Thursday, September 01, 2011

What the Bead Soup Blog Party is Really About -- and NOT About

Well, that was a short break.

I have received a few emails that have made me question exactly what I didn't do to explain what the Bead Soup Blog Party is all about and what it's supposed to accomplish -- click here if you've never read it and have no idea what I'm talking about.  In fact, if you've never even heard of the Bead Soup Blog Party, best skip this post and keep your sanity because I've surely lost mine.

I think there are some misconceptions about what the spirit and intent of the BSBP is all about.

Here's what the party IS about:

  1. Trading beads, sight unseen.
  2. Meeting new people via new blogs.
  3. Expanding your creativity by using beads you may never have chosen yourself.

Here is what it's not about:

  1. Comparing your skill level disparagingly to your partner's.
  2. Comparing the quality of the beads traded as unequal and inferior.  
  3. Forgetting that you are a creative person and can make something out of ANYTHING.
Playground equipment made out of old tires. Who would have thought, right?

Everyone has a different stash.  Quality is also a subjective thing.   I've received beads, ephemera, vintage bits and bobs, etc, in past hops over many years for various events -- things that others might have sneered at -- but I've taken it all in the spirit of the event and done something with them.  It might have been frustrating and difficult, but it's about creativity.  I have found, teaching everyone from Kindergartners with plastic and glue to grownups with precious gemstones and wire that there is a way to be creative with the simplest and crudest of objects -- or be completely uncreative by setting things on fire as I've done with the best of materials.

My piece, burned, before I figured things out.  And I make jewelry for a living.

I've been asked by several people if I shouldn't limit the party to those who have an established blog.

I will not do this.

    One of the points of this party is to help people launch into social media.   Beginners, intermediate, and advanced designers alike may never have created a blog.  Some have begun a blog strictly to participate in this blog hop.  Having a blog can help tremendously in increasing visibility, making business connections, and advancing careers, in fact.  Why would I discriminate?

    Some have suggested I only allow those with "serious businesses" to participate.

    Wait, what?

    "Serious business" is subjective.  Some people have been in the business of designing jewelry for years and have yet to sell a thing.  Does that mean they aren't serious?  Some people have only been in business a year yet far exceed the talent of many published artisans. 

    Judging someone's art is not what I am here to do.

    I am quite certain I will receive harsh email about this blog post.  I've already been cursed at.  I'm sure I'll be discussed in private, if not public forums.  I'm ok with that, because this is MY party, and EVERYONE is invited as long as they play nice and don't hurt my guests.  No one is judged here based upon the size or quality of their stash.  Follow the rules set out -- send things on time, post on time, and play nice. 


    Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She's also a contributor to Art Bead Scene and is the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party.


      1. Way to go Lori! I agree with your sentiments.
        I haven't signed up for one of your parties yet, as I am a "chicken" - lol. Not sure why.

      2. yikes, I never realized there was a dark side to the Soup? :O I want to counter a small part of it by saying "thank you",again.

      3. I can't believe people would be so rude as to judge and criticize a wonderful opportunity like this. If they want another kind of party perhaps they had better just choose their own things and enter juried shows. Bah Humbug to them. Thank you Lori for your outstanding work on this project!

      4. Please know that for every person you may have had a complaint from, there are MANY people having a great time enjoying the intended spirit of the BSBP! :) Just a tiny happy reminder just for you Lori! Keep up the great work!

      5. Lori, I can't tell you how sorry I am to hear this and that YOU, YOU of all people have to be on the receiving end of it all.

        WOW, and to suggest to you to discriminate. Unbelievable!

        They ruin the spirit and the integrity of the whole thing.

        So, so sorry Lori.

      6. That is exactly why I love you Lori!

      7. total agreement with what you have said, it should be open to anyone that wants to be included. At the moment I don't sell my jewelery, I have in the past...... My blog isn't much to look at, but I look forward to these bEAD sOUP Blog Parties very much.Its a way to stretch my abilities and try different things, that I normally wouldn't.....and I'm sure its the same for a lot of the participants.. So please continue what you are doing, its a good thing!

      8. Don't know about the rest, but I'm having a ball. Got 3 pieces made with my "soup", beads that I probably wouldn't have bought for myself. Still have a couple of pieces left. But it was a blast, although challenging, to figure out what to do with them.
        So, pat yourself on the back for a successful party for the majority of your guests. And remember, "you can please some of the people some of the time, but never all of the people." You've given quite a few of us, something that we might not have ever given ourselves. The opportunity to participate and stretch/challenge ourselves. And probably "think out of the box".

      9. hear hear :D Well said, Lori! I'm sorry there are those who just cannot get into the spirit of things. I hope you keep a list of the names of these 'party poopers' to prevent them from dumping on your future parties ;)

      10. I want to comment about the nay-sayers but I am going to put on my big-girl panties and hold my tongue. I love this party, and you, and credit both for encouraging me to follow my dreams with regard to my beads and for introducing me to many, many like-minded people that I now call friends that I would have never, ever met before if not for this party and you. Thank you, Lori.

