Tuesday, December 06, 2011

2nd post in one night -- but it's the Virtual Craft Show winners!


This took some time.  But I hope everyone who participated was pleased, and those who won are even more pleased.  PLEASE do take time to visit the shops that donated so generously, and remember to

And now the winners -- expect an email from your artist soon!

Terry Wlaschin Cari Baker
Amy Freeland Gretchen
Kristi Bowman Krys Mann
Leann Weih Theresa's Treasures
Sharon Palac Louise Turner
Maire Dodd Manuela Wutschke
Melinda Orr Kristi
Lisa Liddy For My Sweet Daughter
Maryse Thillens Pam Chesbro
Nan Emmett Sharyl
Pam Sears Debb
Sue Kennedy Stefanie Teufel
Tania Spivey BeeTree by m.e.
Staci Louise Beads2Die4
Marge Beebe Shirley
Kim Hutchinson Skye
Cilla Watkins Loretta
Angela May Natasha
Lola Surwillo ring 1 - nanonano
Lola Surwillo ring 2 - Kathy
Lola Surwillo ring 3 - CMD
Rebekah Payne Shyme
Erin Prais-Hintz Creating Cures
Sally Russick Jennifer Cameron
Sandi Volpe Louise Turner
Susan Lloyd Haley
Mallory Hoffman Norma's Clay
Kim Ballor Kelly J. R. 
Jelveh Jafarian Spirited Earth
Wendy Blum rosebud101
Elisabeth Auld Snap
Patsy Evins Second Surf
Gretchen Nation Pine Ridge Creations
Loretta Carstensen Kayz Kreations
Ana Krepel Novak Divya N
Sharon Gardner Lesley
Mary Ellen Parker Gem Rose
Cindy Cima KJ's Beadacious Beads
Jenny Vidberg Beetique
Cynthia Tucker Elisabeth Auld
Lesley Watt Erin Strother
Charlene Gary The Crazier Sister
Sule Ergun Jenni's Beads
Kay Thomerson peggy aplSEEDS
Jennifer Cameron Designs by Dawn
Norma Agron Knit it All
Skylar Bre'z Mary 
Kate Gardenghi Sabine
Rachel Myers scottsgal
Michelle Mach coffeeaddict
Penny Neville Clamworks
Laurel Steven MoonRae
Amber Dawn ViviBijoux
Claire Maunsell Shaiha
Valerie Norton Amy Kuczewski
Mary Ann Williams Cher
Kathy Nomura Bobbie
Tracy Statler Regina
Dorcas Midkiff somethingunique
Kathy Pieprzyk Lupe Meter
Virginie Biondi Jami (Sgt. Stamper)
Charlene Jacka Ruth Trowbridge
Lori Anderson Boo Beads (bead soup)
Shanti Johnson Alice
Sandra Richardson Rebekah
Lisa Lodge CraftyHope
Manuela Wutschke Heidi Honeyman
Catherine Pruitt Noemi
Heather Kalisiak Debb
Heather Powers Designs by Susan
Cindy Wimmer Rhea
Lori Anderson Off the Beadin' Path  (book)


  1. Wow, I made the list. Do you know how happy it makes me to win? I grin for hours! It just feels good.

    This was a great event.

  2. yay! an early Christmas! i'm so delighted to see my name on the list! thank you for hosting such a grand craft fair! hugs,
    peggy aplSEEDS

  3. Yay, I see my name up there (unless there is another Alice)!

    Thanks for organizing this fun event!

  4. Yee haw! I must have been living right (Santa, are you listening?) Thanks again for putting together a great party!

  5. First I would like to say Congratulations to all of the winners and second WOO HOOO! I won one of the prizes. I really like Leann's work.
    Thank you Lori for putting the Virtual Craft Show together it was a lot of fun visiting all of the different shops and I got a lot of really nice items.

  6. Sigh, I didn't win. Oh well, I still got to and will continue to visit fun stores.

  7. I made the winners list - woo hoo!! So excited. Lori - I love your pink hair - very chic!

  8. wooo hooo is right! What a list! Thank you for the fun!

