Monday, September 19, 2011

The Aftermath of the 4th Bead Soup Blog Party

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I thought you might be interested in what my blog hopping was like over the weekend.  Yep, I visited all the blogs, and only a few didn't have posts up yet -- a very few, actually!  That's an amazing feat for 362 blogs!

I slept in on Saturday because I had (of course) a migraine.  Rick got me a lovely cup of coffee, I set myself up in the library of my house, opened the laptop, and scanned email for any last minute hop issues.  I found out that a link wasn't directing to someone's blog correctly.  No problem -- I can fix that in a second.

Or so one would think.

I seemingly had the internet connection of a 1990's 14.4 modem.

I could NOT get blogger to open.  Then after the computer spun and spun and spun for literally fifteen minutes, and I changed the link, I couldn't get it to PUBLISH.  My husband started getting that look in his eyes because *I* was getting that look in my eyes and that look was panic and more panic.  So Rick first got on the phone with our internet provider ("there's noise on the line, we're working on it") and then he got on email and chat with the person who needed their link fixed.  After about an hour, during which at one point I threw my glasses on the keyboard and burst into tears, the connection magically appeared and I was able to attend my own darned party.

My way of tackling visiting blogs was first to visit my partner, and then to visit all the people who'd commented on my blog.  It was easy to click their comment and BOOM -- blog-a-rooni.  I'd read, look, comment, and then mark the person off my spreadsheet.

Midway through the day, my husband served me coconut cake.

Now, I know what you're thinking.

That came an hour later -- French Silk.

And then, as I got tireder and tireder, but more determined to be a good hostess, I took a break for a hot bath and a shot of Scotch.

Now I don't fit into any of my clothes.

Seriously, as much as I talk about pie, it's a "I don't usually get any" talk -- a longing for what I know I shouldn't have.  But this weekend?  Throw that out the door, hand me a couple of plates, and what a great husband to serve it up without my even saying a word.  And the Scotch?  I usually only have a shot or two at Christmas.  But oh that was a nice treat.

A few more blogs, and then a game of Apples to Apples with the family.  And then I was smart and called it a day night and slept until noon. I kid you not -- noon.  EXHAUSTED but in a good way.  I dreamed of beads.  And ok, some pie.  Which is what I had for breakfast.

Oh hush.  You would have done it, too.

Sunday, my internet connection held, but I ended up moving my computer to the bed where there were fluffy pillows.  Mmmmmm, pillows.

And around 11pm, I finished the hop.

I noticed one thing -- FIBER!  Lots of fiber.  And I wish I knew how to use it!  I'm either using the wrong stuff, or just haven't got the knack.  The only time I can use fiber is when I use it at the back of the neck like I did in my Bead Soup piece.  I want to learn how you guys weave it and tie it without it looking like when *I* do it.  When *I* do it, it looks like a 5-year old tried to wrap a present.  I just don't get it.

I also noticed that seed beaders are forever in my awe.  I don't even think that's proper grammar, that's how gobsmacked I am by what they do with tiny beads and a needle, let alone how they design things.  Holy smokes, hand out some medals!  Hand them out to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU -- all 361 of you.

And oh my.  I realized how humbled and grateful I am that you came to my party.  No one could have asked for better.  You didn't trash my house (too much -- who left the wine glass and beads in the backyard?) and you, for some reason, all wanted to come.  I'm exhausted, it took TONS of work (and thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who helped me -- you know who you are!), but as with all the fun parties, you have to work hard to have awesome-cool fun.

You guys rock.  Thank you for coming.

 all photos via Pinterest

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Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She's also a contributor to Art Bead Scene and is the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party.


  1. LOL!! love it! ohhhh the pies! I'm still hopping away and enjoying every minute of it. Once again I had the best time ever at your party and am so proud and happy to be a part of it :) Big giant squishy squeezy hugs to you Lori! If I could do it in person I would! :)

  2. Sweet Post!! LOL you crack me up! Yea cake I am seriously staying away from soda and cake now! But YOU deserve it!!
    Now GO Celebrate again..Yummm more cake! YOU have WON The Sisterhood of The Traveling Bead Box! Fate has laid her lovely hand on you! More on your plate! lol. Enjoy!! I've contacted you!

