Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow?

Yesterday's rant was cathartic.  I wish I could say today was bright and rosy and all my problems washed away with the dawning of the morning sun but this is the real world.  However, I took some of your advice and tackled my beading table -- 90% of my beads are put away.  Now I can start the chaos all over, but looking at a basically blank table is refreshing.

As for the bad hair week, I got my hair re-pinked today.  Yep, it's still pink.  I'm going to go through one more bead show in August and then it's bye-bye to the pink.  I'm thinking --- purple.

Or even go back to my favorite red and add purple.  Who knows?

But none of these cuts, no matter how cute.  I don't have the face for it, and certainly don't have a stylist in my bathroom each morning when I stumble into it.  I'm actually considering the arduous task of growing it out a bit.  Maybe. 

SO!  Hope you all have a happy weekend, and don't forget to check the links above -- we have a tutorial from Tammy of Jewelry Making Daily and the last of my Cup of Bead Soup with Molly Alexander!  Here's a tease...

Have a great one!


Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She's also a contributor to Art Bead Scene.  She is also the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party.


  1. Pink or purple, either will be great. I love your bead soup designs, too!

  2. I vote red & purple, so I can live vicariously through you (unusual hair hair color is against our dress code). :)

  3. Love the hairstyles and colors! As for the stylist...just get up and shake your head wildly and you are good to go. :o)

  4. I went back and rad your blog from yesrerday as I failed to get to it yesterday. Yoyu do very well when you rant.:>) I am glad you cannot hear me when I rant. I am with you I cannot funtion in clutter. I am the kind that stops in the middle of a project and cleans up the work space. And list I make list so I have some thing to check off
    Be Blessed to be a blessing

  5. Red and purple!! yeeeeeees!! you will wear it so well!!

  6. Lori, Would love to "pink" out my hair, but afraid I am not courageous enough. Still, I have long-ish hair and I have had it short. With age it is easier for me long, when I worked in a factory it was easier to pull back, now its easier for me to cheat and not have to style my hair each morning.
    BTW - LOVE those beads! (they will accentuate your "purple" hair! Perhaps I should consider that?)

  7. I'm glad yesterday was a better day for you Lori. I always feel a lot better with a clear desk - well, clearer, it's never going to be a completely clear desk!
    I vote red and purple too - my hairdresser has all her hair a gorgeous shade of cherry red, and she looks fantastic!

  8. I love, love, love the purple and red. SO SO SO cute. And, truly, the cut doesn't look THAT much different from what you have.

  9. I Love the red and purple, that would look great:-)

  10. That red and purple look is pretty appealing although just the purple would be good if you tire of the pink. I admire your bravery with the color. I've never been very brave with color, but I did used to have spiked hair. I will have to enjoy the color vicariously as one-eared pig does, since the schools where I sub don't allow bright colors.

    Glad you are feeling better and got some things done.

  11. Purple sounds great. And the pics of the hairstyle are amazing. Unfortunetly no hairdresser in the bathroom either:-)

  12. I vote for red, white and blue

  13. wow !! Love the hair styles !!
    The red and purple is great !!
    You are motivating me to do something like this. ;o)
    Your blog is fantastic, Lori !!!

  14. You wear the pink hair well and if any one can do red and purple hair...I think it would be you.

    Thanks for the visits...and comments!
    It really means a lot to me.
    Terri G.

  15. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Red and purple! Red and purple!!!

  16. Purple! Have fun with it, then do red & purple next!

    I don't know why this blog only decided to show up just now (7/12) along with like, 10 more of your blogs that never appeared for me?! Is it some blogger issue?

  17. Purple, purple, purple! I once had purple in my hair. I loved it!

  18. I just had to put all my beading stuff away too and now I feel so much better!

    I love those hair styles. I love edgy! The choppier the better I think :)

  19. Holy beads!! ;)


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