Thursday, January 05, 2012

Sneezing and Rice Krispies (with some deep thoughts included)

Every Friday, Zack's school has something called "Special Snack".  Parents sign up for a Friday or two throughout the year and make, well ... a special snack.  Usually the kids take a break for pretzels and peanut butter or something of that sort to keep them running on the other days, but FRIDAYS -- now those are special.

Thus, the 

For the past four years, Zack has requested Rice Krispie treats, on a stick, with a marshmallow anchor, dipped in chocolate.  This is my entirely my fault.  I got this grand idea for snack in his preschool, so for four years now, I've made these.

OH, and it requires a double batch.  If you've ever made these sticky treats, you know how much fun stirring that mess is.  Let alone cleaning it up!

With the cake pop craze in full swing, we adopted a Rice Krispie Cake Pop.  Zack decided the sticks should be paint brushes so the kids would have something left over.  Very clever on his part, don't you think?

They may not look very appetizing right now, and the photography is horrid, but I've been told they are goooooood.  Transporting 21 of them to school will be a challenge because the snack bags I got to oh-so-artfully package them in were too small.  Enter the hair-tearing and mental swearing.  But oh well.  I'm in my pajamas and this took two hours and they can do without bags.  Yay for waxed paper!

Zack tasted his first Rice Krispies (as plain cereal) today, too.  He is a very very very very particular eater -- technically, per the doctor, has "food aversion".  Anyway, he has a thing about texture, so he likes cereal but won't put milk on it.

Lesson One

Rice Krispies are very lightweight.

Lesson Two

Don't sneeze while lifting a spoonful of
dry Rice Krispies to your mouth.

Lesson Three

It IS possible to laugh while vacuuming.

And now for the Deep Thoughts portion of the blog post.  

A dear friend gave me a set of Magnetic Poetry for Artists for Christmas, and Zack LOVED it.  Here's what he posted on the fridge:

I like it.

That kid's worth 
two hours over the stove
and vacuuming up sneezed-upon Rice Krispies.

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Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She is the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party.


  1. Oh, you are such a great mom!!!! I can hardly wait for the signups to begin!

  2. You are the very best mom...special snacks per request! They do look good enough to eat. Love the paint brush handle. As for the posted poetry words...Are you sure Zack isn't older than his years? Happy Hugs to you dear...

  3. I will take his advice!
    :) ~*HAPPY NEW YEAR!*~
    Love Amber

  4. What a sweet story. My young'un is in college, but I still remember the days of bringing in cupcakes, etc. for birthdays and other occasions (and it always involved borrowing a muffin tin from a neighbor in order to make 30.)

  5. I love Rice Krispie Treats! These are a very clever way to eat them.

    Thanks for the laugh today. I can't wait for Bead Soup sign-up!

  6. Loving your Rice Krispie Cake Pop - very clever & fun!! Can't wait for Saturday - thanks for keeping this party going!!

  7. Rice Krispy Pops. Genius.

  8. Cool, I have Friday special snack later this month. I may have to try that. I too have a little man in my house who thinks milk and cereal do not belong in the same dish.

  9. Delightful post!! You and Zach have such good fun!!

  10. All good lessons to know. Duly noted.

  11. Oh Lori, this little boy is truyl special! And horroy for having you as a mother. Love what you did for him.

  12. Anonymous7:06 AM

    I think I made those rice krispie treats once. Too hard to handle for my taste! They make it look so easy on those wonderful commercials though. Lucky Zach to have you for his mom!

  13. I also have a boy who won't eat cereal with milk on it!

    Those are some tasty looking snacks!

  14. Lori your Kid is awesome!!

  15. You and Zack are so funny. I love the sweetness between the two of you and where your true happiness is. Here's to a great Mom and laughing while vacuuming!

  16. My youngest will NOT eat milk on his cereal either. he's got a thing for texture too!

    You rock Lori! I know I am such a slacker when it comes to the kids "special" snacks (I usually let them pick something out at the store). I admire how much time and thought you put into the little things, that will go a long with him through his life!!!!

  17. Those rice krispy treats look tasty, especially the chocolate part! Using paintbrushes is such a brilliant idea. Your son is so gosh darn creative and inventive, he has a very bright future ahead of him! I have set an alarm on my phone to make sure I sign up for BSBP. We are moving this weekend and I don't want to miss out. Nothing scatters a brain like packing, moving and unpacking! Which reminds me, I should be packing right now :)

  18. So brilliant to put them on paintbrushes. That kid has an artist's soul.
    Enjoy the day.

  19. Too funny! At least they didn't come out his nose!

  20. I am laughing out loud with the vision of flying rice krispies, laughter and vacuuming - they must have gone everywhere! Kind of like beads skittering across the floor ;) ~~T

  21. Yum! And yes...the paint brush holder is genius!

  22. Zack is a GENIUS for thinking of the paint brush handle! Not only will it give the kids something to keep from today's Special Snack, but it's also totally green, too.

    Love it!

  23. Your Zach really is awesome! Not only is he photogenic & cute (loved all the photos from holidays past), but he's poetic & creative. Who would have thought to put the pops on paintbrushes, so the kids would have something when the pop's gone? Only Zach!
    Lucky kid! Lucky Mom!

  24. What a clever boy you have! And I am so looking forward to tomorrow!

  25. This is awesome....we don't have a vacuum, but I've swept up Rice Krispies more times than I care to count - my 3 year old has a habit of walking around with his cereal bowl. And then spilling it.

    I actually intended to make Rice Krispie Pops like that the other day too. Didn't get around to making the pops. Just the Treats. And the kids were just as happy! ;)

  26. Those look so good! I love marshmallows with chocolate. (Then again, there isn't much I do not like with chocolate LOL).

  27. Zach the jewelry designing poet! whoohoo!

    And I'm with Zack on the cereal...I love cereal but don't add milk >.< And just because I'm lactose intolerant either because while I'm not fond of soy milk, almond and rice milk are rather good.. and the dark chocolate almond milk is TO DIE FOR >.< but I digress... as I was saying, milk + cereal = mushy .. Blah >.< lol I prefer my cereal munched on by the handful while watching tv or surfing online :)

  28. Your Zack stories are so wonderful -- I thought about you and your little man when my family and I were in Chicago over the holidays. We went to Water Tower Place (mall) on Michigan Avenue and discovered a Lego store. The whole back wall was covered with see-through drawers filled with every color, size, and shape of Lego block you'd ever want. Two walls filled with kits. Store filled with awestruck kids and adults. If you're ever in Chicago, plan a day there!

  29. Your Zack is quite the little old soul, isn't he? :)

  30. Love the paint brush handles - what a great idea! I'll have to remember your recipe for the next cake sale at Ben's school.


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