Saturday, January 14, 2012

A SOLUTION for those who don't get picked for the Bead Soup Blog Party!

I had a miserable time getting to sleep last night and as I often do when I have insomnia, my mind races through all sorts of ideas.  And I came up with an idea I think will not only give those of you who the randomizeer didn't pick a way to participate anyway, and also a way to drive traffic to your blog.

So here's the deal.

On March 3rd, the official Bead Soup Blog Party reveal day, post a picture of YOUR jewelry on your blog.  I'd like to challenge you to dig into your bins and drawers and choose beads you have either been hoarding, bought and can't remember why on EARTH you bought them anymore -- pick something out of your comfort zone.  Make it, post it, and then, visit the official partiers.

My first Bead Soup from Libby Leuchtman.  I told her I don't "do" donuts.  She sent me a donut.  And that was the whole idea -- working outside my comfort zon

Why will this work for you?

In blogging, you often get followers by leaving GENUINE comments on other people's blogs.  When I say "genuine", I mean more than, "Pretty necklace, visit mine at".  I love to click each person's name who visits my blog, and that's lead me to so many new places!  I've become followers of blogs I've really liked, and gotten some followers in return.  And I always make sure to take a look at a few of their posts, too, to get a feeling for their blog and what it's all about.

my finished necklace

I hope that helps take any sting out of not being chosen, and gives you some ideas about how to increase your blog readership at the same time.  Besides, visiting the BSBP blogs will give you a lot of ideas, introduce you to a lot of new people, and blogging can be a great networking tool.

Visit me tomorrow for the list of attendees!

(are you a follower on my book review page????)


Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She is the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party.


  1. I have picked up more than a few blogs to follow through Bead Soup Blog Party and a few other blog hops. I also check out past posts and if I like what I see what they link to. Which is why I am so dependent on an RSS feed and my Next button. I wouldn't follow them all if I wasn't getting something. I have also tracked someone who leaves a comment back to their blog by clicking on their name. There are many talented people out there.

    I try not to just say: pretty... but when I do it is because I am in a hurry or that really was what I wanted to say. However, I don't think I have ever added, visit my blog. For that you need to click on my name.

    Thanks Lori.

  2. Wonderful idea. I just love showing off anything I make, yet sometimes I feel like it isn't quite good enough. This will be a way I can get positive feedback from fellow jewelry makers. Great plan, Lori!

  3. Great idea Lori - a way for everyone to participate, just for the fun! ~~T

  4. I can tell this is taking a toll on you, choosing only 200 for your Bead Soup Party, do not worry, we are adults, we can take it and we will be back the next time you throw a party. Have a great night, I will be visiting you tomorrow. Stay well!

  5. My personal hope is that no-one does this for the traffic to their blog.

    That is so selfish, and capitalist, and frankly Boring.

    I hope that everyone in the Bead Soup is in it for the FUN not the promotion.

    If you want traffic, get a Google add.

    Join a blog hop for the fun, excitement and friendship :D :D

  6. That sounds like a great solution to me. Either way, I will be involved.

  7. Great idea, Lori :) I know I have tons of beads I bought that I have no idea why and others that I've been saving for reasons I no longer remember. I know just the beads I'd pull out to work with too! lol I keep looking at them and thinking ' what on earth am I going to do with those...!'

  8. Hi "me" -- I appreciate what you're saying, but I don't think it's capitalist to promote a blog in the sense I meant. What I meant is, if you comment genuinely on someone's blog, they MAY (or may not!) visit your own blog and like what they see. It's not and official "wedding crashers" scenario -- perhaps I didn't explain it properly. But I do appreciate your thoughts!

  9. This is THE PERFECT solution! Now try to get some rest (and a slice of pie) before tomorrow!! ;)

  10. Lori - I have picked some blogs to follow as a result of your previous "bead soup" parties. You have taken on a very labor intensive, wonderful party and I sure hope those that participate appreciate what you are doing - I know I really do. I am not participating in the party, as I have other things going on and did not want to sign up then not be able to follow thru properly.
    Thank you for what you do!!
    Have a great weekend.

  11. I can't wait to see all the designs, whether I am chosen or not. If I don't make the list, I will definitely use your fun idea to post my own design on my blog to celebrate along with everyone else. Thanks for all your time and dedication to this wonderful project, Lori!! ♥

  12. that's a marvelous idea! and I know just what I'll use too: the wonderful ( if not my normal stuff!! ) bead soup you sent me around Christmas for winning your drawing!!

    having said that, I still hope I get picked!!! I've already planned the main part I would be sending in.......