      11. I, for one, have to say, with humble thankfulness, how grateful I am that you did not put those stipulations on the party, since all of those applied to me in the past, and some still do. I know how much I have grown creatively, just in the short time I have been participating in challenges. I know how thrilled I am with all the new contacts and friendships I have made from the last Blog Party. I know there are always ugly people out there. I'm just so grateful that you're one of the pretty pink! :)

      12. Oh Lori. You poor thing. After all that effort. Everyone knows a swap is a gamble, you don't know what it will bring, but unlike the lottery you will always be a winner. This is my first BSBP and i've enjoyed it, I received somethings I would never have thought to pick out but i'm looking forward to creating something out of them and seeing what I can do when thinking outside my little box.
        I hope things get better. :o(

      13. Anonymous2:34 PM

        Bless ya, Lori! You've actually made some very good points - I usually lament my creations and compare them to X,Y and Z, thinking they aren't up to scratch....but you're right: this is creativity, and expanding you're own creativity. As long as you're happy with your creation, and you've pushed yourself to do the best you can do, then that's all that matters :)

        I hope you get the chance to take a bit more time off and chillax!

      14. Well said! And I'm already having a blast with this installment of the Bead Soup Blog Party! Thanks again for hosting it!

      15. Wow, Lori, I am so sorry you are dealing with this sort of ego and ignorance. :(

        The last exchange I did put such a sour taste in my mouth because the organizer decided that she was going to match people up by her perceived "skill level." So basically, if she didn't like your beads, she would send you someone else's beads she didn't like. The "logic" behind this was that it wasn't fair for someone who is very skilled to have to get beads from someone who wasn't good enough. In other words, she was judging everyone, and their work. Very sad, and made me swear off exchanges for a long time.

      16. Once again I am so moved by the wonderful way you have of expressing what is on your mind. Way to go, Lori!

      17. I'll admit Bead Soup and all types of challenges and and blog hops can be very good for business.
        But is that the point?
        NO !!!
        I repeat NO!!!!
        We are here to play with new toys,meet new friends,re-connect with old bead buddies and have
        FUN !!!
        The beads are out ,the soups are simmering ...let the FUN begin!!!!
        m.e. :D

      18. Lori I'm so sorry that this is happening and giving a bitter taste to something you have devised, nurtured organised and clearly love so much.
        Just keep in mind that most people are more than happy and to use a pie analogy - one or two sour cherry's will be overcome by all the sweet ones (how corny is that)!. So breathe deep and eat pie :0)

      19. So much negativity! For me the soup was/is all about fun and a chance for growth and expanding horizons and meeting new people.

      20. Once again I am moved by the warm and caring way in which you express yourself. Thanks for being great role model for me.

      21. Lori, all I can say is thank you. I appreciate all the work you put into this and think you are one of the most amazing women I have ever encountered. I know for many of us, this bead soup is a huge bright spot in our lives. As is reading your blog. I am very very grateful to be a part of this round of bead soup and to use this as a chance to do something new and exciting... and to learn. And to meet new friends. So thank you, Lori. Many many of us appreciate you more than we can say!

      22. wow, don't let them get you down.
        You do an awesome job and we are so thankful that you do!!

        JaneP join in next time!! You are so awesome too!


      23. Love it and you! Spot on with all your comments!

      24. Totally agree with you Lori! Everyone I have read online seems to be having an awesome time with their beads. I love the challenge and meeting new folk. Thanks so much for organising this brilliant event even in the face of such rudeness! you're the best :-)

      25. I'm so sorry you have to deal with such bad manners from others. You couldn't have matched me with a better partner for my first soup experience. If you had gone by the guidelines some people suggested to you, then I would have never received such a fantastic gift in the mail as I did from my partner! I probably would also never feel up to par with posting anything I ever made either if I thought someone would judge me like that.

        I thank you for your hard work, and I do apologize for being slow in posting but dealing with health issues has hindered that to some degree. I have had a wonderful time getting to know my partner through several emails, and also while laying on the ice packs have been creating different designs in my mind with my soup mix. Thanks for letting me play!

      26. I can't believe that there are a few (?) people who add such a bitter taste to this warm and smooth soup!!! Please don't let them get you down, Lori!
        Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you give, do and are!
        P.S. If there's someone in Germany or Europe who hasn't received his/her beads yet, I'll gladly send something from my stash! Just e-mail me!

      27. ;o)


        hello gorgeous xxx

      28. Very well said Lori. I am so appreciative of this opportunity to meet new people and to be challenged. Thanks for all you do to make this happen.

      29. Well I am certainly enjoying your party Lori. I have made three pieces with my soup and it has been great fun lol.

      30. Great Post. There is no room for artist jealous' What we are gifted with, is a gift from GOD The more we give the more HE gives back to us, As we share we grow and expand on our gifts.
        Besides when you go to a party you want to behave with grace.
        Besides you are a volenteer Hostes
        Be Blessed to be a blessing

      31. Amen!!!

        I don't know what the heck anyone would have to gripe about?!?! I've participated in BSBP from the very first party and look forward to it and LOVE every single minute of it, every single time! I meet so many new people and get introduced to so many new beading styles and blogging styles and LOVE IT! and have I mentioned how much I LOVE IT!

        Anyone who complains about anything to do with you or the BSBP needs to get a grip, they're obviously totally missing the point.

        HUGS!!!! You Rock!!!

      32. Can't believe there are such negative people out there...any swap is a gamble re what you receive. That is the whole do what we can creatively with what we receive. It's an opportunity to grow and do something different. I am sure 99 % of us feel this way! Please don't take negative comments to heart are amazing and what yo have done for blogs and the beading community is outstanding. I am personally very grateful and have met so many nice people through participating in this event.

