything?

  21. I love Luray Caverns. Glad Zack liked it and you were able to get through it with lots of pictures! I remember Nick was in total awe when we went last. Your Easter eggs turned out really great! Neat look.

  22. So much goodness in this post!! Your eggs turned out GREAT! And those birthday flowers are just lovely. How nice!

    Your photos of the caves are really cool, I bet if you turn them the other way they would still look a lot the same ;)

    I'm glad you had such a nice Easter weekend!

  23. Fun fun fun!!! The eggs came out fab. Much better than the old dip and dye.

  24. Sheeeez - I seem to have missed a birthday here. So a very happy belated birthday and easter. But it looks like you and your wonderful zack had one:-) Those eggs look great and the pics of the cavern - awesome!

  25. Your most recent post speaks of how hard it is to keep up, feeling bad about not being able to get everything done that you expect your self to do. You see here I'm several posts behind as well!

    But I'm really glad I went back to read this one! It looks like you all had a perfectly delightful time! You create lots of memorable events for your family...and that's a real treasure in itself!


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