  9. There I was, just scrolling thru to see if I knew anyone who one, and there was my name! My heart did a little jump!!! So very, very thrilled!

  10. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Oh WOW, I'm so excited to have won a ring from Lori Surwillo!!! Thank you so so much once again Lori for sponsoring this awesome contest. Man, am I glad I stumbled upon your blog lol.


  11. Wow...look at all those winners! So happy to be one of them! WOOT!

  12. Congratulations to all your winners, Lori. There were so many wonderful artisans that shared their talents with others. Thank you for hosting this very enjoyable blog hop.
    Regards from Western Canada,

  13. Hey Lori Dear. I see I am to gift Rebecka, but I had 2 gifts. do I just choose a name out of the hat?
    :^) Be blessed to be a blessing

  14. CONGRATS to all of the winners!!!

  15. Wow that was a lot of work for you to do!
    Cool my cupcake bead is flying over to Ireland!
    Congratulations to all of the winners!!!!

  16. WOW! I am shocked! Thank you Terri (artists) and Lori (virtual craft show host) ... I hope the show was a success for everyone involved!

    Happy Holidays to Everyone!


  17. Wow, Lori this was super fast!
    Thanks again for hosting the Virtual Craft Show, I had so much fun :-)

  18. Oh my, I made it on the list. Doing the happy dance here. Woooo hoooo, too:-)

  19. Can there be more than one "Sharyl?" I hope not in this case! (And I just said I never win anything...better not get my hopes up until I know for sure...)

  20. Oh!,, I won something! I never win..so Thankyou.!
    This was a great event...and a wonderful array of craft and craft related items..thanks for putting it together, Lori. Merry Christmas to you and family.

  21. Well whada ya know - I won something!
    Thanks for organising this Lori -another great job.

  22. Omg ... it´s the first time I win something ... wohoooooooooooooo ... happy, happy, happy, happy ♥♥♥ thank you so much.

    And I am happy to make somebody happy too, thank you Lori for all your heartwork you put in this show.

    Hugs and love to you, xxxox Manuela

  23. Thanks, Lori for a fun event and all your hard work! I'm a Winner!!!!

  24. thank you so much Lori for organising this great event and congrats to all of the winners:))

  25. How wonderful - I received a lovely email from Erin Prais-Hintz this morning telling me I won her awesome prize - thank you Erin for your generosity! I look forward to more 'handmade' shopping this season and throughout the year! Thank you Lori for introducing all these great artists - you can be sure I'll look to them first. ~~T

  26. Congratulations Winners!
    I have a prize for Loretta. Can you please contact me Loretta for your mailing address.

  27. Holy moly, I'm so excited! Christmas arrived early this year. Thanks, Lori!


  28. Oh wow.....how wonderful! This is so very exciting and really put a smile on my face today!! Thank you!

  29. What a wonderful show you had and a wonderful job you did organizing it! Congrats to all the lucky winners!!

  30. Lori, You've made a bunch of people very happy!!!

  31. thank you lori for the opportunity to participate in a great idea... it is always nice when we get to see new 'faces' that we hadn't met...

  32. Great job Lori! Thanks for putting this together, I really enjoyed browsing the shops and I won something to boot. Cheers!

  33. Yay! I never win anything. What a beautiful piece to win (thank you Skylar!) and rev up my good luck! Thank you to all of the artists and to you Lori for taking time away from your family and business to do this for us all.

  34. Thank you! I'm so excited I won the pen fron Norma's Clay, it was one my favorites!

  35. DESPINA7:30 PM

    I personally didn't win but congrats to all the lovely ladies who did and a big THANK YOU to Lori and all the kind sponsors!!
    I got to know some amazing shops I didn't so far...

    P.S.: I noticed a prize has been not awarded from I LOVE COLOR, well, I am always available!!


  36. Congrats to all the winners. I am sad that I was not one of them but even more happy to have so many new artists that I have added to my network. Thank you Lori for all your had work in this. It was a very fun week.

  37. What a great show! I am only sorry that I got paid to late to join in on the fun.


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