      33. Oh, geez, Lori. I'm sorry you have been getting grief. And I hope all the naysayers read these comments. Most of us are so grateful to you for this enjoyable break in our routines and for the prod to creativity that it brings. It's as I said before: it's not about what you get, it's about what you make with what you get. That's my Bead Soup Philosophy!

      34. Beautifully written! My skill level and stash is no where near you guys. It was my decision to not participate this year but I will next year. I love reading your blogs and getting to know you guys. I admit I felt inferior at first and thought twice about commenting on your blogs or sharing my blog and jewelry. But that was all me not any of you. Thank you for opening up your life and gifts to mentor us less seasoned jewelry designers. It is you and your awesome friends that have inspired me to believe in myself, try new techniques and materials, to dream big. And thank you Lori not only for this awesome bead party that you work so hard to coordinate. But for standing up for those of us that would love to get to know you and learn from you, to grown and be stretched,to be apart. I am looking forward to being apart of this awesome party next year.

      35. Wow, its kinda disappointing that people can take such a cool, fun event that you spend so much time on and talk s**t about it. Heck, i did a blog hop for 12 people and I was tired. You are like a blog hop goddess in my book. And jeeze, it is supposed to be fun! Relax people!
        p.s. I started my blog over a year ago solely so i could participate in the BSBP. So I guess i wouldn't have been allowed since i didn't have an established blog (what the heck does that even MEAN?)

      36. I am just thrilled that you are willing to take on all of us and I am very sorry that you are getting blasted with negative responses but remember that for every negative there is 10 of us who are sending you positive vibes :)

      37. BSBP is a wonderful thing and the only reason I haven't come to a party is that I haven't had time.

        The point's a pot luck party, not a juried competition. Do you complain to the hostess about your dancing partners awkward moves? NO! You enjoy the process of dancing.

        You certainly wouldn't discuss the cost of the ingredients for your dish as compared to those of someone else. That would be tacky...and pointless.

        You also would dare tell the hostess who she can/should or cannot/should not invite to said party. Shame on them. :(

        Lori, keep on doing what you're doing. The majority of participants seem thrilled. The others don't need to be reinvited.

      38. Well said, Lori. Totally agree with what you have to say and what you hope to accomplish. Love you for all the trouble you go through and the wonderful job you do organizing it. My fourth soup and looking forward to more... Have a wonderful holiday weekend with your family.

      39. It is because of people like those that many people are afraid of participating in events and competitions. I tend not to become involved in swaps and contests because I know that people like that are judging me and looking down at me.

        I wish there were more people like you out there. You encourage and inspire new artists. You spread love and good energy. I think more people would be willing to step out of their comfort zone if the jerks out there would just keep their mean opinions to themselves!

      40. Oh my. I loved the last Bead Soup. I am so sorry that time constraints made it impossible for me this time around. The reason I loved the Bead Soup was that it was totally random, totally mixed in terms of where people are at in beading, and best of all, I got to meet some awesome people, one of whom was my partner. And it was totally and completely free of any entry bias. I felt a great load of inspiration coming out of the Bead Soup and I am truly grateful for the opportunity you provided. Lori, you rock at this and I can imagine how much work it is to organize it all. I hope you will do it again because I'll be back. Meanwhile if you care to field any of those nasty emails to me....well I can think of some colorful words. No, just kidding, I left those behind in my mechanic dad's shop. Sort of :-)

        Meanwhile, meanwhile go back to the break. Finish your series of books. Priorities, you know. Hugs

      41. Well said Lori. I reckon if they don't like the party then don't join in...simple. Sadly I am not taking part this time. I have to admit I found the last one quite overwhelming commenting on so many blogs - I know I didn't have to comment on every single one but I felt everyone deserved a comment! I am looking forward to taking part in the next one for sure! Keep up the amazing work - you are a champion!!


      42. Werd. That is really all I have to say. You're right! This is YOUR party, and I'm glad you are doing things they way you are. Everyone deserves to express their art no matter how established they are. xo Genea

      43. I know, I am supposed to know.. all about Bead Soups and stuff.. but I really don't.. what I do know is I like that you speak out about your beliefs & I know alot of people who talk stuff behind closed doors.. and I like what you have to say! and if it has become, what you say it has.. you will find no hate mail from Moi! Perhaps a few bad apples.. maybe not the whole bunch.. but thank you for bringing it to our attention so we can observe more closely and try to keep it as it was originally intended. So thank you..

      44. I should probably be a grown-up and hold my tongue, But I'm not very good at that. People can really be asshats.

        Thank you for being you. I'm sorry people have the audacity to cop an attitude with you. I love doing the Soup and stretching my wings!

      45. Lori thank you so much. I have wanted to join one of your parties but I do not consider myself an expert. I tried to participate in another blog activity but was told I was not ready because I had not done that type of craft for a number of years and never with beads. I am doing it on my own. But the attitude of others that you are not good enough has stopped me from joining in a lot of things. I have a blog that I don't keep up and wanted a theme to use to kind of commit me. That last communique really was a bummer it really made me question if I really want to be a part of a group of people who think so highly of themselves that they are not willing to encourage those who haven't 'arove' yet. Again thank you, your attitude is very encouraging for those of us who have not made everyone else's idea of an artisan. I think I may just join your next party. I'm sure that your present post will weed out those who are above the rest of us.