  3. Yes, it was a fun party - even though I was "on the outside looking in". I am still working my way through all the blogs, and "wow" what a lot of wonderful creations have been made.
    Give yourself a big pat on the back Lori . . . and more pie!

  4. What a wonderful husband you have.
    Great party!

    I'll be hopping around for a while.


  5. You've been to every one of them? No wonder you needed pie, cake, and a cozy bed. Hey, a girl has to treat herself after a long day's work. What a wonderful husband you have to pamper you.

    I can't seem to get the hang of using fiber either. I was never any good at knotting, but really it shouldn't be that difficult, except in my case. But I'm not giving up.

    Enjoy your week, and I hope your migraine is all gone! Now I'm off to work on the BS list.

  6. Aww! Miss Lori, you are a fabulous hostess! I'm so bummed that I had to skip this Bead Soup, but I just got back into town. I'm enjoying browsing through the participants though!

    P.S. I missed your posts! True story.

  7. Wow! you should have a superhero name. Come on, pick one you deserve it. Thanks again for the Party.

  8. wow Lori, you are amazing to have finished blog hopping in one weekend! I am still working on it

  9. Even though I wasn't part of your party I did follow every bit of it and I am still working through the amazing incredible awesome pieces made with bead soup. Lori you should be so very proud of the great job you did. I don't like to rush ahead but I am so waiting for your book!!! Your day sounded just right for recuperating after all the hard work of organizing this giant bead soup party. Blissful rest for you dear...

  10. Thank you! and tell us how one gets a smores keyboard, cause that looks all kinds of yummy!

  11. what a wonderful hubby you have... i am so glad there was someone there to do for you the way you do for others... what an impressive hop, seriously... cannot wait to sign up for the next one (and yes, i saw that it will have a 200 participant limit - smart)...
    and yes, cake and pie would have replaced all meals until the plates were clean...

  12. Now that I've read your post, I'm wondering if I was possibly having problems with blogger while trying to see some of the entries - because I personally thought there were SEVERAL people that hadn't posted - which would be a shame. I guess I should go back and hit the links again.
    I LOVED what I DID see though - especially the seed bead stuff. I'm also a seed beader, so it ALWAYS catches my attention. And I have to say, too - that I didn't make it through all those blogs without help either - fudge brownies, and later, peach cobbler. It must be something about the beads....
    Thanks for organizing and putting on such a great way for people to intermingle and talk about our mutual love - beads. See you in February!
    Cool Moon

  13. I love seed beads too and use them in a lot of my designs but can't do what others do with beads and needle...I'd love to learn how though. They are amazing artists!

    I'm still working on hopping around today. This has been a wonderful and fun experience!

    Thank you Lori! :)

  14. I think the cake, pie and the whiskey would take care of any headache...yumm! I am still blog hopping around today, finishing up. I tried to comment also everyone's blog, but I may have missed some. I came across several polymer clay artists which is always icing on the cake for me! A HUGE (((HUG))) for all your work! Loved every minute of this bead blog rocked! So many, talented and creative artists out there! So very happy I decided to participate this time around! 8D

  15. I can't believe you visited all of us already. I think I have hit about 100 so far. I too am so amazed at what creativity there is out there, it is so inspiring me to create more things and try new things.
    Thank you once again for a great blog party I certainly hope your random generator picks my name because I don't want to miss another one ever!
    I think you are the one who deserves a medal with a huge blue ribbon attached for all the work you put into this. You are one of my heros, seriously!

  16. This entire post had me just smiling! You are too funny Lori and also being a photographer I quite loved all the photos that went along with it. I'm still hoping as it seems I got a little tripped up along the beading trail so to speak - My father-in-law made an unexpected landing (after 2 days notice) at our house after driving 1200 miles to see my son's football game and well spending time with a 76 year old took first priority of course. So, I'm back in the soup laddle once again.

    I sure wish I had a piece of that french silk pie though....ahhhh!

