Saturday, August 06, 2011

A Featured Article (Italy!) and My Dad's Visit

I had the honor of writing for Soft Flex Company this month.  They liked my blog post about Korea and how it related to how I make jewelry, so they asked me if I had a follow-up on that subject.  The article I wrote has to do with my Italian travels, so if you're interested, please click here.

Marsure, Italy, in the north

Today I saw my dad left.  He has follow-up appointments at home.  If anyone is interested in the email I sent to the Patient Advocate to Easton's Shore Health System Hospital about the "care" they gave my dad, let me know.  It was hideous.  One of the things I hate about living here is our hospital is terrible. Whenever possible, I drive to Annapolis, MD for care, but Dad was in too much pain.  BUT, he's back to his old self, and I'm so very grateful for all your thoughts.  He was humbled, too, as I showed him your notes.

We did have a lovely day the day he got here.  Zack immediately bonded with both Dad and my step-mother, Gloria, who also came, even though she'd been in a diabetic coma last week.  To say I was on high-alert with every bit of WebMd and pre-med memory in my mind is to put it mildly.  But they insisted on coming.  It's been six years since they've been to see me (long story) so maybe all the medical surprises they've had over the weeks gave them pause.  And we also had the sobering discussion about wills and what not.  I hated that conversation.

But on to beautiful things!

Here's my dad, a bit pensive.  My hair takes after him, so it looks like I'll be going white in my older age, which I'm actually looking forward to (the hair color that is).

And here's a picture of Gloria, Dad, and their dog that weighs 12 pounds and terrorized my 22 pound cat.  We ended up keeping the kitties upstairs.

I love that my dad wears purple shirts.

Then Dad made Zack the happiest boy in the world by taking him for a ride in his convertible.  Zack is a car NUT and can tell you a million things about cars and about had a fit when he saw Dad's car.

And then that night all hell broke loose.  Dad came home after a night of observation and rested an extra day beyond their planned leaving.  The morning they decided to leave, I looked on the porch and saw he and Zack playing Battle Ship.

To say that Zack and Dad got along is an understatement.

My relationship with my Dad has always been complicated.  However, in the past year in particular, it's grown into something I can live with and be happy with and would be able to die happy knowing I'd done all I could to make my feelings known, and he's made many efforts to mend fences.

Some fences, I realize, can never be mended.  I do understand that and am here to say that as long as you know you've done all YOU can do and have led the life you feel has been the best you can, then you're ok.  At least, that's my opinion.  Life is very short, and I may sound cynical at best and rude at worst, but it's too short to waste on things that don't matter and people that don't care.

For those participating in the Bead Soup Blog Party,
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I'm exhausted, and thanks to Lisa Liddy,
she's double-checking my work.
I promise, we'll be fine, and can always extend a little if we need.

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Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She's also a contributor to Art Bead Scene and is the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party.


  1. Oh Lori am so pleased that your dad did recover and is on his way to better health. I am also pleased that you had a mostly Pleasant visit. It thrills me that Zack bonded with his grandfather. That is huge
    And then there is the hospitals of today. All they seem to care about is where is your wallet and who is is your insurance company. and I am excited about the BSBP Be Blessed to be a blessing.

  2. So glad to hear that your Dad is well, and you all had a good visit inspite of the medical emergency. Lori, take all the time you need with the Bead Soup, we ain't going anywhere... Rest awhile too. It is important to take the time to mend fences and rebuild bridges, it is a good thing you have had the opportunity.

  3. Hi Lori congratulations on the writing. That is awesome. I too have dealt with horrible hospital care for my husband, brother, myself, and know so many people who get hideous care. I can't understand it. Your dad looks good now. I like the purple shirt as well. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.

  4. So glad the visit ended so well! He and Gloria look very happy, as did Zack and Grandpa with that game of battleship! My son always loved to play that game! As Regina said, we certainly are not going anywhere and you take all the time you need to do the necessary things to carry on with life and the Bead Soup Party. Rest! Your body, your brain, and your emotional health need it!

  5. So glad to hear that your Dad is doing better and that Zack has had a chance to get to know your Dad. I agree that life is too short. Mend what you can and let the rest go. Get some rest you deserve it.

  6. So glad your dad & Zack got some relationship time. There are plenty of us that know first hand about those "complicated" relationships! My husband works at one of the "good" hospitals, and there are still issues with patient care.
    Please don't feel pressure from us on the Bead Soup. Everyone I've "talked" to is just super excited, and I'm sure a couple of extra days won't decrease that!! :)
    Thanks for keeping us updated on your dad. Hugs, Shirley

  7. So glad your dad & Zack got some relationship time. There are plenty of us that know first hand about those "complicated" relationships! My husband works at one of the "good" hospitals, and there are still issues with patient care.
    Please don't feel pressure from us on the Bead Soup. Everyone I've "talked" to is just super excited, and I'm sure a couple of extra days won't decrease that!! :)
    Thanks for keeping us updated on your dad. Hugs, Shirley

  8. Lori, You go girl. Glad that you Dad is better and you're better, too. Time heals, and it sounds as if you are, too. Hang in there. Zack looks great in the convertible! What a great memory for him!

  9. Lori, I'm so glad your dad is on the mend. I hope he gets proper treatment at home (and I'm sorry he was treated so horribly the first time).

    I love the ear-to-ear smile on Zack.s face while riding in his grandfather's car! How fun that must have been!