      46. I am always amazed at how nicely you react to the challenging folks you have to deal with. Most of us know how much time you've spent and how much you put into this. There are always people who feel they need to tell a volunteer what he or she should do better even though they would never put the time in to do the volunteering themselves.
        I'm betting there are a great majority of us who love you and send you hugs:)

      47. Well said, Lori.

      48. I love this post, Lori, and it's really too bad that a few (hopefully not more than a few) people are trying to ruin the fun for everyone. I love the opportunity to get to know other beaders and WHO doesn't love free beads? For anyone who doesn't love the BSBP, let THEM design and run their own challenge/exchange and see how much work it is!

      49. I'm glad you came out in the open with some insight into the "behind the scenes" garbage. A shame that you would even have to, but hopefully anyone guilty of those sins will look within and grow (up as well as creatively!)

        I'm just sorry that the initial simmering left a bad taste in your mouth. I am hopeful that lots of pie will fix that (yeah, I know, this is too many mixed metaphors...but I couldn't resist!)

        love you!

      50. Lori, Everyone has said it so eloquently. I am adding my voice as a supporter. I have gained so much through this experience. I keep writing about it in my blog. You are becoming famous in my little blogging world, which I wouldn't have had without your party. I have a new pen pal from the Netherlands because of this party. I have learned how to photograph my jewelry better because of this party. I have learned about creating a treasury and how to improve my etsy store. Still working on these. I have picked up marketing tips. I have bought products from my fellow bead soupers and I received beautiful products from my partner. I am dismayed that wonderful people like you ever get treated in any way but with total respect. Gosh I guess I had a lot to say. Thanks

      51. Ugh. That's the pits. So sorry some people are being poops about things. You know how it goes with stuff on the internets - there is always a stinker (or five) in the crowd. :(

      52. I totally agree with what everyone has said Lori. The majority of us respect you and the huge task you have taken on. I am one of those nobodies that they, whoever they are, was talking about. Without challenges like this one and others I would not get exposure to maybe someday become somebody. You paired me up with a great partner and I have already made three pieces. Thank you from the bottom of my creative heart!

      53. Anonymous9:53 PM

        Love the soup, love my partner, love my beads, and love your comments. As a "new" artist, and "new" blogger, I appreciate the interaction with the seasoned veterans, as well as the brand new newbies. It's all good to me.

      54. Wow! It is really amazing the ego some people have. I think you have handled it correctly Lori and I agree with you 100%. While not part of the BSBP now I hope to be in the future. Thanks for all that you do!

      55. Miss Lori...You know I'm your biggest fan!!! Too bad you don't have a group of puppies or peacocks making soup with you.
        The problem with people just can't please all of them!!
        Bravo sweet friend....well said & exactly the reasons why I LOVE this event!!!!

      56. Great post. Although I was busy taking care of my aunt during blog enrollment and couldn't sign up, I will certainly participate by viewing as many of the blogs of the people who did sign up as possible. You know, art is in the eye of the beholder and the heart of the creator. And...there is no such thing as an inferior bead (or beader for that matter!)Boo-Hiss on critical, judgemental and jealous people!

      57. haters gonna hate. all that negativity ultimately hurts them, not you. what sad lives these people must have to be so closed minded.

      58. You are really wonderful. I haven't joined yet because I don't have a blog and felt intimidated. Now I might have the nerve to join the party. I sure love looking at the eye candy at the end of each party. Been following for a long time. Please keep encouraging us all, you are respected and loved for it.

      59. Well said my dear! Petty people should not all!!
        I so appreciate you Lori and the work you do for everyone. I have learned so much from following your blog and what you share. Thank you dear lady. Safe Labor Holiday weekend...

      60. Polly Barker10:57 PM

        I am so sorry that there are the negative people out there. This is the first BSBP that I signed up for and I did start my blogging to be able to participate in the party! I know I am not very skilled but want to expand my horizons, and meet new people. I visited each and every blog since signing up for the party! I ordered several things from different bloggers. I want to thank you for taking on this huge undertaking, arranging the whole thing and standing up for, at least, this blog and bead swap virgin. I hope to join many more parties! Thank you so much for the chance.

      61. I'm just going to say that i agree wtih the others that have written here..and thank you for all your hard work.

        back when i made collectible teddy bears i was in the occasional bear swap. all handmade and of every skill level and there were the same type of people that bitched about, i am not surprised. Just sorry you are on the receiving end.

      62. You are certainly right on! It is hard to believe that people would tell you how to run your own party! I think it is fun to think outside the box. Isn't a party supposed to be FUN? I am certainly having a fun time coming up with a new creation...personally, I like challenges that make me grow as an artist. I am so sorry that you have been cursed and criticized...that is not nice at ALL! Mean people shouldn't be allowed to play! Thank you for all the long hours you have devoted in developing this party! Even people who haven't participated have fun following all the blogs. I know I did with the last one which is the reason I am participating this time around. Isn't that the whole idea of blog hopping to connect with other fellow artists?! You rock, Lori!