    Thanks once again for a great party!! XO

  17. You are so funny, even when you are exhausted!! I am still hopping, too, every time I have to get on the ice packs! It's a slow process for me, but loads of fun, and oh, soooooo inspiring!! I, see, oh so vividly that I have so much to learn. Thank you for all the hard work you managed to do to get this party started and finished! I am honored you let me, such a beginner, be a part of this awesome-ness!! You apparently have a fantastic husband. God bless him, too! Not too sure my husband understands my obsession with learning all this jewelry-making and blogging. He's so old fashioned! Ha! Hugs and much love to you, Lori! And, yes, I would have had pie and cake and some wine(in place of the scotch!) all weekend, too! Your clothes will fit again, don't worry about that! :)

  18. You are just incredible! All your hard work and dedication is truly appreciated. I had weeks worth of enjoyment from this party and I hope so much I make it into the next one!
    Thank you for all you've done Lori!

  19. Yum! Another smashing success, Lori! And the best part is the party lasts for a while..I know it will take me through the end of the week to visit everyone! Thanks again for the good fun!

  20. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Lori, your party rocks and you are a great hostess.
    I will continue my hop now!

  21. Still hopping here...but now I'm craving apple pie! I have immensely enjoyed seeing all of the creativity out there. It has inspired me BIG time!

    You did indeed throw a fabulous bash!

  22. You have a wonderful husband! I'm very impressed that you finished the entire hop in a day! Again, I bow to the master!! This has been tons of fun & I hope I make it into the next one!!

  23. Scotch AND Pie. Now,why didn't I think of that???:) You are a real trooper for putting this together and then for actually going through all these in a weekend. Will take me a while with the day job!


  24. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Great post!! And you are a great hostess...I, on the other hand, must be a wimpy guest, because I have only been able to visit about 45 blogs...on my way now to try and hit the rest!
    I was thinking the same thing about the fiber...and the seed beading. As a general comment...there are a lot of talented people out there!!

  25. Delightfully funny, entertaining post! And French Silk? Mmmmm.... my favorite!

  26. Thank you again, Lori, very much for hosting this gathering for us! What a wonderful hubby for pampering you (do you think he could have a chat with my husband?)!

  27. You must be super-human, i spent most of saturday hopping and lost the will on sundat. Am now back doing little and often. It was a great party and I have a list of ideas i want to try as a result of it. Thanks again for everything Lori.

  28. Lori, you have such a special way about you that makes us all feel comfortable and welcome. I love how you blog about the mishaps and can laugh after all that stress. You are an amazing, kind, helpful and generous person, please never forget that I and I am sure all the other 360 Bead Soup Partiers appreciate everything you did to make another huge party a success! Love, hugs and barrells of gratitude from me! PS and a simple Thank you for this opportunity.

  29. You have one of the best hubbies!!! And I really just want to come hang out and eat pie and cake and talk beads with you!!!!

  30. Delightfully funny, entertaining post! And French Silk? Mmmmm.... my favorite!

  31. Well, now that I am home from the retreat I can get started hopping. I may be late to the party but I am fashionable! ;-)

    Glad it went so well!

    Enjoy the day!

  32. Great party. You can have the whole pie and eat it too. However, that Scotch looks REAL good. Is Scotch low carb? Thanks for hosting.

  33. I am so wowed by your achievement of visiting all the blogs. I've personally only got through 60 pairings ( thats 120 blogs, right?) and I'm going to do 15 pairs a day from now on. It has been fantastic! I too have been amazed by the seed bead artists, for how beautifully integrated the results have been on this hop, and because my ham hands can't handle them at ALL, not one bit...
    rest, rest and then rest some more...thanks again, you great Lori, you!

  34. I'm still hopping, but thank you so much, Lori, for this awesome party. Next time I'll bring the wine and pie! Good combinations there! Thank you!

    You really are amazing. You are a super woman. You . . .wow!
    I'm glad you got some sleep and relaxation. You totally deserve it!

    I'm still making my rounds and it may take me FOREVER to get through them. I'm glad to hear that you'll be limiting the number next time. Well, back to it! :)

  36. You are A-MAZING!! Definitely equal parts work horse and show pony. Thank you for your beautiful spirit, sunny personality and all of the hard work that goes into the soup. Your communication is awesome and I am honored to have been a part of this group again. Thanks!

  37. Thanks so much for leaving a lovely note on my blog and for inviting me to participate in the next bead soup party. I'm in (if I get picked by the lottery)!

