Saturday, January 21, 2012

Post ... Anonymously.

The lovely blogger Dancing Bran Flakes had an original idea that I'm borrowing -- post anonymously, and ask what you want, state what you want.  As she said, "it's anonymous, so why not?"

(And please visit her beautiful blog -- it's one of the ones I just discovered and adore.)

So go for it -- tell me what you're thinking today, hopes and dreams, even anger issues.  Like Post Secret, you can unload if you like, share a secret, post a thought burning brightly in your brain.

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(As always, my comments are moderated, but I vow to let them ALL be published).


Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She is the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party.


  1. Anonymous1:28 PM

    i'm terrified of succeeding with my art.

  2. Anonymous2:48 PM

    I have so many ideas but haven't the time or space to accomplish them. I hoard cool stuff and then it stacks up and overwhelms me to the point of mental paralysis.

  3. Anonymous3:29 PM

    I have a headache and can't think of anything to blog about. (Great idea!)

  4. Anonymous3:43 PM

    I hate being thirty; I feel like I have failed at most things I have tried to achieve during my 20s. Being 30 just seems to cap off a decade of paralytic failures. I am scared I won't achieve anything that I want to with my life.

  5. Anonymous5:15 PM

    I am suffering from severe depression, and re-considering my career path. I'm terrified. I want to create but am scared I won't succeed.

  6. Anonymous5:24 PM

    I don't want to do this anymore.

  7. Anonymous5:34 PM

    I love love love my work, I'm so lucky that I've been able to turn my hobby into a business, but I worry that I'm never going to take it as far as I want to as I just feel pulled in all directions, mainly by family.

  8. Anonymous5:41 PM

    I have just taken a test online that says I have mild depression.

    Huh. That figures.

  9. Anonymous5:57 PM

    My heart is breaking after reading these posts.

  10. This is a really lovely idea Lori, sometimes it can be so hard to put your true thoughts out there, with your name beneath them; owning them publicly can be scary.

  11. Anonymous7:25 PM

    There's so much I want to do, but I'm afraid I'm going to die before I get to do any of it.

    And even if it turns out that I'm not sick, I worry that my fear will get the best of me and I won't do it, anyway.

  12. Anonymous7:30 PM

    I am tired of giving all my time to my family. I am scared of actually being successful with my creations.

  13. Anonymous7:34 PM

    I got on the bus last night and a perfect stranger said "it is nice to see someone smile." We had a nice, short, chat. I am friendly. People talk to me. I am amazed at how many people trust me who have no reason to do so. I have had some very tough times in my life. I nursed my husband through his final illness and made the decision to pull the plug. Although I am working now I was unemployed in this last downturn for more than a year. Retirement is not likely to be on a reasonable schedule. Life did not work out the way I had planned when I was 20 or 30. Nonetheless, I am happy. I like people, they generally like me. Which brings me around to the question that I have been pondering since the bus ride home last night- why do I smile at strangers and what is it that after a simple smile says "I can be trusted, I am approachable?" Why is it that despite all the hardships I am happy and content and others are not? Why is it that a chance to post anonymously brings out such negative comments? Am I so unusual?

  14. Anonymous8:31 PM

    I hate thinking I'm not contributing anything that will be remembered when I'm gone. I want to BE somebody.

  15. Anonymous8:33 PM

    I have secrets, but even anonymously I won't share them. I am scared, I am lonely, I may be a horrible person. Sometimes I am ok with that. Sometimes I am not. Go figure.

  16. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Having my daughter four months ago has made me realise what unconditional love really is. Just looking at her makes me happier than I ever thought possible.

  17. Anonymous11:05 PM

    Please God, help me to live the creative life I am preventing myself from living.

  18. Anonymous11:13 PM

    I am surrounded. But, I am totally alone. My artistic soul screams but my hands are deaf.

  19. Anonymous12:09 AM

    I am afraid that the goals that I have set for myself for this year are unrealistic. I am afraid that I need a mentor to show me the way down the path I have chosen, but am afraid to ask because of rejection or burdening someone else with my life or my issues. I am afraid to put all of myself into building a successful business because what if all the sales that I have made are only because of people knowing people who know me? I am scared to death of taking the plunge and doing a craft fair, because if I spend any money doing it and then make zero sales, I will be placing a burden on my already overstretched budget. I have fears.

  20. Anonymous12:18 AM

    I am afraid of attempting and failing. I am afraid of living then losing. I am afraid of saying things out loud that hurt others feelings, so I keep them in at a large price to myself.

    I need to have more time in a day to be able to research the next steps to get to where I know I NEED and BELONG at. I need to learn to blog. I need to learn to facebook. I need to learn to twitter a tweet! LOL! I need to hit my teenager up for lessons!!! ;0)

  21. Anonymous12:43 AM

    I hate it when people don't own up to their own faults. And always blame the other guy.