      63. Lori, hang in there! We're having fun and you've done an amazing job organizing this for all of us! :-)

      64. Lori,
        I'm so sorry that some are making you feel bad about the party. I was hesitant about signing up because A. I'm not a good blogger, but I have good intentions to become a good blogger B. I feel inferior to pretty much every jewelry artist out there C. I don't sell online (but I do sell in a local shop). D. And possibly my biggest concern...I worried that someone would be disappointed that I was their partner.

        All of the reasons that I hesitated about signing up is EXACTLY what the party is about! I for one am getting exactly what I wanted and more!! I posted my soup on my blog and people actually visited my blog and commented! How exciting is that!

        I am proud that I am allowed to participate in the BSBP. You have my utmost admiration for all you do. With all of the talented Artists here, I feel like I am part of an "elite group" . It's a shame that not everyone feels like that.

        Lori, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You rock!

      65. Anonymous1:50 AM

        I am sorry to hear that you are having such a bad time while doing something so great!
        I really appreciate all your efforts and I am sure many are with me. I think that some people lost the ability to be thankful, to show respect and be respectful and to live in harmony.
        You gave me the chance to meet new people, to find new great blogs, to see what people can do. I think this is all about.
        I don't understand why people feel the urge to seal themselves in a niche, but if they do, don't go around bothering the ones who give all their soul to make people connect and interact.
        In any case, I hope all the bad energy your receiving won't spoil your mood too much!

        Stay tight!

      66. I am not and have never been a participant in the Bead Soup Blog Party (maybe next time.) However, I have enjoyed it time and time again. I can't believe anyone would actually curse or say the things they did.

        Of course when I blog hop I look at other people's work with a critical eye, judge if you will: what a great use of color, what interesting choices in beads, what an inspired use of materials, what appealing architecture, how can I use what I am seeing to improve my work? Sure, I am a great bead weaver, but there are plenty out there who are better and plenty not yet as accomplished. There are a ton of beaders who are better at strung pieces- I am inspired daily.

        I had more to say, but it is just a rehash of what was already said.

        I will add that one of the life lessons I have learned over the past few years is that happy people are happy no matter what comes their way. I would guess the same goes for creativity.

      67. Dear Lori,

        as I have already told you - I have been admiring your way to deal with everything: your wonderful way caring about us all, organizing it perfect, taking care of a lot of details and last but not least of being fair to everyone.

        But as in real life - you can never please everybody.

        It is the first time for me being part of a "soup" ☺ and I can tell you ... boy, I had so much fun designing something I am proud and happy about with something I perhaps never had bought.
        I had no expectation, I was open to everything and that got me inspired.
        And I am feeling great about.

        Thank you again, you are wonderful.

      68. Well said! I am amazed at the job you have done with these parties - I am sure you have a lot to contend with whenever this many people are evolved.
        I am most proud to be a part of your party - thanks for inviting me!!!
        Thanks Lori!

      69. Lori,

        As usual, you are doing an outstandng job, and I too, am sorry that some ol' blue meanies just don't understand the game. Shame on them!

        Mybe your post will finally get through the brain barrier.

        I love this party THE MOST! it is such a creativity booster. Keep on keeping on

      70. Good on you for sticking with what you believe in. I'm having a great time, discovering new blogs, making something new and different, just learning new things. Love it. Thanks so much for making it happen. ;-)

      71. Love your post. The whole point of this party is to celebrate creativity, not to poison the soup!

      72. I was really nervous in the beginning but that is just part of the whole growing and stretching exercise that this party offers us all who are willing to participate. I can't thank you enough for all your time and effort in making this a success for everyone, not just the elitist few. Please take some more time for yourself. (((Hugs)))

      73. Negativity makes you grow as a person (at least that's how I see it), but positivity rules! No negativity can stand the light of positivity...

        Accept it, because you know High trees, take most of the wind, and you are one of those high trees...

        This will help you decide what YOU want, and how YOU want to continue your journey, all the rest is decoration.

      74. I just want you to know, you have done a wonderful job. Some people you cannot please not matter what. Quality beads? All perspective. "Serious business?!" Well, I have been making jewelry for a loooooong time. Probably longer than some of these people have been alive. I sell very little compared to a lot of people, but most artists do not make a living out of their included. As far as the blog stuff, some of us a very computer dumb (that would be me), and our blogs are very basic and simple because of that. I love the BSBP and the intent of it. I stand to give you an ovation!!!!

      75. I just can't imagine people in the beading community responding negatively to any aspect of your BSBP or suggesting that participants need to have established blogs. What? They are completely missing the point. This is a wonderful way to meet new people, be inspired and create something new! It is not a popularity contest. They are also forgetting how much time, effort and devotion you are putting into this. Lori you are creative, talented, generous, wise-you rock!

      76. Well, ditto. I do hope it doesn't ruin it for you or make you decide to quit doing it. You are a wonderful person to do this, and I guess it just goes with the territory. There are always going to be negative people and you have to rise above...

      77. I for one hope everyone carries a little Lori-ness with them everyday. Selfless-ness, Kind-ness, Creative-ness, Playful-ness!

        I am a newer, self taught jewelry creator, do not have a blog and donate all profits to charity. I stumbled across Lori's site the day of the last reveal! How blessed was I?!!! Lori, your BSBP has done all you set out for it to do - smile and give yourself a pat on the back! I'm looking forward to all the positive energy your BSBP book will have too! ~~T

      78. I'm sorry to hear about the things people say. But as said before, we are so many who love this party. That grumpy minority should've read more about the party before signing up if they have such issues with it. But I guess it'll always be so that some people make up expectations that are very different from what's being offered. I've seen it happen many time when people purchase product -- and now it's happened here.

