Friday, January 13, 2012

Stay Steady

via Pinterest and dolled up by me

Today my husband and I are getting the randomizer ready

As I said on Facebook,
"What have I done???"

With 384 people signed up,
184 won't be chosen.

it's not personal, or me being mean, 
or favoritism.

Even though I am still pairing you up myself,
I'm doing so by visiting your blogs
and making the best choice I can think of,
AFTER the randomizer is used.

I also worry that because I can't handle 384 entrants
(and I don't think many of you can visit that many, either)
I'll hurt the blog hop.

Which is my baby,
so much so that it's trademarked
(as an educational event!)

PLEASE don't let this keep you from signing up in the summer,
even if you've signed up ALL the other times
or NONE of the other times.

I respect ALL OF YOU.


Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She is the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party.


  1. I am looking forward to the event whether I am a participant or I learn by viewing only. Thanks for all the work you do on this event.

  2. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Please don't stress about the fact that not everyone can take part. I totally agree that there is such a thing as TOO MANY blogs to visit, and it will make it all the more special for those who are selected.

  3. I respect you, too, Lori. If it 's too much work, you just can't do it! And 384 blogs is too much.

  4. Hope your feeling better soon!!! -And best wishes for bead soup and all entrants. I look forward to viewing the results of this amazing beading marathon once again ;)

  5. I'll be hopping right along, picked or not!! Love all of the beautiful work & designs out there - so much talent in one place!! Give yourself a pat on the back for getting so many people involved!!

  6. I don't even know how you can handle 200! SO much respect for what you're doing!!!

  7. Sweetie, you're worrying yourself into a corner, here. I'm sure all of us here understand you're doing your best and I promise, if I don't make it (my 1st sign up) I'm going to be right back here in the Summer. AND I will be hopping to the blogs to see what happened. No "unfriending" or removing your blog from my stalking list, I promise. As I mentioned before, those who caused a problem last time are those who couldn't be pleased UNLESS they caused a problem. You won't win with them. Breathe, sweetie, breathe! (and remember, you're a Vet! You CAN handle it!)

  8. I'm looking forward to hopping with everyone - even though, once again I didn't sign up.
    Going for a CT scan tonight, so too much on my mind right now.
    You do a fantastic job Lori!

  9. Hope you and Zack feel better soon. Definitely think you are making your life a great deal easier by limiting the number of entrants for Bead Soup. I just did not manage to visit each and every blog last time and I felt so guilty but time quite honestly ran out.
    This time around I decided that I had just too much on my plate and would not sign up to take part. I am looking forward to viewing all the wonderful creations on March 3rd.

  10. Just like Thanksgiving dinner - I love cooking and eating, and I also love getting to just sit back and enjoy what other cooks have prepared. So no matter what, the hop will ROCK!

  11. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Awww, don't stress Lori! Even if I'm not picked this time, I'm *still* gonna have fun visiting all the blogs and discovering new and exciting people. That's the point, right?

  12. No-one should take it personally if they are not selected and they will still have 200 sources of inspiration to look forward to!
    Thanks for all your efforts Lori.

  13. Good for you Lori ! All good things require limitations in order to give them the detail and attention that they deserve. Sometimes bigger is not better as resources get stretched too thin ... even human resources such as time and patience (and just how many blogs can a person possibly visit and read in 24 hours without suffering from bumble-brain ?).

    Kudos to you on having done such a marvelous job on all your past "Bead Soup" parties and bravo for continuing to do yet another one ... but with needed limitations. I'm sure everyone who entered will understand that the randomizer is a fair and unbiased way to make the selections. Best of luck and looking forward to seeing all the lovely creations that everyone comes up with. :)

  14. So glad you are feeling better. I hope Zack is better too. Good luck with the pairing, I think everyone who knows you knows that you will do the best you can. Those that aren't chosen can try again, I know I will sign up again in the summer.

  15. Thanks for making this possible Lori! We al really appreciate it.

  16. Thanks for making this possible Lori! We al really appreciate it.

  17. Don't worry too much Lori about letting people down, you have instigated an amazing thing for all of us. We are all able to take part by bloghopping. I am new to all of this and I am loving the suspense.

