Thursday, June 02, 2011

The One Where She Locks Her Keys In the Car

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I DID have a lovely post all planned out for today but alas, it wasn't to be.  I did something I haven't done in 22 years.

I locked my bloody keys in the flipping car.

Zack and I drove over the Big Scary Bridge for our annual First Day Out of School So Let's Go to the Mall and Buy Stuff jaunt.  Notice in my previous blog post I said I was on a bead buying hiatus because I was going to the Bead and Button Show next week?  Apparently that spending hiatus doesn't count when you're talking about the LEGO store.

It also didn't count when we found Giant Microbes.  Zack has had a Cold Virus key chain on his backpack since first grade (much to the delight of his teacher, who received the Cold Virus soap dispenser as a present later that year), and I have both Mad Cow Disease (I wrote my 4th Year microbiology paper on prions) and a Brain Cell (a nod to my darned headache malady).  This time, Zack chose T4 (which attacks E. coli) and I picked MRSA (which has thrown me in the hospital and tried to kill me, the bad, bad, boy).  MRSA happens to be wearing a cape, of course, because he's a super-bug that is hard to kill.  

So there's your science lesson for the day.

Now comes the stupidity.

Zack and I decided to get a jump on Father's Day and bought Rick's present, and armed with microbes, LEGO, and said present, we headed to the parking garage.  I hit the button to unlock the trunk, figuring we'd hide the Father's Day present in the trunk, and the rest could go up front with us.

I shut the trunk.  Then went to open the car door.

Freaking thing is locked.


Seeing as how this is a new car, I didn't realize that "unlock the trunk" ALSO didn't unlock the DOORS, as it had with my van.  So now there's my cute white Punch Buggy, all snuggly locked up.  

I am 45 minutes from home.

Rick is 30 minutes away from home (in the other direction) and I KNOW he's in a meeting off site.

Finally, after an hour or so, I get Rick on the line and he heads our way to pick us up.  I didn't call AAA or a locksmith or mall security because I knew, just KNEW, Rick had the extra key.

He most assuredly did NOT have the extra key.

So we head back over the Big Scary Bridge, 45 minutes to home, hang out for an hour to let rush hour die down somewhat, and head BACK over the bridge, with me saying, "I am SO sorry" to my husband the entire way.  And Rick?  He didn't mind a bit.  Neither did Zack.  


Yeah.  I had things to DO, ya'll.  Everyone else thought it was a fun adventure -- I mean, Zack put together his LEGO set while we were waiting for Rick to pick us up (at least THAT didn't get locked in the trunk) and Rick is just hard-wired as easy-going.  Me?  I'm a bit more, shall we say, tightly wound.

At any rate, that was my day.  It could have been SO MUCH WORSE and I told Zack, when he asked me a couple of times, "What's wrong?" (undoubtedly because of the morose look on my face), that it sure wasn't funny now, but it would be funny later.

And you know what I just remembered?

I have to drive the car to the dealer to get its tags put on it tomorrow.  

In Annapolis.

Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She's also a contributor to Art Bead Scene.  She is also the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party.


  1. You have such a gift for writing, Lori...Very Erma Bombeckish today. :) Hope tomorrow is better.

  2. I am waiting for the day I do that. So far, I've been lucky but I'm expecting to lock my keys in the car one day. It's inevitable. Like locking yourself out of the house/apt which I have done.

  3. Lol sorry about the car!! Love the legos, we get the starwars magnets for the fridge for visiting kids

  4. Oh Dear! So glad all worked out well after the fact. Years and years ago my daughter the new driver constantly locked her keys in the car and I had to "rescue" her all the time day and night. When she got a replacement car I told her to get three extra sets of keys for me, one for her girlfriend and one spare just because. She did. That night very late way across town I got the call...Mom, I am locked out of my car. I called AAA but in those days I had to meet the driver to sign for the work. As I was lecturing her waiting for the tow truck she assured me she had the extra keys made. Sure enough...four sets of keys were sitting in the console locked inside the car! Oh those were the days. Glad all is well for you now. Love the Legos and the science lesson. Happy driving...

  5. Here's hoping I can post a comment under my own name instead of "anonymous".
    Sorry about your rotten day - as Lisa said - you certainly do have a gife for telling a story.
    Hope you have a good weekend!

  6. To date, I haven't locked my keys in my van...of course now that I've said that I'll do it tomorrow! I have however locked myself out of the house, and had to lift one of my kids through a window opening a few inches wide, where they proceeded to get a drink & a snack before coming to the door to unlock it! Hope the weekend treats you kindly!

  7. I've done that sort of thing, so many times...glad it all worked out!

  8. Anonymous2:15 AM

    Oh no! That sounds like a nightmare of a day for you :(

    I also like giant microbes. I have the flu one, a homage to when I was working on the swine flu outbreak in 2009! The MRSA one is super cute though - does it still come with the cape?

  9. I have done that so many times that I always look twice before I finally shut the door. I once locked the keys in the car at the car wash! You talk about ticking people off. But least B&B is coming. We should try to met. I'm going to be there tomorrow until next Friday.


  10. Isn't it funny how each of us has a different perspective on certain events? Zack has not a care in the world at his age, so this was probably just another adventure, while you were thinking of all the things you need to do and how it would all pile up as the minutes are ticking by.