        If anyone don't like the ideas and rules for the party, well, why sign up in the first place? It's not like it was a big secret how it was going to work, nor was it the first ever BSBP so they had previous parties to compare with.

        Swaps are like christmas gifts: everyone gives different things and presents have different price tags. Do you want to exclude your granny from the christmas celebration because she doesn't give you as exclusive gifts as you -- by free will -- give someone else? It's not a zero sum game. Ever heard of "it's the thought that counts"?

        I know one can be disappointed when swapping initially, we are different and like different things, some overgift and others don't, beginners are not as picky about beads as advanced beaders and so on. But it's part of the game and if you don't like how a game is played, you shouldn't be in it because you're big enough to know you might not like it. We're all adults, not kids. And if you still do join in, don't let that disappointment spill over on others. Keep it to yourself and the next time you know better than to join something that's not your cup of tea. Or at least keep silent until after the party and do the whining then, don't spoil the mood now!

        If they want to keep it to "serious jewelry makers" -- I've been doing this since 2005 but don't sell so I guess I'm not serious -- and art bead makers, they can make their own little party up in that ivory tower of theirs. Swaps like this is a place for people of different skill levels and different tastes to come together and HAVE FUN. I really like that about swaps, not elitism but people of all skill levels can come together and be part of a positive, generous community.

        (Oh, dear, I take things like this way too personal. Civilized, but personal. *lol* Anyway, I hope incidents like this doesn't spoil anyones party mood -- that includes you, Lori -- and I guess so people will always be unhappy with how things are done and some just lack manners. You can't please everyone, that's true. I'm looking forward to being a part of a fun, big, international party! And it's all thanks to you, Lori. You know how much we appreciate all your hard work.)

      79. I love you Lori and you're party is a blast.

        Thank you for inviting me!


      80. Lori - Totally agree with your post. This is my first BSBP and I am having a ball. Thanks for all your hard work.

      81. Even though I have yet to participate in one of these, I completely agree with you. This is a great way for people to open their minds to new ideas, and if they think they can't make beautiful jewelry out of "inferior beads", then why try at all? If you have to have the highest quality beads to make something cute, then it doesn't seem like you're very creative.

      82. I'm so sorry that a few negative ninnies have been so rude to you. This is a wonderful party, thank you so much for allowing me to take part! I would not have gone out and bought the soup my partner sent me purely because it would have sacred me - and that is exactly the reason why I love what she sent me so much! It is making me stretch my limits.

        And as for a serious business - bah - the day I take my business too seriously is the day I quit - it's too much fun to be too serious!

      83. Some one encouraged me a long time ago never to spit in my children's soup; to let them dream and try, without disparaging remarks. I'm sorry that people are spitting in yours :/ I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a worldwide venue. I started my blog only b/c I wanted to be part of this and it's exciting and scary all at the same time- but what a great thing! THANK YOU for making it available to us "newbies", and encouraging us to spread our wings and fly!

      84. 1. Amen
        2. Thank you

        It makes me sad that you are in this position. You put sooooo much in to this event and it is amazing. I have to agree with the others, read the rules and play by them! If you can't, please don't play.

        I have gotten so much out of the two that I have participated in. In fact, I started my blog just to be able to participate! And I am loving my blog. So, if I had to have an "established" blog, it never would have worked out for me and I wouldn't have met the amazing folks that I have, all thanks to you.

        Thank you!

      85. Hi Lori!
        well if you're anything like me, when one person has a gripe, you automatically think there must be more that might be feeling that way too. It's awesome that you addressed it.
        But I think these people are a small smidgen but the majority LOVE the bead soup like it's their job! You do a fantastic job putting this all together. You shine when it comes to dealing with all the complainers. I do hope that you get some enjoyment out of it all too. Keep on keeping on and just ignore the haters.

      86. I was so shocked and disappointed when i read this post Lori. To discriminate against creativity is surely one of the most heinous acts that can be committed.
        Creativity is the ability to express oneself freely and without prejudice is it not?
        These people are what is wrong with this world, lording it over others they feel to be less talented then them selves, Ego is a terrible thing but, as an art student, something i have found to be rife in the creative community, luckily i can say with much confidence, generally i found many makers to be of a generous nature,(including your wonderful self dear Lori), willing to give and teach with patience and understanding.
        Pah!! Such snobbery is detestable, they should be ashamed, perhaps Lori you should e-mail them back with a link to this post and most importantly all the wonderful comments you have received since publishing it, i follow many of the blogs that have taken part in your party, and they have all been positive and excited. Take comfort in this Lori and know that what you are doing is wonderful, and to all those taking part i'd like to say never be ashamed of what you create,(i'm sure you are not), whether you have limited funds or money to burn, whether you are a beginner or a master you are all awesome, you are all making a difference, and you are all touching some one's life and bringing in a ray of sunshine, well done to you, i commend you!!

