Wednesday, September 07, 2011

An Ode to Migraines

The past couple of days I've been dealing with the rain and horrible weather and the rotten migraines and problems with my IH that causes (it's actually IH Awareness Month, and if you're interested in what that is, you can read more by clicking here).  An author, whose name I wish I could remember, described this malady as "a headache that could wake the dead if it could scream".

Yep.  That's about right.

So for days when I'm recovering from the "migraine hangover", I have blog posts set up so I don't have to think too hard.  This blog post is a little story called "Ode to a Migraine" and features vintage finds my husband and I acquired a month or so ago.  But I decided to write a silly poem around it rather than say, "and THIS is a....".  So here we have a very bad poem.  Please forgive me.

"Oh my dear," 
the lady exclaimed, 
"I fear that my head
is about to explode!
So the gent tossed her in the car
and headed down the road.

"How about these pastilles?"
The druggist said with a grin.
They're good for what ails you
and these days, not a sin!"

The lady reached out 
but then said in great pain,
"I've heard it does wonders,
this legal cocaine.
But alas, I'm a chicken.
I think I'll abstain."

"What else have ya got?
For getting better, I am NOT!"

"Well how about this?" the chemist replied.
"It's not for ALL headaches
but it's good for your insides."

The lady did sigh and said with some pain,
"My head is the problem 
but I'll take them
all the same."

The chemist shook his pen
but the pen had run dry.
 "Never fear!" cried he,
"I'll mix up more ink
just please standby."

While the chemist mixed ink,
the young swain looked about 
"Ah ha!" he announced.
"Champagne tobacco!  Check it out!"

Now how, you may wonder
can anyone make
taste like champagne --
now THAT takes the cake!

"You've got to be kidding,"
said the lass with the ache
"You're buying tobacco?
What about give and take?"

So the knave looked about
and found on the shelf
a sampler of powders
and chose one himself.

Tiny it may be,
only three inches high,
but his sweetie with the headache 
called him the apple of her eye.

The lad was so happy,
and to please his dear lass, 
he couldn't help but buy
a bottle of perfume in a tin,
gracious, what class!

Still plagued by her headache
and feeling quite faint,
the gentleman took her
to the clinic, post haste.

There at the lab
they pricked her poor hand
(because nothing rhymes with finger)
dabbed her blood on a slide
then sent it off through the land.

The vial traveled by carriage and traveled by barge
to headache and pain doctors both small and large.
But the doctors were stumped,
and raised their hands to the sky
but wrote her a prescription
for lots of

Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She's also a contributor to Art Bead Scene and is the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party.


  1. very cool post! Sorry about your migraine...

  2. Sorry to hear of your migraines, I hope you feel better soon.

    I thought that I had a sinus infection all summer and was on several different antibiotics. Come to find out they were migraines that can be brought on by a sinus infection or can cause one.

  3. Oh, Lori-Sweetie. I am SO sorry you're dealing with a migraine. (I get them too, so I know how it is.) Loved the poetry and I'm giving you an A+++ for effort! Sending you oodles of feel-better-fast energy!

  4. Cute poem to go with the old tins. I hope the headache is easing as the remnants of Lee is leaving. Take care and enjoy your pie.

  5. That.Is.Awesome! I love it Lori!

  6. I hate to hear your head's a pain
    And can't wait for you to be well again

    I hope you'll soon be swell
    But you sure did make me LOL! ;)

    (I really suck at that. . .I'll leave it up to you!)

  7. Lori, I loved this... and your sense of humor. My daughter who lives in Washington DC suffers from such migranes too. I am going to send her this link. Lori, I really wanted to come to your show in DC while I was there and give you a surprise...sorry it did not happen:(

    Hope you feel better and the weather in your end gets better soon. Dita- back to CA

  8. This was such a cute poem. I loved the ending! I had some lemon meringue pie tonight and thought of you xP Hope your migraines go away very quickly!

  9. You make me belly laugh. I love little tins as well.and I love the poem and the bad rhymes:^0)
    Be Blessed to be a blessing

  10. Sorry to hear you are down with the migraine again - hoping you feel better soon. Love your finds!

  11. So sorry! But your poem is quite lovely, very creative and gave me a smile! I hope that you get some relief soon - I know too well the adversity one can have when dealing with a disease/disorder!

  12. I loved this post! Great story and great photos! Even it's about somehow pain...

  13. That is so cool. Lori, you are really the best!

  14. Delightful, that you can write poetry about your malady! Hope you are feel better soon.

  15. Oh Lori this is delightful. I had to read it twice. Love the pictures too! This is Nobel worthy. Hope you're feeling better today.

  16. Sorry to hear that you've been suffering with migraines...but the pie sounds like good medicine! :)

  17. Maybe since I get migraines, and I like antigues, I like your poem! It's cute!

  18. Funny! I like the surprise ending. Well maybe pie isn't such a surprise :-) Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Feel better, OK.

  19. Lori, so sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather again, but your creativity never stops, Love the poem, very funny.

  20. I'm surprised that you were feeling upt to writing this very clever poem. I hope the nasty migraine runs its course quickly so you can get back to the things you love. Take care!!!!

  21. oooh - feel better... had been wondering about you in this weather...
    your finds are really terrific...

  22. Oh Lori. IH sounds awful. Thank you for the link.

    I feel some of your pain, I have plain old migraines. I hope you're able to find some relief.


  23. Pie cures all!!! HA! Sorry you're hurting but your poem made me laugh.

    I am also reading Storm of Swords, by the way, can't stand that I have to work because I'm so IN to it!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  24. Lori oh Lori, I'm sad that you're ill,
    And doctors can't fix it with one little pill.
    But your blog post is funny and laughters a cure.
    For most other ailments you're a healer for sure!

    Really do hope you feel much better soon Lori. x

  25. Im sure the weather dosent help your migraines! Get rest and I hope you can get some respite Lori! Eat more pie lol ox

  26. Feel better soon, Lori! Migraines are the worst! Way to work through it and make the rest of us smile though :) Love the poem/pics!

  27. Hope you feel better soon. Love the ode and the wonderful pics. Hope it cheered you up.

  28. I've been plagued for the past couple of weeks..who knew pie was the answer! Great post Lori!

  29. Lori, I finally get to see what you bought that weekend! SO many cool tins! I love colors in that blue tobacco tin. Your poem is so very clever...sure made me laugh! I hope tomorrow is a better day...

  30. hope you're feeling better today

  31. I too get migraines. They are the worst. I tried every prescription drug my neurologist could think of, nothing worked. He then suggested I try a natural approach, my preferred method. Hyland's Migraine Headache Relief. I bought it at Whole Foods, but I am sure a nature market or healthy living store will carry it. It really dials down the intensity of the pain so I don't have to spend all day(s)in bed. Your poem is awesome-well done! Very creative approach. :)

  32. Loved the Ode. I hope that the headache is getting better. I am really not sure just how you manage to juggle so many hats with those headaches.

  33. Oh my !!! Those boxes are a hoot - who knew you needed to cure "Headaches from constipation"!


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