    Mended fences are a good thing for everyone. I should know....

  10. Congratulations on the Soft Flex feature which I did read as I follow them. Happy to hear your dad is doing better, that he and Zack got along super and that you are okay with your mendings. I know all too well how family dynamics can strangle even the best of efforts as we age/mature. Lori you are such a wonderful woman and I am so pleased to share your friendship. Bliss and rest to you dear...

  11. Lori, don't worry about all of us! We all know life happens (and anticipation's half the fun anyways). We'll be here when you're ready.

    I'm just so pleased that there was some definite good in this visit. Relations between the generations can be so challenging, but making peace is so important for your well being. Wishing you all health!


  12. So glad things went well for you all and Zack bonded with his grandfather.
    Not good about your local hospital though, happily we have some decent hospitals down here.

  13. I think I could write not one novel but a set of them on (not) getting along with parents or close family relatives.
    I think it's difficult knowing I will never be as close as I should be with some people and there are certain things I can forgive or forget but the knowledge that we are stuck in a repetiteve pattern of hurt and disrespect is unbearable.

  14. Lovely post ... thanks for letting us know how you Dad is now the relationship your son and he have. And that you are okay with you current relationship with your Dad.
    Looking for ward to the partner list.
    Terri G.

  15. Heartwarming post Lori. Thank you for sharing it with us. Glad all is better now.

  16. So glad your Dad is on the mend and you get some rest so you don't get sick. I have been laying low due to a death in the is short we need to enjoy the good moments.
    Looking forward to the bead party, please don't run yourself ragged.

  17. Hello Lori
    I am very happy to hear that your father is much better...happy for your cats too,lol.
    Congratulations to you on your impressive article and being featured. I am not able to join your bead soup this time around...hope you have a great time though.


  18. Hi Lori
    So pleased to hear that your Dad is on the mend. Sorry to hear about the poor hospital treatment, I hope that your e-mail elicits a positive response!
    No rush with the Bead Soup, thrilled to be taking part for the first time and will take the opportunity to sort out a good selection of bead soup 'stuff'.

  19. Lori - so glad you Dad is doing better. I have dealt many times with the horrible hospital care for members of my family. My thoughts go out to you. Take you time on the Blog Party and rest up!

  20. glad your dad got to feeling better, how lovely he was able to spend time with your son..
    it's a shame so much of this country's medical care is less than quality and expensive as well.
    i was pleasantly surprised with the care my aunt received this spring with her hospital stay..
    however mom and i had to "run away" to get the emergency area to admit aunt to the actual hospital.

  21. Lori -- good for both of you that you've mended the fences that were mendable. Living without regrets is good for peace of mind.

    Glad your dad and Gloria are on the mend.

  22. Zack is one smart cookie, who doesn't love a convertible ;) ?

  23. Hey Lori, sounds like a great get together with your family, your Dad looks like a fun guy!
    I bet he will have a long and wonderful relationship with Zack.
    So happy that everyone is well.

  24. Also, how proud you must be about the article!! You've sure got alot going on!

  25. I love your article and photos of your family.

  26. Well done on the article.
    I'm glad to hear the family are on the mend.
    I also like that you speak your mind, I do it too. Sometimes people are a little shocked but the people who really matter are always there regardless.
    Take care.
    :o) x

  27. Sorry there was so much trauma during the visit but glad it worked out. How wonderful that Zack and your dad have such a great connection.

  28. So glad to hear your Dad is okay and you actually got to have a bit of a visit. I can relate to all you said as my Dad is a long story too. Unfortunately my children have not been able to mend the situation like Zack. That is a wonderful blessing right there. I hold onto the hope that all things will be simply lessons when my life is over and all the souls of my loved ones will be whole and loving when I reach that place of peace. On a lighter note I can see you in the white hair- that's what I have under my die job. Thanks again for all the work you got done and my craft show is over so if you need some help- I'm willing- after a good night sleep tonite that is!!

  29. Great article. I'm glad your dad is better, sorry they didn't treat him well in the hospital. Your pics sure show how well Zack and your dad got a long. That too is great.

  30. Oh, so glad Zack and his Grandfather had so much fun together. And now I'm off to read your article!

  31. Lori, I'm so glad to hear that everyone's doing better, both physically and emotionally. I'm glad that Zack got a chance to play with his granddad, and how CUTE is he in the car!!

    I'm proud of you for having the strength to keep your heart open.

  32. All kinds of things happen in relationshps. It's how we grow from them and how we make the best of any situation that matters.

    And it is wonderful to see kids and grandparents having fun together.
    Those little moments in life are forever precious.

  33. So glad your Dad is well again and their visit ended good.

    And bummer because I was in France for summerholiday I totally missed out on signing up for the beadsoupparty, eventhough I had internet access and was planning to be parth of it again. I did had a lot of the fun the first time. Ah well better luck next time, think I have to put a reminder in my phone thow to help me not to be to late for sign up again ;\

    Wishing you and your loved ones all the best and can not wait to see all the beauties which I'm sure will be designed by the participators.


  34. very wonderful post. In every aspect. I love your honesty. I figure it is like the saying, take what you like and leave the rest. That is sometimes what one must do in complex relationships.
    I am so glad your father and son had a wonderful visit!

    jean xox

  35. It sounds like your dad visit went well! Except for the health care thing, but its good that overall it was good! Thanks for your comment on my blog, sounds like we have a decent amount in common! We should talk more :)


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