      87. Donnie6:11 PM

        You go girl! It's your party & you can do what you please. I can see you are trying to encourage & promote others & that's what counts. I am new here, this would be my first comment. I agree with what you have said & everyone else as well. It's a shame someone else would have to have such a bad attitude. What about the spirit of fun & camaraderie? There's too many things to be serious about these days & it's nice to be able to share with & challenge each other. I just found out about the Bead Soup Blog Party otherwise I would have joined you all. Plan to do it for the next one though!

      88. Let me start by saying (again) thank you so much for all you do. I am also sorry that you are putting so much into this and have to be a referee. You shouldn't have to deal with any nastiness at all, directed at you OR at others. It's too bad that there always seems to be someone who ruins all the fun. It is a common thought of mine that "if we were all the same the world would be a dull place". Of course everyone is at a different skill level, just like everyone has a different view on beauty. I read in "Amber Dawn's Inventive Soul" blog today that "Art is subjective." (go check it out, she's in the bsbp so there is a link to her blog here, I loved this post!)

        Acceptance is so much easier on everyone than pointing out flaws and lack in others. Doesn't it make you feel better making people feel good about themselves as well?

        Anyway, this is my first experience with this type of thing. I am another one that is glad that you have allowed people to join even if they don't have well established blog and/or are new to the jewelry making world. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to be a part of it and would never have joined in the future either. That would have been a terrible thing because I am learning SO MUCH because of this Bead Soup Blog Party. If I had really known what blogging was all about I would have started AGES ago! I love it! Thank you for providing the opportunity for people like me who are just starting out. ...and thank you even more for all of the amazing support!

        Most of the people I've seen involved here are loving, giving, caring and beautiful. The rest are some combination of those qualities. Add in creativity and WOW!! Who wouldn't want to be associated with such a group? If given the opportunity and with a little organization imagine the changes such a generous group could bring about in the world?!? The thought gives me chills (the good kind! lol)

        Keep doing what you do the way you do it and remember some people just have to be angry and there's nothing you can do about it.

        Have a fabulous Labour Day Weekend.

        ~<3 GillyBean

      89. Thank you Lori for allowing me to take part. Sorry for the issues you're having....

        I was scared to join, because I am a no-body, my blog was mainly for myself to store my photos of my hobbies....but since joining, I've met new people and started posting other things. I don't have an Esty shop or such but have been thinking of it, and with the partner you gave me, have had help with those thoughts....thank you again...

        I'm having fun and getting new ideas to come out of my box, which I always thought was one of the main purposes of this party....

      90. I just want to say a big "Thank You" to you Lori for hosting this - with the exteme size of it and what you've been through lately I'm amazed you can be so nice in your post! (I'm not sure I would have been had I been cursed at for hosting something that is supposed to be fun!!)

        Secondly - My hat's off to all those who are really in this for what is is and who are here to have fun, be inspired and stretch their limits.

        And lastly - I'm glad I'm participaiting this time around and I'm thrilled to be in such great company and hope to be able to participate in future ones as well!

        Keep up the amazing work - you're doing a great job and inspiring so many people! Way to go!!

      91. I think folks need to be their big girl panties on and stop taking themselves to seriously...this is a FUN activity, so chill out and HAVE SOME FUN, DAMMIT!

        And your burnt piece? I think it looks pretty darn cool!

      92. Hi Lori,
        I don't post much... and I don't have a blog or a shop or ...

        But it seemed time to at least add to the list of those who are usually quietly appreciative of all you give. I am in awe of Bead Soup Blog Party effort as well your kindness, compassion, and warmth that radiates from your posts.

        I hope some day to have the confidence to join your party... and to feel welcome.

        Many thanks.

      93. I am a new blogger and new-ish jewelry maker and feel very privileged to participate in your PARTY!

        Thanks for opening it to all stages of FOLK :)

        PARTY ON LORI...

      94. Hi Lori, I'm a lurker who has enjoyed your blog for a long, long time. This post has pulled me out of my shyness to tell you you how much I enjoy seeing all the swaps and the results produced. I toy with the idea of starting a blog just to participate, and I am so grateful you take on the huge job of creating this fun party. Please keep it just the way you have, inclusive to all. Yes, for the few participants who are unhappy, there must be "millions" of us who love it, but keep quiet.
        Thank you, Lori.

      95. Well said Lori! I am enjoying participating in the Bead Soup Party. Thank you so much for hosting it and for the opportunity to participate.

      96. Anonymous3:56 PM

        Hmmm, maybe next time one of the rules should be that if you complain, you will be automatically blacklisted for the next BSBP:-)

      97. I wanted to post a comment here for a couple of reasons. 1) to tell you thank you for all you do. After the last party my head was swirling so I can't imagine how dizzy you must be with everything you have to do and 2) to apologize for my behavior last soup. I pouted when I first got my beads. They weren't in my comfort zone and I held a pity party for myself. I never e-mailed you to complain because it has nothing to do with you what gets sent as long as something is sent. I told my sister-in-law and she told me you are an artist you can work with everything and just remember what is a diamond to one is just a big rock to another. What you were sent could have been very special to the one who sent them. Very wise words I must admit. I was able after that to let my creativity take over and I made an amazing necklace and bracelet (if I do say so myself).
        If I had let my negative attitude take over I would never have stretched myself and worked with beads and colors that I had never worked with before!!
        Thank you Lori for all you do and if anyone still needs beads please let me know I set some aside for those that may not have gotten any.
        So happy to be a part of this soup!
        Shannon C

      98. Kudos for standing up for yourself and for your party!! I want to keep doing it, so do a lot of others and we think you do a great job, every time!! Dealing with people who don't appreciate the work that goes into this is bound to happen, and knowing you, you won't let it get you down! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with again, I commented on every single post that was up in time during the last soup, and hope to be able to do so again!!

