Friday, December 30, 2011

It will be ok. I have pie.

Thought I'd share one of my Christmas presents with you --

Yeah, buddy!

Rick bought me this on, and I flipping LOVE it!  I love pink, and then, well... there's the pie.

We have had pie in the house for the holidays and as I sit here in jeans, I can tell that I, um, partook too much, methinks.  But who can turn down cherry!  Pumpkin!  Key lime!  And a coconut cake.  It's not pie, but it's an awesome, awesome cake.

I've loved this holiday time.  Every year Rick takes off a week or so, the older boys come for a long visit, and it's just a lovely, relaxing time.  One of my favorite parts of this time off is the lack of guilt for lying about reading.  My brain is so messed up from this past year that the devouring of books has helped tremendously.  

I've tried to make jewelry -- but for some reason, it's not coming to me.  Soon.  But right now, the brain is on survival mode and is telling me to chill.

(Isn't that a cute picture of Zack at three years old?)

So everyone, 
take some time to be good to yourself.
The payoff is tremendous.


Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She is the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party.


  1. Mmmm, pumpkin and key lime pie are two of my favorites!

    What a sweet photo of Zach! Wow, he's grown so much since then.

    I'm hoping 2012 will be filled with all the things you wish for.

  2. Lori, Here's to pie and chillaxing!
    Enjoy the rest of the holidays with your guys.

  3. I do like that shirt! A big serving pf pie sounds good right now - have not had lunch yet.
    Wishing you a Wonderful New Year!

  4. Lori, I'm glad to hear you are chilin'. I'm doing that, too, this week. I'm so tired! Christmas was great! I only wish I had pie.

  5. That is such a cool shirt! And I do love adorable pics, and Zack definitely made that one!
    I love chillaxing, which is why I don't currently sell my jewelry, cause I'm terrified it would turn into a job. But my hubs would be thrilled for me to sell it, so I'm keeping the door open to possibilities. Looking forward to lots of cool things in 2012, especially Bead Soup! Just a teeny bit excited, can you tell?

  6. We've been chillaxin too and the Pants are definitely too tight. I have to get back to walking next week. We are out of pie now.

  7. Hi Lori,
    We have been chilling too, with lots of candy and cookies, but not pie except chicken pot pie:-) Happy Happy New Year!!!! Just posted BSBP, my last post for the year!!!

  8. My favorite song about Pie, and just an all around great movie.

  9. What a fab present!
    Happy New Year Lori.

  10. I'll have you know that I ate a whole plate of pudding pie last night. Well. Okay. It was two slices of pie ~ one vanilla and one chocolate.

    And to quote my mother from dinner the other night, "It's alright. We still have some pie, after all."

    Your shirt is amazing. So are you, lady! Hope you have a good time relaxing and taking it easy. :)

  11. that's a cute photo of Zack..
    and umm...the scales told me i have had a very good holiday..uhoh
    no more pumpkin pie for breakfast.

  12. Love love the T shirt too. Take good care of you Be blessed to be a blessing

  13. I had to chuckle about the pie. SO true!

  14. Cute shirt! It's been cookies here, and red velvet cake!

  15. I, too, overdid the pies (and ice cream) but come Monday if any is left in the house it gets thrown in the trash (yeah, that's likely to happen!!). Love the tee and really love the photo of Zack!

  16. Perfect shirt for you my dear. Enjoy your pie eating and reading and chillaxin. Blissful and creative 2012 to you. Champagne Hugs...

  17. That was sweet of Rick to get that personalized shirt for you - just perfect. We enjoyed PIE this evening at Jimmy's Grille (I'm telling you, you NEED to go there, after all you probably live within 45 minutes!)...between the 6 of us we tried Chocolate Cream Pie, Lemon Merengue, and Coconut Custard. Chocolate Cream won out and we brought a whole pie home to celebrate the new year tomorrow night! :-)

  18. I love that shirt!

    A friend of mine has a shirt that says Save The Fork... There's Pie! And there's a cat on it. So random, but so hilarious.

    I haven't been in a jewelry making mood lately. My brain has, but my fingers have other plans! I like this idea of just relaxing.

    Have a great New Year!

  19. Hang on to that husband - he does really 'get' you - what a great gift. Wishing you a 2012 that is filled with all good things, and health and happiness.

  20. Zack is adorable. He looks like a little Abercrobie & Fitch ad.

    I think you should take off your jeans and put your jammies back on.

    Here's to you Lori and lots a pie.
    happpy new year!

  21. Yay, time off that is just what I have been doing, next week will start again but right now I am chillin!
    Happy New Year Lori

  22. Nice for you:) Glad you got some relaxing/chilling in, you needed it. Darling shirt.

  23. Cute T!! I've been over-pie-ing too lately. November I ate an entire pumpkin pie and this month I'm working my way through a Shoo Fly Pie. No plans for January but you never know...

  24. man, I soooo totally get the reading books back to back. nothing like getting caught up in a book to keep you from thinking about your own life. and it's good to take a break from reality from time to time, at least it can help regain your perspective. Strongly recommend Georgette Heyer, technically romance (don't know if that's a 'bad' word in your world or not) but she so damn funny!!! I can't put them down...


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