  38. Actually, I would have had the coconut cake for breakfast, and maybe lunch. I am only about 100 blogs in but i'll get there. I switched to wine! :)

  39. Thank you to you for all your hard work organizing this thing! What a monster undertaking! But it's a great idea and I'm glad you're willing to tackle it so the rest of us can have such fun.

  40. Well, all I can say is thank YOU! I'm so sorry you had such a hard time with the computer but am so amazed that you got through all the blogs. I don't get fiber either. Don't know how to use it. If you learn, please share!! Thank you, sweet Lori. You are a gem!

  41. It's been wonderful. Having a ball. I'm not sure how you managed to get through all the blogs. I'm still hopping, although I don't have too many more to go through. I love your pie. Any left? :) I'm SO hoping I get to participate in the next one. I just can't believe all the creativity I've seen so far. What a wonderful party you threw. To the hostest with the mostest, I raise my glass (it's just diet coke right now, though.) :)

  42. It's Monday night-midnight and I am only 1/3 of the way down the list I have spent 3 days on the computer.I haven't even answered my comments as yet I honostly don't how you made it thru so fast. I am exausted and I am so totaly amazed at the party. what really gets me high is peoples creative imaginations.
    Thanks again

  43. Anything is better with French Silk pie. I remember when I was younger, a big date night was going out to the Plush Pippen with the husband, sharing a piece of pie and talking.

    I want to thank you so much for inviting me to the party. It was wonderful!

  44. I enjoyed so much this blog post. It was amazing. Just as the party! I'm almost ready with reading and looking at all the nice jewelry... Hope to be a part of the next one as well. Lori, I guess I can not say Thank You! as You deserve it... You did a great job!!! You even helped my English to improve a bit... THANK YOU FOR YOUR JOB AND LOVE FOR US!

  45. Lori, first of all awesome hostess, finished her hopping in whooping two days. I love that you were always on top of everything, leading the pace,lifting the morale of the troops (uf, we needed it!)
    Kudos to the Host, because behind every great woman is a great man, who knows instantly when to start pouring hard liquor and serving heaven on a (pie) plate :-D
    And lastly, I so agree on the fiber thing, always looks so very avantgarde with others but when I do it I might as well throw in some macaroni and cardboard beads and call it a 3rd grade project.

  46. Can't believe you made it through all 362 already. Must be the sugar in the pie. Send me a piece of that cake and that stuff you wash it down with. Yummy

  47. Hurray to your hubby - he rocks! So do you:-)

  48. haha! love this post and I would OH SO love to have a keyboard like that MUCH fun would you have blog hopping and licking fingers...yummy!

    you did an awesome job yourself chick and so deserved the pie and whiskey!

    here's to the next one! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  49. I so agree with the admiration for 'seed-beaders'; my patience is not enough for that!

    My round is still not finished, but it will!!

  50. Lori, I am having the best time at this party. I have found some wonderful new blogs and so much fantastic inspiration from designers of every skill level. You have been a fantastic hostess. Thank you for all your hard work in pulling it all together and making us all feel so happy to be part of it. You've earned every mouthful of that pie.

  51. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Lori, you ARE the hostess with the mostest ... thank YOU for putting together such an incredible event. It was an honor to watch it unfold, and an inspiration beyond belief.

  52. Oh, love the shot of scotch!! LOL!! The cakes look devine!

    Thanks for hosting such a lovely party (to which I'm still attending and hopping to) and for all the hard work you and everyone else poured in to it. I'm very gratefuly to have participated!

  53. I cannot believe you visited everyone. Amazing!! And you deserve the pie, the cake and the scotch. I would have been stressed to the max if my internet was down and it was my party.

    I was out of town and am now visiting all the blogs, it may take forever. But I am using the same strategy. I visited my partner and am visiting those who commented and then I will attach the list.

    Thanks for the party. It is so inspiring.

  54. You deserve to celebrate. That pie looked so yummy. What a great husband you have! I have the same fiber problem - someone should do a tutorial about using fiber for us challenged individuals!!

  55. I can not wait to be a part of your next Bead Soup. I didn't get through all of the "hops" but what I saw was amazing!!!! What a great person you are for putting it all together! Thank you for all your hard work - even us bystanders enjoyed it.
    Lori Burek

  56. Lori - You are the one who should get a giant gold medal! Great job on the party from start to finish. Thanks for all you do.

