Friday, October 14, 2011

Thought Balloons -- 25 Things You Didn't Know About Me

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1)  At various times of my life, I've wanted to be an anthropologist, an artist, an author, and an archaeologist.  I apparently am fond of the letter A.

2)  At this very moment, I have braces on my lower teeth.  Yes, I've taken a right turn at age 11 with a pit stop at "no, you canNOT have gum".

3) When I hear certain music, I choreograph videos in my head.  Seriously -- very detailed music videos.  This video is an idea of how my mind thinks:

4) I was on the Debate Team in high school.  This shouldn't surprise anyone who really knows me.

5)  I know how to swim, but I'm still afraid to jump off the side of the pool or off the diving board.

6)  I've been to South/North Korea's DMZ.  One of the more sobering, freaky trips I've ever taken.

my photo from 1990

7)  I have NO sense of direction.  Not just while driving, but while in a store.  When Rick and I went antiquing in a large antique mall last weekend, he was constantly saying, "No, honey, THIS way."  And I can't read a map, either.  Needless to say, I did not attend Survival School while in the military, or I'd still be there.

8)  I'd rather repeat my four years in the Air Force than repeat the four years in college.  College was hugely difficult -- not just because I took every science class available, but because I was completely alone and financing everything with a credit card.  Not fun.  Which leads to...

9)  I regularly have dreams that I've forgotten to show up for classes EXCEPT for the last class and final exam.  No diploma for YOU!

10)  I have two tattoos and my belly button used to be pierced.  I'm contemplating a third tattoo for my 50th birthday, but that's eight years away.


11)  I am completely incapable of littering.  I can't even wrap my mind around what would make a person do such a thing.

12)  I can't just sit and watch a movie or a TV show.  I have to be doing something else, like knitting or answering email or making something.  I don't think this will surprise anybody.

13)  I hope to live to at least 88 years old.  I have no idea why the number 88 is a magic number, but it's stuck in my head as the sell-by date.

14)  I can't stand being late.  I live five minutes from my son's school and still get there for pick-up 30 minutes early.  Again, this is probably no surprise to anyone.

15)  I like to stay up late and sleep in.  I spend hours on weekend nights reading, to the point that I often have a bruise on the inside of my arm from holding heavy books.

My bedroom.
16) I learned to read when I was three, but I couldn't tie my shoes or use scissors until well after Kindergarten.

17)  I am NOT an outdoorsy type of girl (or a beachy kind of girl) but I would love to live on a river.   Boating to me does not equal "outdoorsy" for some reason.

18)  I didn't own a radio until I was thirteen.

19)  I was a stepmother to teenagers before I became a mom to a baby.  So the only thing I've missed experiencing is the adolescent "tween" years.  And I hate the word "tween".

20)  My first car was a stick-shift, yet I had no idea how to drive it.  I learned how on the way home.  Poor car.

Source -- My first car was like this, an awful orange Honda CVCC.  It burned oil and smoked like a dragon.

21)  I iron virtually everything I wear, including t-shirts.

22)  I'm very snobby about sheets.  Once you go 600-700 thread count, you can't go back.

23)  However, I don't like cushy towels.  I can't get them to wrap around my head and hair if they're too thick and fluffy!

24)  I LOVE thunder storms when I'm tucked up in bed.   To me, that's an awesome treat.

25)  I absolutely love all of you, but that, I think you probably already know.


Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off. She's also a contributor to Art Bead Scene and is the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party.


  1. #12 and #15 appeal to me Immensely... I also love your bedroom and want to steal it! :D

  2. All of which makes me want to come hang with you more! Except the getting places early part. I'm habitually late, so maybe hanging with you would cure that! Have a great weekend!

  3. What a fun list! Thank you for sharing more about yourself! :)

  4. And we love you, too, Lori! Your blog is the first one I read every single day. You are an amazing jewelry artist, and a gifted communicator.


  5. What a great post, love to read all about what makes you you. I am not that brave to lay out all such facts about me. One question you iron jeans as well? And we love you too Lori!

  6. I love your 25 thought balloons! It is so cool to learn a little something about the blogging buddies :)...I like that you don't have a sense of direction...give me a compass, map and GPS and I could usually get us to our sites when we were in the field. Love that you have tattoo's; and I am so ready for another one (mom is designing another tattoo for me and I sooo want it NOW!). I love your bedroom, so crisp, airy and comfy looking! I hear you about staying up reading until late, especially if it is a book I have been waiting a year or more for and I must read it until the wee hours of the morning, not good on a work night. I SOOOOO DON'T IRON after having to iron my BDU's for formation each day for almost 10 years, so not happening now :)
    We love you too Lori! You are a bright ray of sunshine in all of our lives! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for sharing things about you!!!!

  7. No, I didn't know those things about you, and it's good to know we have so much in common. I have no sense of direction either. If we were together we'd never be found again!

  8. TOTALLY with you with the ironing! My sister thought I was a little touched when I bought an almost-$100 steam iron with a valet it!!! :)

  9. I love the thunderstorm thing too.

  10. I had forgotten about debate team.

    You got braces again???

  11. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed learning a bit more about you.

