Saturday, October 22, 2011

Seldom Heard Tales From a Craft Show: The Hotel

A Very Short Play in Two Acts

Act I, Scene I
"The Check-In"

RICK, LORI, and ZACK check into the hotel and enter their room.  LORI'S hypersensitive nose wrinkles so hard it practically turns inside out.  Cue dramatic music -- dum dum DUUUUUUUM!!!!!

LORI:  What the... holy COW but this room reeks!  Is that ...  that's mildew.  Ew, ew, ew.  Rick, you've got to call the front desk and get them to DO something about it!

RICK:  Yes, dear.

ZACK:  I want LEGOS!  (Gleefully spins around the room and declares this the best hotel room ever.)

Act II, Scene I
"But We Fixed It!"

LORI returns to the hotel from a stunningly busy day schlepping jewelry at a craft show.  She opens the hotel room door.  The mildew smell is indeed gone.

LORI:  (dramatic recoil) Who got hit upside the head twice with a skunk????

RICK: (wary look in eye) Well... the hotel did say they sprayed something for the mildew smell....

ZACK: (runs up to LORI and hugs her, sniffing deeply of her shirt.  Happy smile.)  Mom, you smell like cucumbers.

LORI:  (drops head in defeat) Well, at least there was pie at dinner.


(Only one more day of my craft show... 
selling jewelry for a living makes for an interesting life!)

(And just for Sharyl - no trains, but we're by the airport, so lots of airplanes taking off, but after living on Air Force Bases, I find that strangely soothing.  But never once did I sleep to the smell of jet fuel.)


Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off. She's also a contributor to Art Bead Scene and is the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party.


  1. Oh dear...but seriously it could be worse. Gas mask anyone?

  2. LOL Lori, sorry you're being subjected to awful smells, but I do enjoy your whimsical way of recounting it for us! :D

  3. Oh, I love how you make a bad situation funny! Can't wait to hear some stories from the show, cucumber!

  4. oh yes, that brings back memories..smelly hotel rooms..we started carrying a little air filter and room fresheners..i know crazy..but sleeping in funky hotel air is yucky..
    hope you are doing great at the show

  5. At least Zack was happy! Hope your show is going well otherwise.

  6. Oh My!!

    Hope all else is going well. :)

    God bless and keep you,

  7. Just wanted to pop in to tell you that I miss you and it looks like you're doing well and that makes me happy!!!!

    Hotels are so icky, but so glad Zack could find the fun in it. Kids are just cool like that:)

  8. Kids can make us smile in any situation! Best of luck with all that!

  9. Holy Cow Smokes Batman - that's a stinky room! LOL!

    I hope your last day at this place is a good one!!

  10. Lori, Lori, Lori,
    If you would just stop sniffing for a moment, and close your eyes, could probably hear the roar and feel the walls shaking...caused by some train just overhead or directly outside your windows. At least that's been OUR experience! :-) (A little something to look forward to if it hasn't happened to you YET!)

    That seems to bother the adults way more than kids too. Go figure.

  11. That's terrible!
    But it is interesting to look on this situation from Zack's perspective: leogs to play with and to be near his parents is all he needs to be happy.

  12. There's no place like home.

  13. I feel your pain. I once checked into a "luxury" hotel, part of a lovely package of amenities included with my daughter's dance competition. It was hard for her to dance (and for me to watch) with flea bites all over our legs. Yuck! It is nice that Zack is so cheerful. A silver lining in otherwise gloomy clouds.

  14. Oh dear...soo sorry about the smell. I hope the show is going great for you and at least Zack wasn't put off and he was there to put a smile on your face! And of course, pie!!! Take care and hugs going your way!

  15. As usual it was fun to read your blog. Hope your show was fun. Where is it by the way?

    Today I read your article in Rena's site about Lunch Earring. Fantastic idea Lori. Thanks. Dita

  16. You didn't say this 2 Act Play was a tragedy! How horrible for you to endure. When you are working a show and must be "ON" every minute you really need the short amount of down time to be tranquil and relaxing and odorless. Thank goodness you smelled of cucumbers...fresh and delicious! Love how you tell a story my dear.
    Serene Sunday to you...

  17. I do love Zach's enthusiasm. And pie, of course.

  18. Oh, nos! Just in a hotel room last week that smelled of cigarette smoke. We're talking full on migraine for days, even after we finally left. Yuck-ey!

  19. Ha! Glad to hear the good news, Lori! :-) Take care and safe travels home!

    (And now that you mention it, I grew up with a train running at the edge of our backyard. I should have been used to it! We could never keep the pictures straight on the walls!)

  20. Oh- I can feel your pain. I have a super sensitive nose too, and smells really bug me if they don't mesh with what I find appealing. My hubby on the other hand can never seem to smell what I do. Mildew is somthing I can smell from a mile away:( Hope the show made up for the stinky room.


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