Friday, June 24, 2011

Eye Candy Day -- and What is Style?

 Quote of the Day"Be This"

I haven't shown what I've been working on other than my Cup of Bead Soup for a while, so I thought I'd show a few things today.  Hope you like them.

"Summer Lovin'" with polymer clay beads by Barbara Bechtel, vintage lucite, dyed Buri beads, and wood.

"Dutch Flowers" made with ceramic by Golem Design Studio and an awesome toggle I got at Bead and Button from AD/Adornments.

"Sunrise in Mexico" with a lampwork bead that flew to the back of my bead drawer without a name (sigh), turquoise, and Dutch love knots that about bested me.  Not entirely sure I'll attempt those again, and if I do, will make them in copper for a while before trying sterling again.

"Thai Elephants" made with my lampwork and copper.

"Sequins" made with just that -- vintage sequins and some Thai silver.

"Root Beer Float" made with vintage pop can beads (or soda can beads, depending upon where you're from!).  All the pop can beads are from root beer cans.  I have a couple more bracelets coming up, one with cream soda beads, and one with various vintage sodas, like Nehi (grape and peach!), Sprite (the old style font), and the like.

And I'll round out the mix with larimar and garnet cluster earrings.

As you can see, there is truly not a bead I don't love.  My shop is a veritable cornucopia of "flavors", styles, and colors.  Some have said to me it's a mistake not to drill down and concentrate on one thing, but so far, it's worked for me.  My style IS my eclectic nature. 

When I'm asked what inspires me, I never have a beautiful, deep answer.  I wish I did because it would make me sound smart.  My answer is always "the beads".  They tell me what to do.  If you ever go bead shopping with me, you'll see that in what I pick up.  Sometimes I'll almost do gymnastics to reach a strand of beads that has shouted out "Here I am!" to me.  And then there is that one bead sitting quietly by itself saying nothing, just looking pretty, and I take it home, too.

I don't follow trends.  I wouldn't know a trend if it bit me, actually.  And I'm always a day late and a dollar short when it comes to picking up on the newest tutorial or class.

But that's ok.  There are a million beads out there, all with a voice, and heaven knows I can scoot things over and make some more room.


Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She's also a contributor to Art Bead Scene.  She is also the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party.


  1. So what if you have an eclectic style? If what inspires you the most is the beads, that's great. Some people don't know what they're inspired by. BTW, they are all lovely designs, but my absolute fave is Mexican sunrise.

  2. Everything you do is so, so lovely!

  3. I love the look of Dutch Flowers.

    I've also wanted to do something with the pop cap beads. I've seen them a lot, but just don't know what I'd do. I like your idea of different root beer caps!

  4. You have been busy making beautiful jewelry! I think those Love Knots turned out great, and yes they can be tricky. I'm impressed that you are already putting the soda pop beads to use... that is one heck of a fun bracelet. Lots of eye candy today, Lori!

  5. Anonymous2:10 PM

    I love this!
    "There are a million beads out there, all with a voice, and heaven knows I can scoot things over and make some more room."
    I think i might print it and put it on my bead room wall.

  6. Hey There ♥ I'm so glad I chose today to check in on you because I enjoyed your choice of unique beads & the way you deSigned the bracelets...[my style--Ha!] muCh. I haven't created anything lately, but I've cleaned up & REorganized my workspace today!! You're an inspiration!!!

  7. Love the styles you incorporate and especially love the soda pop bracelets!!! Great candy today!

  8. The elephants drops and the heritage antique drops in silver and lovely bright colors are stealing my heart.they are very different with a little bit of arty touch.

  9. Such fun and creative pieces. I will revisit this post the next time I want to make bracelets and am trying to break out of my symmetrical ways. Very inspiring. I am not a true bead freak, as there are many beads I don't much care for, but you have a knack for making them all shine. And those pop can beads would be my new favorite thing. Wonder how they'd go with the pearls I use so often? Ha!

  10. I identify more with designs and jewelry designers that have an eclectic range.
    These are all so mouth watering. Dutch love knots and the elephant earrings are my favs. I LOVE elephants. They symbolize strength, honor, stability and patience.

  11. Anonymous9:25 AM

    I love your style, Lori! Always so well made and you just know how to put the right beads together. Thanks for the eye candy!

  12. Lori please don't change your style as it is absolutely gorgeous! I love the fact that you love ALL beads and make such beautiful eclectic jewelry. Happy Summer Weekend...

  13. All lovely, but the soda bracelet is particularly delicious (and makes me crave a fizzy drink!)

  14. I love your eclectic style. At least no one can ever say you are boring! I never want to be tied down to a niche, or certain style of jewelry, and I like being able to create on whatever whim comes my way.

    That soda pop pieces is the sweetest!!!!

  15. Beautiful! I love the second one in black and white ;)
    The pop caps are so cool!
    Awesome stuff as usual ;)
    My style is also so eclectic - I dress in a completely different style every day, each room in the house is very different too. I think it's more fun this way ;D

  16. These are all so beautiful, Lori. I particularly love the second bracelet and the elephant earrings, but everything is truly gorgeous. <3 Thanks for sharing these with us. :) Lovely, lovely stuff!

  17. Actually, I think you're wrong! You do have a style. I see it! You have a unique method of pairing your beads and findings. And the techniques you weave into your work are very distinct. and you say eclectic like it's a bad thing ;)

  18. Thank you for this post. It's reassuring to know that there's someone else who also favors an eclectic style. Lately I've been worrying if I should just figure out which 'style' is more 'me' and stick to it. I haven't been able to do it yet. And maybe now I won't bother :-).

  19. People find what works for them. I have always loved seed beads so I always return to them. You find the beads that call your name- it is what works for you. Isn't it great that no matter how different we all are our efforts produce such beautiful pieces.

  20. The soda can beads!!! Fabulous. And as always, I'm loving the Golem beads. I need millions of their beads. Really great work, as usual :)

  21. I see nothing wrong with liking a variety of styles. If I wore all the same style it would be boring.

  22. So inspiring Lori! Great ideas and a variety of beady mixes!!! I always enjoy seeing what you come up with!!!


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