  18. Please don't feel bad or stressed. I think we all understand what a huge undertaking the blog hop is. And not everyone will be able to play. Just do what you can and know we are grateful for all the work you put in.

  19. You have to keep it manageable! If people don't understand, that's just too bad. :) Take care of yourself, I hope you feel better soon!

  20. Oh Lori don't be stressed. We all hope to be chosen but understand if we are not. The last hop was fun but began to feel like a job before I got thru it,because I like to leave comments of incouragement when I visit a blog. And I know it was a big job for you.
    Be blessed to be a blessing

  21. I'm definitely just excited that it's time for a new blog hop! Participating or not, I still intend to check out other entrants' blogs. It's magnificent inspiration.

    The last blog hop actually inspired both myself and a friend to swap beads to challenge each other. We have wildly different styles despite working with similar materials.

    In short: You're awesome, and I love this event no matter what.

  22. Looking forward to the event no matter which end of it I am on. I love how this event has progressed and it is so great to see the work of all the jewelry designers tht participate. You seem to have brought us all together.

  23. Aw Lori, don't stress! You are so right, so many last time was really hard to get to everyone! This will be wonderful and even if I don't get in, I can't wait to see the wonderful things those who do come up with! It's a wonderful thing you've created, a wonderful way for us all to become a community :)

  24. Hey, its fun no matter if you are chosen to play along, or get to visit the lovely blogs.

    Hope you and Zack are feeling better!

  25. I just cant wait!!!!!!!! I hope I made it in. Its like waiting for the chearleading squad list to be posted all over again.

  26. If I'm one of the 184, you won't be getting any hard feelings from me. :-) This is my first time jumping into the soup, but I know I'll have fun whatever the outcome... after all that's what this party is all about!!

  27. Anonymous3:13 AM

    Don't stress too much Lori! I think we all know that it's not personal, I mean I hope we all know. But if someone doesn't... well, their problem. You cannot feel bad if someone don't understand it's a lotery.
    Anyway, hopping and looking at all those creations is a great way to enjoy your blog hop. I learned a lot last year just looking.

    Have a great weekend!

  28. I feel as though it would be a honor to be involved, but if that means I have to watch the entries from the sidelines, I will. Thank you for all the work you do and how much you inspire us all! ~KM

  29. All the beady people that read and comment on your blog, seem nice and friendly folks.

    Don't worry that anyone is going to think anything bad about not getting in, because they won't!

    The party with 200 will be just as good as any other party that's gone before.

    It's unique and fun, and we all appreciate that you do this at all!

  30. Hop on Grasshopper! It will be enjoyed from either end...I love to see what everyones done with their soup.

  31. As The Crazier Sister said - don't worry yourself into a corner. Your blog hop is great for everyone! Where else can we find so much creativity in one place? Thank you for selflessly dedicating yourself to help so many people all around the world ;)

    Hippity, hoppity Lori's on her waaaaay... ~~T

  32. I am sure you will do an awesome job, Lori! I am still IN even though I might not be picked to participate. The most fun is actually looking at all the creations during the bloghop either way it will be a whole lot of fun! Thank you again for all your hard work! Looking forward to seeing all the lovely creations!

  33. Please don't stress! I'd love to be drawn but it won't hurt my feelings or pride if I'm not! I'm in it for fun and making new friends, and I can still have tons of fun and make new friends just hopping and commenting!

  34. Don't worry! Be happy! I know I'll be hopping along as I have for numerous other times, if MY name isn't chosen. :-)
    I'm just proud of myself for having the cojones to do it this time...and thrilled I have the TIME this go-round. :-)

  35. actually that's slightly better than 50 % odds...

    and I know someone commented about driving traffic to your site for commerical reasons .. which I doubt this hop really does, as most of the folks looking are fellow artists, which isn't likely your jewelry buying audience. But it's fun! and it's shares in a fun way the joy most of us get on making jewelry.. cause let's face it, if we didn't love it we wouldnt do it... it's certainlly not for the money... very very very few artist can support themselves on selling their art. IF there is no love involved it's not worth the hassels!


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