Thursday, November 03, 2011

Woot! There's Pie!

For those of you who participated in the "what word makes you cringe" debate I had on Facebook some time ago, you know the word "Woot" puts my teeth on edge.  There are a few others that slay me ("lurve" is another one) but the words YOU guys came up with -- oh man, by the time that epic thread was over, we were rolling out some amazing sentences using every verboten word we'd listed!

(Not to offend, of course, those of you who like "woot".  I'm quite sure I say things that make you want to scream.)


When Sandra Richardson sent me this amazing find from a company called, I had no idea what to expect.  But oh sweet heavens. 

photo via

Black is supposed to be slimming, right?

If I wear this to the gym, people will call it "ironic".  Pie being round, and me being, um, fluffy, it certainly makes a statement to fellow gym members.  What that message IS depends upon the person.

And if you want to get cute with me and quip, "Oh, Pi R not round, Pi R Square", let me introduce you to pie's second-cousin, bread pudding, and he *R* square, so back off, I have a fork, and I know how to use it.

I'll be asking Rick for this for Christmas, I imagine, side-long looks at the gym be damned.   And oh!  Have I shared my favorite recipe for pie with you yet?

1.  Get in the car
2. Drive to nearest diner (retro ones are best)
3.  Belly up to the bar (the best place in a diner)
4.  Order off the menu.

from Pinterest -- diner in the '50s

Have a joyful day (I know I'm going to try to!)

Quote of the Day:  "Don't Look Back"


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  1. this is right up my alley! tongue-in-cheek all the way! Do they make these in pink or turquoise?

  2. Love this! Best pie in AZ = Mount Lemmon Cafe (up the hill from Tucson) used to serve this amazing strawberry-rhubarb pie! My mouth is watering as we speak!! (woot woot!) Just kidding! ;)

  3. Love this post! That shirt is perfect for you Lori.

  4. we have drawers filled with woot shirts at my house - (you should see some of the star wars ones... they appear pretty regularly)... sorry i missed the word rant - would have loved it...
    hope you are feeling better - or are able to find a silver lining somewhere...

  5. You are awesome! This made me laugh.

  6. That tshirt is just too cool. Wonder if it comes beaded?? :)

  7. I am sorry I missed the word rant..I'm undoubtedly an offender.If I've ever said Woot to you..well I know better now..
    Headed over to check out the Woot T-shirts..this pie-shirt is the funniest thing..and yes so appropriate for the Gym..dang those skinny girls eatin' carrots all day.

  8. Love your post, hope I haven't offended at anytime either! :/ But, I would like to comment on the picture, I love it. Don't all those women just look so prim, proper and confident, even in their short-shorts? When I was little, I always thought my momma looked that way with her fitted bodice, fitted waistline, full skirt dresses, pretty coiffed hairdo, and always some shade of pretty lipstick! This day and time, sorry to say, we just don't look like that! I love retro, but guess I'm glad we are into 'comfortable', too! :) Have a great day, Lori!

  9. I looove - they are so hilarious!

  10. I love that shirt!!! Have to go check out the site.

  11. What a wonderfully funny post that has me chuckling!

    I do notice that the women in the photo with the beautiful figures are all DRINKING but not EATING!


  12. this entry is hysterical--I am only sorry I missed the conversation on Facebook! you really made my day, Lori.Love the T-shirt!
    I have a horrible confession to make. I have a word I never use, because a truly dear and very intelligent friend (who happens to be British) told me she couldn't stand it...and that absolutely wrecked it for me. Now I need a good substitute for the word in question...and it is a VERY popular word--especially in jewelry and design arenas. Lord help me. I don't know how to get around it, but my dear friend totally ruined the word WHIMSICAL for me. I cannot bring myself to use it--except this one time.

    I feel as if I am at church now and need to do penance!

    love, jean

  13. Haha! I love it. We don't have very many diners over here, and some of my friends and I had dreams of opening one as we were sure a (very retro one of course) would be terrib;y chic and cool in our neighbourhood. We'd be sure to make sure good pie. ANd I hope you're feeling a little better - and joyful!

  14. I remember that word rant now... I'll have to check out Oh and I love your pie recipe - it's just like mine! :)

  15. Lady, you crack me up!! Have you seen those little pie in a mason jar that are on some food blogs? Adorable, but not big enough. You know, I bought a Hershey's Chocolate Pie last week and there was a somewhat large slice left. It was 8:30ish at night and Hazel (my nickname for my husband 'cause he cooks and does housework) usually goes to bed at 8 because he gets up really early, so I helped myself to the "piece" of pie. Well, low and behold, he sauntered into the kitchen and opened the fridge. There was no pie left. He asked me if I ate both pieces of pie. I said no, there was only one piece of pie........ ;)

  16. Great shirt! Now I shall have to check out that link. Eating pie...

  17. That facebook thread was epic...

    I lurved it so much. w00t!

  18. I must admit seeing "woot" in your subject line made ME cringe. I never thought I'd see the day that you would use it! shame. :-)
    Hey, and try not to keep putting yourself down - you are not round!
    Randy's been a long-time fan.

  19. Oh, I say lurve a least in writing. Sorry! I, however, agree with you about woot! (SHUDDER!)

  20. Oh Lori I am so sorry I missed the word rant. I love play on word games. I am pleased you enjoyed the pie.I was just to let you know how much I treasure YOU Be Blessed to be a blessing

  21. Oh no. Now it's 11:30 at night and I am craving a French Silk Pie. I swear they are so hard to find done right. I remember when I was first married to my first husband years and years ago, we would go out to a Plush Pippen and get me a slice every couple days. Now the only place I can find it is at Marie's Calendars and they are about 30 miles from my house and closed at this time of night. Oh well. Guess that I will have to settle for a chocolate tea.

  22. This is right up my alley! tongue-in-cheek all the way! Do they make these in pink or turquoise?

  23. Oh, I say lurve a least in writing. Sorry! I, however, agree with you about woot!

  24. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Lol...nice post! Love the tshirt too :-)

  25. The pie shirt rocks and so do you!


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