  22. Anonymous12:48 AM

    Once I succeeded with my art I knew who my 'real' friends where both online and in real life.

  23. Anonymous4:11 AM

    I'm afraid I will kill myself if things get much worse.

  24. Anonymous7:29 AM

    I am thankful I rarely get what I want. I've recently looked back at my short life and realized the amazing power of "going with the flow." I'm still not great at it, but I'm way better than I use to be.

  25. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Well, what I am thinking is that you must be a really fun person to be wearing that bring pink hair!

  26. Anonymous12:00 PM

    I recently realized that I think one of [big] reasons I love designing jewelry so much, is that it provides validation and feedback to me personally. After leaving a successful corporate career when I had children to stay at home, I think I missed being validated and hearing/knowing that I had done a good job with something ... amidst the thankless (but wonderful in so many other ways!) world of being a stay at home mom & wife. After 4 years, I fell into jewelry design and just now realized what the underlying driver likely is to all of this. I'm feeling guilty about it. Actually, I can't believe I'm sharing this "out loud". I feel like it's wrong, for me to be spending my time on something, primarily to feel good about myself ... it's a pretty ugly realization - no matter how pretty the jewelry is!

  27. Anonymous12:39 PM

    I feel like I'm running out of time to have the life I really want.

  28. Anonymous2:30 PM

    I agree with one of the anonymous posters, why does posting anonymously only bring out the negative? Is it the safety of this blog where these types of thoughts have been addressed? For me, there isn't anything cathartic about posting my inner most thoughts anonymously - that's what friends are for, and if nothing else, a diary.

  29. Anonymous3:37 PM

    I had a secret published on post secret. I sent it in just before halloween 2008. On it, i had drawn a ghost, and it said "i'm haunted by the ghost of my first marriage, and terrified this one will end the same way." I mailed it off, and forgot about it. Halloween 2009, i was shocked to see it published on the post secret web site.

    i was more shocked to see that my secret was no longer true. i was no longer haunted. in the past year, in living with a loving my 2nd husband, i had been freed from that fear. that "ghost".

    our secrets may feel deep. permanent. scarred into us. But remember, in living, sometimes we free ourselves without even realizing it.

  30. Anonymous4:47 PM

    I am afraid my marriage will fail because I got sick and am facing disability.

    Art is my saving grace, and I want to make a 'second career' of it but am feeling selfish. I spend most of my time immersed in art.

  31. Anonymous5:07 PM

    I worry that I actually live up to the awful names I've been called sometimes.

  32. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Oh geez, where do I start? I'm so angry at myself for spending too many years trying to be someone who I'm not, and seeking approval from people who would never accept me. I'm finely me, weird tastes, art and preferences, and you know, I'm more than ok with that, and the people who have disowned me because of it.

  33. Anonymous10:43 AM

    i am thinking of leaving my job to be a full time designer. it is very scary. But disappointing too when so many of my family and friends seem so doubting. i really wish i had more cheerleaders in life.

  34. Anonymous10:21 PM

    I'm generally happy with myself, faults and all. I'm proud of myself that I chose to keep my son and raise him on my own to be an awesome young man with a great sense of self and a wicked sense of humor. I am finally in a place where I found 'what I want to be when I grow up' and, more importantly, have finally begun taking steps to achieve that goal.
    To those of you who are afraid to succeed...RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!! But we can't let that stop us!!

  35. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Wow a lot of these comments are deeply disturbing. I just hope and pray that those who have posted such sadness can be helped in some way and I will be praying for them. GOD IS GREAT and HE loves you all.

  36. Anonymous10:13 AM

    I love beading, it makes me incredibly happy

  37. Anonymous6:49 PM

    I have a lot of the same fears and depression that a lot of other people commented about. This makes me have mixed feelings as I'm sad for all of us but also happy to know I'm not the only person feeling this way. Also, I get in design phases where I'll stay up for a few days at a time, only sleeping a few hours here and there, and all I do is design. Its not healthy. I'm having a hard time finding balance to be able to do my normal duties as "mom" and "wife" and still accomplish all the things I need to do for my jewelry business, including photos, blogging, designing, shows, etc. It's a bit overwhelming.

  38. Anonymous5:45 PM

    ... I hate my (for all intents and purposes) father in law. With a passion. To the core. So much that I wish bad things on him that I dare not type.

    I hate him.

    I look on at people's wedding photos, scan pictures, and baby/children photos and sigh (and cry privately) that I will never be a bride or a mother.

    I will never set foot in a bridal shop. I'll never choose my cake or make my invitations. I'll never have a ring that's pink and rose gold.

    I may never speak the words to another person. I am in love, but will never be married.

    I can't talk about it to my loved ones.

    Only ever a 'girlfriend'. Forever.

    This is my biggest private sadness :(

  39. Anonymous2:45 PM

    I am prochoice.


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