    I'm sorry your day went the way it did. Hopefully today is a much better day!

  11. I have done it twice, the first, my son was just about 1 1/2 and I put my purse down to get him situated in the carseat and then went around to get into my side and must have inadvertantly hit the lock when i closed his door. Try telling one that age when you're on the outside and he's on the inside that it'll all be OK. No cell phones then and I had to leave him to go back in the store to call for help. I don't know who was crying harder when the police showed up him or me. Awful day!

  12. Kind of reminds me of the time when the kids were little that I stopped for gas. Put my wallet on top of the roof of the car ... the rest you can imagine. Credits cards strewn all over Route 301! Hey, look at it this way, it gave you an entertaining blog post for the day ... even if it was at your expense! LOL

  13. Oh i am soo sorry this happened..i've been there..duh, and my inner voice was telling me the whole time.."do not set the keys down while loading up the groceries"..i didn't listen..
    now i carry an extra key, but like you said it could have been much worse...i was in the grocery parking lot, it wasn't raining, night, cold, lonely,scary...
    just time gobbling.

  14. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Oh my heavens what a day you had, HUGS! Our boys sound like they love the same things. Had never heard of the GIANT Microbes though. Both of my boys want to be scientist when they grow up. One to study insects and one to study flowers. Every year I get them an end of the school year gift! So, the GIANT Microbes seems perfect, get on Amazon and they some of the ones in the petri dishes on sale for a little over $5. They are each getting 3 different ones to start off their collections! Thank you for sharing! Now to wait the week until school is over! Once they arrive will I am be able to wait! LOL!

  15. I'm glad Zack had his new Lego to entertain him.

  16. Anonymous10:31 AM

    I hope today is a better day!
    Take care...

  17. oh lordy woman, i hate to laugh at your expense, but that was truly funny writing! thank you for making me chuckle and here's to a beaut of a weekend. cheers!

  18. Hi Lori, you most cetainly have a way with writing, you always have me sitting on the edge of my computer chair, i'm telling you if the local paper read your posts i'm sure they would be offering you a job with a weekly column we have a lady that does one in the paper every Sat. with just her perspective on daily life and mishaps and you remind me a lot of her! sorry for you misadventure and you are one lucky lady to have such a wonderful hubby!& and an abso adorable Zack
    take care and have a better day today ttfn L:)

  19. So sorry you had a bad day, but you are now due for a fabulous one. Thank you for the Super microbe link...They are so great! Already planning on Christmas stocking stuffers for the many mad scientists in my life!!!!

  20. The same with my car. It also has a open the trunk button which does not open the doors at the same time. But so far I didn't manage to lock the keys.....

  21. Thank you Lisa!

    Patricia, I locked myself out of my dorm room once, on a Friday when the dorm manager was off duty all weekend, bare foot, and oooooh, yeah, the not-so-kind roommate had gone to work a 12-hour shift.

    Fun times.

  22. Oh Laura, that was a huge fear of mine -- I got a key chain that hangs on my wrist. Ironically, it's the same key chain that I locked in the darned trunk.

    Barbara -- I did that, but on the MILITARY base. Losing a military ID is sooooo not fun. Thankfully, someone on base turned it in to the MPs. Not something I'd want to have happen to anyone else!

    JumbledHutch, I'm so glad you found something fun! I was a Biology major with a microbiology concentration, and my stepson is a plant microbiologist, so they are awesome to us!

    Spirited Earth -- oh you poor thing.

    SomethingUnique -- you inspired me to send in some things to my local paper. Who knows what they'll think!

  23. That same thing happened to me once only the car was still runnin and it was a rented caar. So we had to go thru locksmith and the police to get permission for the locksmithto unlock the caar. And it never happens when it is convenent, Be Blessed

  24. Lori, the line up of Lego mini figures are so cute, even if they are germs!
    I'm glad it all worked out even though it involved a lot of inconvenience. And like Barbara said, it made a good blog post! :-)

  25. That reminds me of a story with my daughter's ex-boyfriend. Not allowed to talk about him on my own blog for obvious reasons, so I will tell the story here. He locked the keys in his running car. We tried for at least 30 minutes to run a coat hanger down and snag the door handle on this 90degree day. Then I asked him how he unlcoks the door. Turns out that all we had to do was press the coat hanger straight down on the lock release and pop! in 2 seconds it was unlocked. hmmmmmmm

  26. Oh honey, been there, got the T-shirt.

  27. There's a place in our brain that recognizes something IMMEDIATELY after it's done.
    Thankx for the laughs today.

  28. Isn't it funny how we beat ourselves up over our mistakes more than the people we inconvenience? I once locked my keys in the car on an 80-degree day with the windows rolled up and my dog inside. Luckily, my dad was just minutes away.

  29. One time, I lost my keys.

    Two small children with me. Tired, wet, and cold. Cell phone locked in the car because I am a genius. Too far from the nearest house to walk with my two small children.

    So I picked up a rock and broke a window.

    Used my cell phone to call a cab.

    Went home, got everyone cleaned and dried and fed. Found the spare key.

    Called another cab.

    Back to the car.

    That was a very good day.

    My husband was out of town, by the way.

    Understanding and incredulous when he returned.



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