  12. What a fun list- it helps us all know you better! I may be able to relate to more than one of these- maybe.

  13. What a fun list- it helps us all know you better! I may be able to relate to more than one of these- maybe.

  14. Did anyone ever tell you that you were a nut job?!!! Adorably nutty! Love your honest answers ... a lot of them made sense and even the ones that didn't make sense made sense. Love you!

  15. Ahhh... I knew I loved you! You are fabulous! And I'm all about thunderstorms, LOVE them. :) And the tattoos, I have three... and staying up late reading... yup, been doing that most of my life! And I definitely love you, as some of the others said... you brighten our days with your gift of words and beautiful things and we are so grateful for it!

  16. I loved reading these... thanks so much for sharing...and by the way I love your bedroom - it looks very relaxing!


  17. Oh Lori, we have so many quirks in common. When we finally get to meet, I can assure you that we'll get along very well!

  18. Anonymous5:11 AM

    This just clarifies that you're even MORE of an awesome person that I'd previously thought :D

  19. Thank you for sharing these things about you Lori. I love thunderstorms too there is just something about the energy that comes from them. I fall into the family of people that do not like to be late. Left and right directions have always been a problem for me.

  20. I really enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing! I'm really considering getting a tattoo and you have helped me with my decision! You rock!
    Deb x

  21. Interesting 25!
    I also have recurring dreams where I forget to go to class but I don't show up for the final exam either. I just realize that I have forgotten all about some classes I registered for and it's too late to drop them so I wasted the money!

  22. this was such a fun read!
    #1 #5 #7 #12 i can easily relate too. i am always a few minutes late and don't own an iron, though.

  23. What a fun post, I will do one as well, a shorter one...I have a short attention span... I am with you on the sense of direction, you and I would be dangerous together!!!
    Nice to get to know you, have a good weekend, are you in bed??

  24. I don't know you except through your blog, but I feel like I do (one of your special gifts, by the way). Now I feel like I know you even better. Lots of things in your list made me chuckle. We share a couple...

  25. This was fun! everyone should do this. I'm a sheet snob too. basically a bedding snob. I sometimes feel like the princess and the pea. I have to take the entire bed apart and shake the sheets every day before making it.

    I'm not outdoorsy either, but I also love the river. Growing up I used to love to boat down the river, see the bald eagles hunting for fish. It was so peaceful.

    Again, so fun reading all this about you!

  26. LoL...I love that boating is not outdoorsy...I SO get that! What a fabulous list, and it makes me want to meet you even more! I see we share the heavy book bruise too..sort of like the old middle finger writer's bump. Great stuff, Lori...

  27. Love this post! Tattoos... doesn't surprise me, have you seen your pink hair? I bet they're colorful!
    88... maybe because it 'sounds' like it starts with A??!! Enjoy your day ~~T

  28. Oh, and for all of you that show up 30 minutes early... that's fine, just don't call me at 1 minute past the time we're supposed to meet and ask where I am (like my sister!). Remember... I... didn't ask you to get there so early :) ~~T

  29. Anonymous5:48 PM

    I still have the school/exam dreams too!! And I've been out of school for 30 years!!! I also learned to drive a stick shift the same way you did. I kind of wish I still had one. The one I definitely can NOT identify with is the ironing :) Ironing has no place in my life I get older, time seems so much shorter, and wrinkles meaningless to me :) Thanks for sharing these's nice to get to know you a little better.

  30. You're a hoot and would be a blast to hang with, I just know it! I can read a map like there's no tomorrow - but I'd more than likely show up late with wrinkled clothes on because I have no idea if my iron still even works!

  31. (((Smiles!))) I didn't know that i could iron my T-shirts- I never thought to do it! I WILL FROM NOW ON!

    Wow Lori- you are so much fun to "read"


  32. Hope you don't mind if I "borrow" your idea! Can't wait to share my list of "things you didn't know about me!"

  33. This list made me smile. We all know you're so much more than this list.

    Have you ever slept on 1200 count sheets? I get weepy thinking about them.

  34. Love this post & your blog - always a fun read!! We have #1 in common (add accountant)- I still think about those careers, maybe when I have all the boys on the road toward their future!

  35. Anonymous9:21 AM

    What a nice list! You are such a creative, communicative person!


  36. We Love you too and I'm so happy to know you a little better now!

  37. Cool list, Lori.

    One thing I DO know about you is that you are super talented and creative!

  38. I love 'about me' posts!

    My husband was born near Seoul. His birth family is Korean but I think they all live in the US now.
    I have two tats too!

    Your blog is wonderful. Beautiful designs!!!

  39. Love this post. I love knowing more about you. Yours is the first post I read everyday (except this week-end) You are full of little surprises. I love hearing about your travels. About the ironing I don't if I don't have to. I use to call my girl friend and say come over and talk to me while I iron. That was when we sprinkled down everything and had tubs full of ironing.
    Be Blessed to be a blessing

  40. This was a fun read. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Dear Lori I love reading more about you. I too can not bear clutter or litter. I too have no sence of directions I get lost in an elevator, and it only goes up and down :^)
    Be blessed to be a blessing


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