  57. Thank you for having was an amazing hop & no one could work harder then you in making it as FABULOUS as it was. You GOTTA know you just ROCK!!! ;)

  58. Thank you for hosting :)
    And yes... pie for breakfast.. hmm.. yummy. I had pie for breakfast on Saturday.. homemade pear warmed up in the microwave :D

    Now that it's over and you can relax, have another slice of pie, pour a bit more scotch over some ice... have another long hot bubble bath.. and leave the computer turned off for a day or so ;) Spend the time with that wonderful thoughtful hubby of yours. They're rare creatures... enjoy the fact that you have one of your own ;)

  59. I am SOOO sorry I caused trouble for you on what was already going to be a really hectic & crazy day! Can I FedEx you some pie to make up for it? Something? Scotch? Anything?

    I still have so many more to catch up on! It's been so much fun seeing what everyone does. I've seen a few pieces with fiber, but I'm glad to know there's more. I love it!

  60. Well you deserve all the pie in the world!!! that cake looked glorious however!!! you picked well when you chose your hubby!!! Hats off to him for taking such good care of yoU!!!
    I have to tell you that this has been one of the most important and meaningful experiences of my young computer networking life!! I have met so many wonderful generous and talented OMG!!!! artists!! And I have spent a chunk o change but all for the big project that I am working on and it has been FABULOUS!!!!! Fabulous!!!! Thank you, thank you thank You!!!!! And big hugs as well!!!

  61. Mmm... french silk pie, spending the day in bed with lots of pillows and lots of eye candy?? I know what *I'm* doing after this week from hell! Note to self: change the sheets when home from work on Friday... find favorite jammies... put laptop on the nightstand... with the charger cord! Congratulations again Lori and thank you Rick for keeping our party girl happy! Enjoy ~~T

  62. You are just. totally. amazing, Lori. And you are such a generous, humble person. I enjoyed watching and, hopefully, you will do this again and I will participate! I think you are my Rock Star!!!
    Huge congratulations for an amazing job. You have set the Bead World on fire on the internet.
    I promise to come eat the leftovers on your treats...I am just starving now...just to help you along a little bit. Then we will just split half our seams!!!

  63. A pleasure! And what an awesome party it was :-) keeping my fingers crossed for the next (lottery) one.

    And PS, VERY good husband. Top marks there!

  64. Love you!
    Thank you for being so wonderful. Blow me away. I can't believe you visited everybody over that amount of time!!!!!!!!!
    You are amazing, on top of being wonderful. =)
    Your pie looks so good. Maybe next party I SHOULD come to your house. You obviously have the best goodies!

  65. That was a very fun read....loved reliving how long it took to hop!...I remember they agonizing eye ache I had...hahahha

  66. I'm still hopping and having fun! Thanks for inviting me to your party. I'll put the wine glasses in the sink on my way out the door!

  67. It was a beautiful always, and I am still hopping =)

  68. Thank you so much (again) for hosting such a fun event. It challenges me every time. I'm always awed at the gorgeous creations everyone does. I "think" I am going to start a "pre" soup pile now LOL and add some beads and play with it a bit in anticipation of the next hop. I figure I should mull over the outgoing pile as long as I mull over the pile that I create with right?

  69. This post is so sweet!
    The slide of the cat is to cute!
    Now I'm waiting for the next party hoping to be part of it!
    Thanks for your great work!

  70. I am so glad that it went well this time!! I thought that you were keeping it to a lottery of 200?????????? What happened??? I knew that I was short on time so decided early on to sit out but that has not stopped me form butting in the hop whenever I have had a free moment.
    I do want to do the next one if there is to be a next one.
    As for fiber, some advice- use more than you think you need and cut it only after you have done what you want with it. Leave one end tied to the hank or ball or spool so you don't come up short and it starts to look tight or forced. Remember that we cannot do IT ALL!!But I think that you can do this- don't try to control it too much.<3 Bless you hubby for serving up cake and pie!!!
    Did you get the gallbladder issue resolved or is that still pending???? Have you investigated food allergies and migraines?? Wish i could help, I hate hearing about how you suffer- but don't stop telling us - that is not what I mean!!! Now I am off to look at some more beads!!


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