  13. What a lovely beaded soup you have! Yay for your solution though Im hoping that mr. randomizer would pick me... LOL

  14. THAT is a great idea! I had planned to visit the others anyway, but what a great way to share in the fun of the day!

  15. Brilliant idea! <3
    I'll do that!

  16. I really like your idea, Lori! Just one more way to participate if we chose to!

    Regarding those who leave their blog address... I think we must consider that this is not typically done with ill intention. I did it when I started blogging, thinking no one would know who I was or how to contact me if I didn't. After a couple of days I realized that clicking on the photo of a person would take care of the job, and I was so happy not to have to keep typing in my url all the time! :-)

  17. Hello
    Je suis française et suis arrivée sur votre blog en naviguant sur le net. Le peu que j'ai compris (oui je suis nulle en anglais ;) ) c'est que chacune participe quand même et envoie une photo quand elle a fini...
    C'est une super idée !!!
    Je perle pour le plaisir, cela me détend et me donne l'impression de pouvoir créer quelque chose !! ^^
    Aussi je vais perler pour vous !!

  18. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Aww Lori, I hope you haven't been stressing over this too much! The idea is great, and will give those of us that don't get in a nudge to push our own boundaries of creativity too. I personally have been struggling this new year to come up with ideas for jewellery. So either way, whether I'm picked or not, I feel I will be able to dedicate some much needed time to creating something!

    Thank you Lori :)

  19. Brillant Lori. Now go take a nap.

  20. Looking forward to finding out who'll be participating in March. I'll hop and enjoy, and hope to get in on the next one.
    On a completely different note. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your color board on Pinterest. I could have just repinned the whole thing myself! Love Pinterest.
    Have fun with the hop.
    Cool Moon

  21. To me your idea sounds just perfect. This time I have signed up for the BSBP for the very first time. I AM already very excited about just waiting for the "results". I love hopping around blogs from all over the world. There are not just lampworkers like me but also other very talented jewelry makers. It is always interesting, exciting and a big challenge for my own inspiration to see what other bloggers have to show. And in the end getting a positive feedback for your own beads or jewelry is a good feeling. Lori, when I saw a few days ago that you had also visited my blog I was very happy. And I will for sure feel the same way when other new visitors or readers show up in my blog.
    Please, keep on with your wonderful idea. Thank you so much for all your efforts!

  22. What a lovely idea Lori, I missed out on this one have not been too well, so felt I would not be able to attempt it just in case!
    I hardly ever get comments anyway but I enjoy looking around other blogs and leave a comment if I can.

  23. Great idea Lori! It's so inspirational seeing what people make.

    We have to wait a-whole-nother day to find out if we're in?! TORTURE! :)

  24. I think Bead Soup Blog Party sounds FUN! I discovered this blog after the fact last year and marked it down so I would remember to sign up.

  25. Oh Lori! I'm sad you've had to worry about all of us, especially while you're sick! and you put so much work into this.

    I love participating - the challenge of putting together a packet for my beading partner, figuring out what to do with the beads I received and then the anticipation of the actual hop itself. I've met so many wonderful people (like you!) that way!

    And whether or not I get in, I know I'll get to see the results of this super-fun exercise in creativity. And likely meet more interesting people along the way. So it's all good.

  26. Perfect solution! Challenging yourself to create something interesting and out of your comfort zone is a great idea.

    Great job on this, Lori! Excited to participate on the official roster on on my own.

    Best to you!

  27. Oh Lori, You are something else always thinging of the other guy. You truly are an awesome soul. and that is a great idea for a way to partisapate.
    Be Blessed to be a blessing

  28. That is my plan! :-)

    I guess I'm confused though...I thought the announcement was going to be here today?

    Are participants advised by email rather than on here?

    I probably didn't read as well as I should usual!

  29. Lori, could you post a list of the people who didnt make it so we could look at what they made as well? Thanks!

  30. Love the idea Lori! I actually have some Julsbeads that I was going to send out if I was picked, so I'm choosing to make something gorgeous with them! So thrilled for all the participants, and looking forward to hopping!

  31. I am so grateful that you are offering this alternate solution. I have never been in the BSBP and was determined to do so this go round, but things in life got complicated around the sign up time and I decided I simply couldn't add anything else to the mix. Soooo, this brilliant idea of yours is just the thing for me!!! And I think I even know what I want to try, too. (something to stretch my limits) Awesome!! Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness!!!

  32. hi lori...ok, so i didn't make it in but i like your challenge idea...i still have beads from the FIRST BEAD SOUP PARTY, hmmm, i think i'll use those with a few others i have in my stash...

    looking forward to seeing everyone's creations...

  33. Lori, I am absolutely in AWE over all the work you've put into this - and on top of a miserable cold even.

    You rock, like a rockin' thing that rocks a lot! ;-D

  34. love this idea! even though I didn't get chosen, I feel a part of it. something very interesting is that I actually won some beads in a random drawing, and have not had the time to do anything with them. that is what I am going to use, as they are way different than anything I've used in the past.

  35. I could play! Sounds like fun, and I have a crazy focal in mind for this!

  36. Well, like a moron I didn't pay enough attention and didn't see the APB to get in touch w Lori to be in the Bead Soup Party. I swore this would not happen again! did. So I'm going to try and take her advice about making something and following along! That's a great idea!


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