      99. Hey Lori,
        I love your blog hop and the spirit in which you've created it. I'm sorry that anyone has given you a moments grief for what you are putting so much energy and hear into!

      100. I have been in a no internet available area for the last week and am agast when I got back online today to read that about your problems with negative comments. I am one of the beginners who doesn't sell (yet, but I want to)and I just started blogging in January. I joined the Bead Soup EXACTLY for the reasons you talk about. I have meet and connected with the greatest bead partner and have visited so many great blog sites that I never would have known about otherwise. Thank you for the opportunity - you have help me (and it appears from all the comments already posted) that you have helped a great many other people too. Keep a stiff upper lip and run your own life to suit yourself, not the nay sayers.

      101. I have been in a no internet available area for the last week and am agast when I got back online today to read that about your problems with negative comments. I am one of the beginners who doesn't sell (yet, but I want to)and I just started blogging in January. I joined the Bead Soup EXACTLY for the reasons you talk about. I have meet and connected with the greatest bead partner and have visited so many great blog sites that I never would have known about otherwise. Thank you for the opportunity - you have help me (and it appears from all the comments already posted) that you have helped a great many other people too. Keep a stiff upper lip and run your own life to suit yourself, not the nay sayers.

      102. Thank you for your lovely bead soup blog party. Thank you for letting me and my sister participate in this amazing fun opportunity.
        Yes, I've got stuff I never would have bought. No, I don't know what I'll do with it all yet. But I am having so much fun! And stretching myself.
        And falling in love with you a little bit. For sharing your heart with us, for allowing the unknowns and newbies to join in.

        Bless you. May the one who is Light lift you up and fill you with peace. You are doing a good thing. Be at rest.

      103. WOW. There has to be the selfish person in every lot doesn't there. WHAT AN EGO!

        It's funny it never occurred to me to worry about the beads I would receive. I was too busy worrying about the beads I was sending. The beads I got were amazing, but I would have been happy with what ever I got. I'm in a club now, and after almost a year I've yet to get a set of beads I actually like,but I stay in the club because I'm learning so much by being forced out of my comfort zone.

        As far as this swap. I am having so much fun! I have been so excited to be a part of this swap from the get go, and I am still excited now. Im planning an all nighter tonight to get my piece done!

        I can't thank you enough for all the hard work you've done. There is no way I could have pulled off something like this.

        I agree with everyone else. Politely decline their participation in future events, and let yourself enjoy this one. Don't let them get you down. The best thing you can do with someone like is dismiss it, and not let it get to you. Some people just never evolve into rational thoughtful adults. They are obviously stuck in an adolescent age, and there isn't much you can do about a selfish bratty kid that isn't yours. It's not your responsibility to raise them, someone else already failed at that.

        Thank you again!

      104. Hi Lori good to meet you, it,s a shame there are always a few bad apples. I am excited I was just approved to the forum, am I to late to join in the bead soup and get a partner? I will have to read your link in this post to see if I missed something. Thanks for having this even I am to late I am enjoying reading all the posts about it and checking out some really unique bead soups!

      105. Hello Lori,

        I like to join this kind of fun. Really love to design and make necklaces. Thanks for this Lori. You made me inspired. Thanks for the effort and the shared ideas.

      106. Lori and all: I cannot imagine being snotty or judgmental about the Blog Parties! I confess I was kind of shocked by this post. I had such a lovely experience with this, I can't imagine being evil about it. I just blithely assumed everyone sent the best they could and their partners used them the best way they could. I totally support you, Lori, in all of it!

      107. Lori,

        Great party and effort. I would love to experience the things that people had said on this comment section. Sounds really fun and very productive. Thank you Lori for this blog. Always have a goo time.

      108. I really admire you Lori. That's a true fighting spirit. And exactly why I really like you.

      109. OMG... wait... I have to catch my breath, I've been laughing out so much it hearts :) You're funny, that's for sure.

        Thank you for sending a note about this post - I am definitely new at this business and I like how you think about it.

        And thank you for organizing it - even virtually it is *not* a small feast - unfortunately I do believe you have encounter negative comments or like someone well said 'the dark side of the Soup'.

        My beads came in today - I have a list of things to do before I manage to take a picture of them, I just LOVE the idea and my new challenge (along with the beautiful beads Dita sent).

        cheers - I'll be back soon :)

      110. Great post Lori from last year. I like the way you think

      111. Lori, you are truly a "gem" among artists! I mean that on every level, not just God given talent. I am new to beading, but you have made me feel welcome and secure among all levels of talent. Thank you so much, and keep doing what you're doing ~ you're amazing!
        Karen xo

      112. Lori if it wasn't for your blog and your giving, sharing and caring attitude towards all jewelry designers no matter what level of talent - none of us would be where we are. You are a great role model and your positive energy is what makes the BSP such a success. I have not participated as yet but hopefully next time around. Thank you for all you do!


      I appreciate comments! Thank you for contributing to the conversation.